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Rating 5: Elite bookmakers, ones who offer the highest levels of both quality and safety.

Rating 4: Very good bookmakers, although not quite on the same level of those with a “5” rating, they still offer a good-quality service.

Rating 3: Average bookmakers, who offer a mid-level service. Although on the whole these are reasonably safe there is still some risk for punters.

Rating 2: Bookmakers who offer a service that is below average. With such bookmakers delayed payments and confiscation of winnings is common practice.

Rating 1: Bookmakers who are blacklisted – fraudulent organizations. Punters should avoid using those bookmakers who receive a “1” rating.

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The assessment criteria can be found on the edge of the graphic
Each bookmakers is assigned a colour
The better a bookmaker performs the more points it is awarded and thus receives a wider graphic.