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5Dimes – Overview & Rating

This bookmaker office is situated in the category near to the blacklist. Strongly not recommended!
BR rating: 2/5
Pre-match: 2/5
In-game: 2/5
Odds: 3/5
Convenience of payments: 1/5
Support: 2/5
Bonuses & Promotions: 2/5
Workability: 3/5
Feedbacks: 1 Free Bets: 520 $ Deposit/Withdraw: 999999 / 0
Mobile versions: Questions: 0 Complaints: 0 Support


Pros and cons

Average odds
Average line
No mobile app
Few payment options
No live streaming
No match centre

Characteristics of the Bookmaker – short

Convenience of payments
Bonuses & Promotions

Company information

Isle of Man DOUGLAS IM1 1JE Grosvenor house, 66-67 Athol street
1 888 893 5647
Costa Rica

Website languages

5Dimes.eu operates only in English.


Company Review


You might have heard of 5Dimes or seen it in the news, but probably not for what you’d expect. 

The Costa Rica-based enormous online sportsbook has gone through its own history of controversy and mystery. William Sean “Tony” Creighton launched 5Dimes in 1999 out of San Jose and served the United States as an illegal offshore sportsbook for 20 years. However, in 2019 he was killed in a botched ransom-kidnapping. This led to his widow, Laura Varela, settling with the federal government. 5Dimes was able to turn the page and have a fresh start in the regulated market. 

5Dimes obtained a license from the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission in 2021 in the Isle of Man. This country is known as a Tier-1 jurisdiction, meaning that it has an amazing reputation when it comes to the legalization of gambling in the international community. The Isle of Man is part of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development White List which focuses on transparency with taxes. It also is represented in the World Trade Organization, making it even more reliable. 

In the more than 20 years that 5Dimes has been an online casino and sports betting site, it’s been able to access from pretty niche markets. Customers can bet on small-scale games like those of D2 university basketball games – all thanks to this site having one of the biggest betting menus in the field. Due to their Isle of Man license, 5Dimes is also set to expand to more countries than many other similar websites. This will make the number of customers they have bigger, improving the experience for all. In fact, the company has already created an entity incorporated into the state of Delaware, hinting at future expansion into the United States. 

Due to 5Dimes’ age and size, there are other unique benefits offered for customers, like reduced juice and the opportunity to pay in Bitcoin. Reduced juice means that there is a lower commission charged by the sportsbook for the bet. This in turn means that there’s more profit for the player if they win. Normal bets have -110 standard pricing, which means that someone has to risk $110 to win $105. 5Dimes reduced juice has -105 standard pricing, which means there’s less risk and more reward, and a discount of 50%. The sports betting site also accepts Bitcoin, which gives people more ways to deposit money and enjoy what 5Dimes has to offer. 

 After an audit was administered of the company’s Bonus Casino games, 5Dimes received the Certified Fair Gambling’s RTP Certification. They also received the Certified Elite Sportsbooks Ranking from the Off Shore Gaming Association (OSGA), making it a reliable sportsbook for all of its customers

5Dimes is restricted in countries including:

  • Australia
  • Sweden
  • France
  • Hungary
  • Switzerland
  • Russia
  • Slovenia
  • Ukraine
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America


The design of 5Dimes is pretty different from other betting and casino websites. There are three small lines at the top right that lead to a drop-down menu with different options. This menu can take you to the sportsbook, casino, live dealer, mini-games, racebook, poker, and bonuses

Overall the 5Dimes site is more cluttered than other popular betting sites, as it is not spaced out very well and there are a lot of flashing images that distract users. It is difficult at first to find various parts of the site, as the menu at the top isn’t even labelled. 5Dimes main page is the most cluttered of all, with sports news on the right, bright graphics of contact information on the left, and live lines crammed in the middle. The large advertising at the top is very colourful and constantly changing which is also distracting. It can overwhelm new customers, and may confuse them so much they leave the site.  

Although it doesn’t explicitly say it on the site, 5Dimes customers with accounts only can see what sports are available for regular betting. New people to the site can only see the live lines that are on today, and can only see the rules for the other types of betting 5Dimes has to offer. This can be discouraging, as people usually want to see what they can bet on before signing up for an account. 

