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Superbet Guyana – Overview & Rating

Bookmakers rated 3 offer mid-level services and are currently in trial period.
BR rating: 3/5
Pre-match: 3/5
In-game: 3/5
Odds: 3/5
Convenience of payments: 1/5
Support: 3/5
Workability: 3/5
Feedbacks: 0 Free Bets: Deposit/Withdraw: /
Mobile versions: Questions: 0 Complaints: 0 Support


Expert evaluation

Paruyr Shahbazyan
The founder of the website

Consumers who view the Superbet webpage are drawn in by the perfectly content and simple structure. The website is vibrant, and the material is delivered clearly and simply. While concentrating on several sports, the site offers a live betting adventure as well as other virtual games with numerous bonuses on various betting experiences. The betting experience is often easy and safe due to the enhanced methods of payment and security.


Pros and cons

User-friendly website
Secured and reliable
Easy registration
Satisfying customer service
No historical statistics about the events
Main focus on football only as a sport

Characteristics of the Bookmaker – short

Convenience of payments

Quick Facts SuperBet – Guyana

SuperBet – Official Company Info

SuperBet is a legal betting company based in Guyana and owned by GUIANA HOLDING INCORPORATED. The company is licensed and legal. Adding to this, the company offers a secure and reliable betting experience as well as forbidding gambling addictions. On December 14, 2012, SuperBet opened its doors in Lot 2 Sandy Babb Street, Kitty.

Who cannot play at SuperBet?

Only Guyana bettors are allowed to register at SuperBet. Moreover, they must be above 18 years old and agree with the terms and conditions provided by the company.

Business Transparency

As stated before, the company is authorised and secured in Guyana. Given that, the company is legal and ensures accountability.

SuperBet Contact details

By entering the “contact us” link present on their site, SuperBet will navigate its users to a new page where some personal information should be inputted along with the users’ message. Moreover, the company can be reached by phone, Whatsapp, email, and through their mobile number:

  • Phone: 225-0335/600-2326
  • WhatsApp: +592 6737313 and +592 6002372
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mobile number: 6737313

Additionally, users can hit the google maps photo where they can have directions to SuperBet’s head office.

Superbet Guyana
+592 6737313

Major events that SuperBet covers?

SuperBet offers a wide range of events, focusing on football, the country’s most popular sport. This does not imply that some athletic activities, such as basketball, cricket, rugby, and Esports, are abandoned since the website features different leagues and live events from all genres.

Website languages

www.superbet.gy operates in English.


Expert SuperBet Review 2023


SuperBet captures consumers’ interest by integrating simple navigation, a diverse game selection, and straightforward gambling choices. Furthermore, this website offers a variety of promotions, awards, and incentives. Some changes to the website might be made, such as focusing more on sports rather than betting games.

What do we like on SuperBet?

SuperBet Guyana Homepage

As previously indicated, this bookmaker offers a basic yet efficient responsive website. It is covered with multicoloured lights, providing users with attractiveness and comfort while also creating the impression of a casino betting atmosphere. The primary buttons that lead to game betting are visible, making all directions easy to understand. In addition, a full description of the web site’s technical information is offered in a separate section.

The bookmaker’s phone experience is also quite efficient, and customers like and respect this option.

Moving on to the betting service, SuperBet provides a fair gaming experience. This website’s security is appropriate because legal and secure commissioners license the firm. As a result, an accountable gambling sector is supplied, providing bettors with a safe atmosphere.

As the media expands globally, live stream betting is becoming increasingly important. SuperBet allows you to wager on live sporting events taking place in various nations and leagues.

Finally, reaching the company is straightforward and has many paths. The customer’s service office has many branches ready to tackle any issue or concern the user has.

What could SuperBet improve, and What do we dislike?

Although SuperBet is rich in its content, it still lacks some essential features. The company does not offer a statistical description of the sporting events taking place. This renders an unstudied betting experience.

Moreover, the company does not allow international participation as the only allowed customers are Guyanianese.

Most importantly, SuperBet should add promotions and bonus menus so users can better understand the provided options. Although it is claimed on the website that bonuses and free bets are available, the method for obtaining them is unclear.

Do we recommend SuperBet?

After reviewing the website’s content and features, SuperBet is recommended for bettors that do not rely on statistics when betting on sports and for those who prefer game betting on sports betting.

SuperBet Features

SuperBet Promotional Features

SuperBet offers an efficient and equitable gaming environment across a variety of sports, along with live-streaming activities. The quality standards favour subscribers, particularly many who rely on casino game betting. The EGT and YGT lucky winner program is one of the standout benefits this bookmaker offers. Toggling between sports is made simple by an easy-to-use feature. The company has a separate menu called “Donations” that reveals available donations.

SuperBet Top Features


On SuperBet, users can retrieve part of their money if they feel that their bet is losing. In this way, players will have less fear when it comes to gambling on uncertain risks.

