Groundless complaints (42)

Here you will find a list of complaints about bookmakers that were found to be groundless. In other words the punter either provided insufficient or false evidence, or their claims were unfair.

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Complaint status
Processing 19% (8)
Solved 24% (10)
Ignored 45% (19)
Rejected 2% (1)
Groundless 10% (4)
Distribution of money, mil.rubles
Processing 18% (1.26)
Solved 23% (1.59)
Ignored 19% (1.31)
Rejected 0% (0.03)
Groundless 40% (2.82)

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Status Payout delay - 5800 EUR - - May 15, 2017 was changed to "Processing"

Hi dear Bookmaker Ratings, I am facing problems with They are registered under MGA and i played there from 1 week and on 10.5 i verified my account succesffuly.After i won some bets, at Saturday i gave my withdrawal first to Skrill, Sunday 2nd and yesterday the 3rdone.They reply me always that it's processed etc. but i didnt received my money still.I will be happy if you can look further that case. I called them today and they said always the same: You have to wait, I cant say you more bla bla bla. I dont know how to react to that shitty bookmaker. I will be happy if you can assist me. Take care

Status Payout delay - 3100 EUR - 1Xbet - April 16, 2017 was changed to "Processing"

Dear Sir/Madam, I registrated at 1xbet during january 2017 and i made bets almost everyday. At one moment amount on my account was 3100 euros. I decided to withdraw 1000 euros on my skrill account ( I used also my skrill account when i made deposit on 1xbet). Then they started to require documents and after that more and more documents. I sent them all that they were asked for. After more than a month of sending similar e-mails they gave me address in Russia Federation to send all that documents by post. I did even that. From the time I sent documents it past almost two months and nothing happened. In attachment I am sending certificate of posting and screen shot of only one part of e-mails between me and 1xbet. During all that process my account was blocked. Hope I will get a response and assistance from your side. Thank you in advance, Sanja Stankovic.

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