However, the casino, mini-games, racebook, and poker are much easier to understand. All the options for games can be easily found on the site, and these pages are much less cluttered than the home page. The most confusing part of 5Dimes is its home page and its sportsbook section. 

5Dimes has no mobile application. However,  players can bet on different sports, play casino and poker games, and even add funds through the mobile version. 


5Dimes players can participate in sports betting on a wide variety of athletics, like:

  • American Football
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Horse Racing
  • Ice Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Motor Sports
  • Olympic Games
  • Politics
  • Rugby
  • Tennis etc.

5Dimes casino players have 5 types of casinos to choose from, so each user can find the unique casino that best suits them and their interests. 

The 5Dimes Jackpot Casino focuses on stunning 3D graphics that make playing casino games an immersive experience. With provocative audio and intuitive gameplay, users will have a completely new experience when it comes to online casinos. Games in the Jackpot Casino include favourites like:

  • Pinnochio 
  • Mr. Vegas 
  • Kenos
  • 3D Racebook

5Dimes’ Gold Casino is the home of Vegas-style casino games. These games are in a data-minimizing, battery-saving size, which means they can be played on any device. They allow for multitasking on different screens so you can pull up spreadsheets or various other games at the same time. Their size makes them best for mobile phones, so players can play their favourite casino games on the go. Games in the Gold Casino include:

  • Blackjack
  • Video Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Slot machines 

The 5Dimes Grand Casino has the largest selection with over 200 games. Users can play table games, Real Series Slots, 14 game variations of Video Poker, and more. There are both instant-play and downloadable formats. It is customers only, so after registering users can play games like:

  • Pai Gow
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Reel Slot games
  • Multi-hand poker

Players’ favourite casino is the 5Dimes Bonus Casino. The Bonus Casino has variations of classic games that people love, as well as;

  • Higher payouts than traditional casinos, which means more money in the pocket for players
  • Two Fair Gaming Audits that prove that there are honest and fair withdrawal percentages
  • Daily Casino Promotions that offer bonuses just for playing 

The Bonus Casino also has a Play For Fun option, where new customers don’t have to register and play with real money. It’s the only casino that is not customers only and includes games such as:

  • Slots
  • Bingo
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Video Keno
  • Table/Specialty Games
  • Video Poker

      Finally, there’s the 5Dimes MatchPlay Casino, which has similar games listed to those above. This casino is customer only as well, but after registering players can play for free until they’re ready to play with real money.

      Because of reduced juice, pre-match betting can be especially great with 5Dimes. You can bet the money line, total, or point spread at amazing odds, or can find teasers and prop wagers. There are an incredible amount of pre-match wagers no matter which sport you choose. 

      Live Line

      There are four different types of 5Dimes Live In-Game Betting options. 

      5Dimes’ Live In-Play Wagering allows people to bet on different games live. Users place bets during commercial breaks on televised games. You can bet live from your phone or from your desktop, whichever is more convenient. 

      5Dimes’ Sports Betting Ultra has many different live events and offers rebates on some bets. For Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Soccer, and Tennis, players can receive a 2.941% rebate on their wager’s true amount, no matter if they win or lose. Tied or cancelled wagers don’t qualify for a rebate.  

      5Dimes’ Sports Betting Prime is best for people interested in live betting on major eSports leagues, like CS: GO Pro League, League of Legends Championship Series, Dota Major Championships, and other organizations. This option also offers live betting on other sports

      5Dimes’ Sports Betting Plus allows users to easily switch between pre-match and in-game betting. This final type of live betting can be best for users who are interested in both types of bets and want them all to be in one place. 

      Freebies and Bonuses 

      5Dimes offers many bonuses and free gifts for their customers. Every new account is automatically given the most popular rewards program, the Reduced Juice Reward. This gives players access to reduced juice options on a variety of different leagues and sports, like professional and college football, basketball, baseball, and other special events. As mentioned before reduced juice increases profit and decreases risk due to a lower commission by 5Dimes. These opportunities are available on the day of the event. 

      5Dimes’ 30% Super Saver reward mimics the reduced juice option, offering -107 style pricing. It also has expanded parlay payouts. When betting with this reward users get an automatic 30% discount. This -107 pricing applies to all parlay payouts too. 