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SuperBet score Overall Ranking: 8/10

Registration Process 4/5

  • Straightforward
  • Allowed for Guyanese only

The registration process is considered uncomplicated at SuperBet. A simple guide that explains the registration process is offered on the site. However, only Guyanese bettors are allowed to register.

Security and Regulation 4/5

  • Legal
  • Secured and reliable

SuperBet, as previously said, is regulated by higher authorities and so provides a safe and secure wagering experience. Users will not have to worry about losing money because the firm guarantees transparency and conservation.

Design & Usability 4/5

  • User friendly
  • Clear
  • Motivating

The design offered at SuperBet is considered one of the top betting designs. The colours presented in the background, along with the guiding buttons, are inspiring. Users will always see the lucky winners on the front page, which is motivating.

Mobile 2/5

Unfortunately, the bookmaker does not provide any mobile application at the moment of writing. Yet, the bookmaker offers a mobile version of the website. It is an alternative to mobile application for fans off mobile betting.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options 4/5

  • Secured
  • Uncomplicated

SuperBet ensures security when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money. Furthermore, both processes are considered uncomplicated and straightforward, as they will be explained in detail later in the review.

Welcome Offer 0/5

Unfortunately, there are no welcome offers available on the site at the moment.

Pre-Match Offer 4/5

  • Reasonable odds
  • Wide sport variety

SuperBet has a diverse sports portfolio, and the odds for athletic events are competitive. When it comes to game betting, SuperBet guarantees a pleasurable experience.

Service & Customer Support 4.5/5

  • High availability
  • Various contracting options

The customer’s service office can be messaged directly through the web page. SuperBet allows phone, email, and a solid social media presence.

Live Offer 2.5/5

  • Good coverage of many sporting events
  • Limited live features

The live betting experience at SuperBet covers many sporting categories. The site covers more than 20 sports, which is satisfying for different sports enthusiasts. However, live features are only limited to “Cashout”, which is unpleasant.

Sportsbook Promotions 0/5

  • No bonus

Unfortunately, no bonuses or promotions are offered on Superbet at the moment.

Betting on Sports with SuperBet

SuperBet Guyana Sportsbook

SuperBet Guyana Sportsbook

Sports Markets and Betting Types

The SuperBet website includes many gambling and sports genres. Football, basketball, rugby, and many other sports allow betting in various leagues. Furthermore, betting may be done in various categories, including sports betting, live betting, best hits, and a game list. Each has its own set of regulations and betting methods. This provides gamblers with a wide range of betting experiences.

Soccer Betting

On Superbet’s website, there are several sports genres. These include numerous leagues in which bettors can put wagers. Furthermore, the betting activity is secure and enjoyable.

Rugby Betting

SuperBet allows its users to bet on only two Rugby leagues. Live betting is also offered for this type of sport.

Football Betting

Football is the most famous sport on the site. Worldwide leagues are covered live as well. In the football sector, bettors will get in touch with many events.

Cricket Betting

Bettors registered at SuperBet can enter different leagues in Rugby. They can also navigate to the live menu, where this sport is also offered.

Horse Racing Betting

This sport is only offered in the virtual sports section that will be tackled below. Gamblers rely on this sport the most when it comes to virtual sports.

Dog Racing

Surprisingly this sport is offered at SuperBet. However, it is limited to the virtual sports section only.

Basketball Betting & NBA

The BasketBall section at SuperBet includes many leagues; all can be betted on live. However, there is no NBA coverage at the moment on the site.

SuperBet Live Betting & Streaming

SuperBet Guyana Live Betting

SuperBet Guyana Live Betting

In-Play Betting Review at SuperBet

Because of the range of sports, various sports aficionados may rely on SuperBet as a powerful, entertaining, and trustworthy betting website. As previously said in this post, SuperBet offers live-stream sports betting. Despite its primary concentration on football, this website offers several betting categories on various sports. All of the latter are combined with the previously mentioned fascinating characteristics.

SuperBet Live Betting Features


This feature enables users to recover part of their lost money on a bet. As mentioned earlier, gamblers will be able to place their bets motivationally as they’ll have their lost money back.

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Sports odds assessment

SuperBet, being a professional bookmaker, offers better odds than other websites. Thus, the odds of winning at SuperBet are higher than most other sites, not to mention the high quality of the gaming experience.

Online Casino

The online casino at SuperBet is represented under three main categories: Spin to Win, Scratch Cards and EGT games. Other games are found on the sites. Nevertheless, it is crucial to mention that SuperBet provides numerous casino betting games as well as different game betting categories.

Casino Games

SuperBet Guyana Casino

SuperBet Guyana Casino

As mentioned previously, the gaming experience at SuperBet is interesting due to the many games presented. Gamblers can navigate to these games by clicking on their relevant categories. Additionally, a tutorial video is accompanied by each game that explains the procedure and the rules and regulations it has. Users can try playing these games for free before making a real bet. On another note, SuperBet cooperates with PASHA Global, which offers online game betting. By clicking on their section at SuperBet’s website, more than 40 games are popped out, each having a free trial version and an info box. Besides, virtual casino games also exist and can be reached by entering the virtual games menu.

All Licensed Slots

Unfortunately, there are no licensed slots in SuperBet’s casino section at the time this article is published.

Instant Games

Among the casino games available are instant games. These users learn immediately whether they have won or not. According to the results, the outcome would be revealed on the gambler’s account.

Video Poker

By the time this article was written, video poker was not available.

SuperBet Esports

After reviewing the website’s sports betting section, it was found that Esports exist on the site but are limited to only one game. Furthermore, there is no clear section for Esports live betting, which is also considered unfortunate.

What Esports Do SuperBet Have?

As mentioned earlier, the only Esport available at the moment is the League of Legends.

Virtual Games

SuperBet Guyana Virtual Games

SuperBet Guyana Virtual Games

Virtual games do exist on SuperBet’s website. In fact, it is divided into six main sectors: virtual sports, virtual daily games, virtual roulette, virtual blackjack, virtual keno, and Chik Chik.

Starting with the “virtual sports”, this category serves many sports, including formula 1, horse racing, MotoGP, and many others. At the same time, the virtual daily game offers one single game that is close to the lottery. “Chik Chik” is a dice betting game where the latter and other virtual games are explained thoroughly on the website.

Bet Games

As mentioned earlier, betting games are immense in number. Tutorial videos are provided to understand the gaming procedure and rule better. Additionally, users can enjoy a trial game where no real bets are implemented.

SuperBet Mobile Sports Betting

Does SuperBet have an app? There is no clear info regarding this aspect on the site at the moment.

Desktop Review of SuperBet website

As previously stated, the SuperBet website is designed to provide ease in both user-website interactions and betting. Users will feel secure when using SuperBet’s website though no difficult features are provided.

Sport products
Virtual sport
Match Center
Live casino
Skill games
- English version - Mobile version


Doesn't accept Bookmaker Ratings
as an arbitrator
There is no company representative on Bookmaker Ratings website
Attitude to speculators:
Lower the maximums


Superbet can be reached via email, social media platforms, or their phone numbers to get in touch with their customer support team.

Response time
Response time
~ 1-10 min.
Response time
1-10 mins

Assessment history

Superbet Guyana has been added to the Rating

Reviews (0)

You can learn about the feedback and opinion on withdrawal sums and betting on Superbet in the “Feedback” section and in the comments of the review. You can also share your experience with others.

Convenience of payments
Bonuses & Promotions

SuperBet Review – FAQs

Does SuperBet accept Guyanese players?

The site accepts Guyanese players only who are more than 18 years old.

Do SuperBet accept Guyanese dollars ?

The only currency that SuperBet accepts is Guyanese dollars.

Is the SuperBet Bonus for New Customers Only?

Bonuses are limited on SuperBet at the moment of writing this article.

SuperBet bonuses – what’s on offer?

No bonuses exist on SuperBet, which is unfortunate.

What is the SuperBet New Customer Offer?

No bonuses or prizes are given to new customers at the moment on SuperBet.

What software companies does SuperBet work with?

SuperBet cooperates with PASHA global, a leading online betting game and software provider.

What software do they use?

SuperBet relies on its own software at the moment.

What methods are there to confirm my SuperBet account?

SuperBet sends a confirmation code to confirm users’ accounts.

How do I fund my account? Cash out my winnings? Are there any limits or fees?

As previously explained, funding the account can be done by providing the right username and password. After entering the code on the voucher, users will see their money deposited into their account.

To cash out their winnings, and after logging in, users will get a reference number to cash out their winnings after logging in. This number is used at any of SuperBet’s shops to get the desired withdrawn money.

After reviewing the website’s content, unfortunately, there is no clear section on the limits and fees that might exist on the depositing and withdrawal procedures.

How to claim the SuperBet Welcome Offer?

The company provides no welcome offers.

How to bet on SuperBet in Guyana?

Users can bet immediately after registering and filing their accounts. Gambling can occur in sports and betting casino games, all under various categories, each with unique rules and regulations.

How do I Claim the SuperBet Free Bet?

Free bets are not offered at the moment on SuperBet.

How To Join SuperBet?

Joining the site requires registration only. This can be done by entering a valid mobile number, a username, and a password. A confirmation code via SMS and mail will be sent to confirm the registration process.

How To Use The SuperBet Bonus?

SuperBet does not offer any bonus at the moment.

How To Close Your SuperBet Account?

To close an account, it is best advised to contact the customer service office. The contact details of the company are stated above in the review.

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