      There is the Point Mover Special Reward Program, which improves straight wagers, parlays, and teasers. For all teaser bets, you get an extra half point. This means you can tease leagues like the NFL for the same price as college and other football leagues. For those who want to participate in this bonus, you are given discounted odds for Football and Baseball and can buy points as well. You can also occasionally play with Vegas Teaser rules. With Vegas Teaser rules a bet is considered a tie with a tie and losing bet. Usually, this would be considered a losing bet. However, this doesn’t happen automatically and you have to contact Customer Support to use this rule. 

      There are 2 Free Play Rewards. With the Sportsbook Free-Play Reward, you can receive up to $500 to use in Free-Play in the Sportsbook. The amount you get is 20% of how much you reload, between $100 and $2500. However, the fixed bonus from a $100 to $249 reload is $40. You don’t get the bonus immediately. Every time you wager the same amount you deposited you get 20% of the bonus until you’ve wagered that amount 5 times. This reward only applies to the Sportsbook and no other part of 5Dimes. With the 50% Plus New Player Reward, you may get up to 520 dollars worth of free plays. By depositing from $100 to $400, new customers can get half of that sum in free plays. If they deposit from $400 to $2000, they will get an extra 20% of Free-Play Rewards. This bonus is also added to your account in parts, with 10% being added every time you wager your initial deposit

      5Dimes also has Cash Back Rewards. With the 20% – 15% – 10% – 5% Cash Back Reward, you can get cashback on 20% of all your losses across the site. You can receive a 20% cashback twice a year, 15% rebate once per 30 days, 10% cashback once a week on Tuesdays, or 5% rebate any other day once a week. You can only pick one cashback type. The earlier period you chose, the more money you ultimately forfeit. There are more detail-specific restrictions as well. If you already used your cashback reward, 5Dimes also offers an Extra 10% Cash Reward. You can deposit from $50 to $1000 and request an extra 10% Cash Back Reward to be added to your account. 

      5Dimes users have the opportunity to join the Casino Rebate Rewards Program. Through this bonus, they can earn up to 21% of a cash rebate on all of their casino losses. You can get this rebate once every 30 days. There is also the option to get a 14% rebate reward each Wednesday, or 7% on other days. However, if you chose the 14% option you can’t get the 21% option, and if you chose the 7% option you can’t choose any other options. The earlier you take the rebate the less money you get back. By joining this program you give up reduced juice odds, so it’s best for those who only want to play in the 5Dimes casino

      5Dimes also has Live Dealer Rewards like the Super 7-7-7 Progressive Jackpot and the Vegas Live Dealer Monthly Leaderboard. The first one is for 5Dimes customers only. This is a progressive prize seeded at $5,000 for those in a live game with a Vegas Live Dealer. To win the:

      1. Grand prize: win the entire jackpot with three 7’s Diamonds
      2. Mini Jackpot 1: win $1000 with any three red 7’s – hearts and diamonds
      3. Mini Jackpot 2: win $100 with any three 7’s

      You will get automatically the money, and you can avail of it anywhere on the 5Dimes site. With the Vegas Live Dealer Monthly Leaderboard, points are added to your account every time you spend money in the Vegas Live section. Bets up to $100 are equal to their weight in points, while higher bets are equal to half their weight. At the end of the month the player with the highest number of points gets $300, the second-highest gets $150, and the third-highest gets $50. 

      More casino bonuses are also there for different players. Jackpots can be won by players in various table games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, and Poker. With each game, there are different rules depending on the variation of that game that you’ve chosen. You can also get points on select games for money in the Grand Casino. You can use these points to play more games or transfer them to the sportsbook. Depending on which game you play, you must spend a certain amount of money to get a Comp Point that can later be used. 

      Finally, there are Grand Poker Room rewards. The Bad Beat Jackpot can be won in some cases by the person with the losing hand if their hand meets certain requirements. Sometimes 5Dimes has tournaments that don’t have an entry fee so that anyone can participate. Poker players with 5Dimes can get poker points every time they contribute money in Rake. These points do not expire and can be exchanged at different rates for cashback or used to register for different tournaments. 

      Almost all of 5Dimes’ bonuses are exclusive, so you can only use one at a time. To apply any of them you must contact Customer Support for them to add the bonus to your account. 

      Customer Service

      5Dimes has all of their help contact information in a graphic on the right side of the home page. They have three phone numbers for customer support and one specifically for new accounts. 5Dimes’ customer service is always available, so you can call them whenever you need. You can also email them for any issue or question. The easiest way to get help is through their live chat system. You can get to it at any point on the site or through the help centre. There you can speak to an intuitive bot or an agent to solve all of your issues and answer your questions. 5Dimes prides itself on its customer service, so it puts a lot of effort into making it available and easy to use for anyone. 


      To register for 5Dimes, there’s a button at the top right that you can click to begin the process. You should enter your name, email, phone number, address, and password, and then agree to the terms and conditions. You can only register from a country that is not restricted by 5Dimes. When you register you will be sent a 4 digit pin that you must use to contact Customer Support and deposit money. When depositing money 5Dimes asks for verification through a picture of your payment card and your ID. You need to get in touch with Customer Support and use your PIN while submitting these documents to be verified. 5Dimes sometimes asks for other documents, like a selfie, for further verification. This process can take some time. 

      Financial Information

      5Dimes accepts USD directly from credit or debit cards. It also accepts USD, CAD, Euros, and GBP through Skrill Moneybookers. 5Dimes’ most unique deposit method is Bitcoin. Users can deposit money using Bitcoin with additional verification, which will then be converted to USD. The minimum you can deposit is $50 and the maximum you can deposit is $500. The minimum amount one can place a bet on 5Dimes is 50 cents, and the maximum sum is $5000. 


      5Dimes is widely considered a very reliable site, as they have been around for so long that many people trust them. With all of their verification systems in place for depositing and withdrawing money, users can feel safe knowing that their money is secure. 5Dimes has device-based encryption and password protection to further ensure the safety of its users’ information.

      What do we suggest?

      The aspect of 5Dimes that is most unfortunate is their site layout. Their homepage is jarring to first time users, and navigating around the site can be difficult. Instead, we recommend taking a more streamlined approach. We suggest changing the website design to a more professional one. This will make it easier for people to use 5Dimes, and makes it more likely they will trust the site to be their main sportsbook and bookmaker.

      Products and apps

      5Dimes offers Sports Betting, Casino, Live Casino, mini-slots, poker and table games services. All of them are available in the mobile version. However, 5Dimes does not have any betting or gaming apps.

      Sport products
      Live casino
      Skill games
      Live chat
      - English version - Mobile version

      Bonuses & Promotions

      Payment methods


      You can fund deposits in 5Dimes via Bitcoin and Money Gram. The minimum deposit sum is $25 for Bitcoin and $100 for Money Gram. The maximum deposit sum is $10,000 for Bitcoin and $690 for Money Gram. The processing takes up to 1 hour for Bitcoin and a few hours for Money Gram. No commission is held by the bookmaker for deposits. Bitcoin may charges fees for deposits. Fees charged by Money Gram for deposits of more than $250 are covered by the bookmaker.


      The withdrawal can be made through Bitcoin and Money Gram. The minimum withdrawal sum is $50 for Bitcoin and $100 for Money Gram. The maximum sum is $10,000 for Bitcoin and $310 for Money Gram. If you want to make larger withdrawals you can contact the 5Dimes support service via phone and check the availability of changing your withdrawal limits. Withdrawals are processed within 48 hours. No fees are charged for withdrawals both by the bookmaker and Bitcoin. If you withdraw via Money Gram the bookmaker charges a $10 fee for a $100 payout; a $18 fee for a $101- $200 payout; a $25 fee for $201- $310 payout.

      Deposit Withdrawal
      Sum Time Commission Sum Time Commission
      from $25 to $10,000 up to 1 h. 0% from $50 to $10,000 within 48 h. 0%
      from $100 to $690 a few hours 0% from $100 to $310 24-48 h. yes [1]

      Accepted currencies

      5Dimes accept only US dollar.

      US dollar

      Licenses (1)


      Doesn't accept Bookmaker Ratings
      as an arbitrator
      There is no company representative on Bookmaker Ratings website
      Attitude to speculators:
      Confiscate winnings

      Organisations (1)

      Comodo Certification Authority


      5Dimes offers 3 standard options for contacting with its support service: phone call, live chat and email.

      Response time
      Response time
      ~1-5 min
      Response time
      ~2 hours
      Response time
      Live chat
      ~1-5 min

      Assessment history

      5Dimes has been added to the Rating

      Reviews (1)


      You can learn about the feedback and opinion on sum withdrawals and betting in 5Dimes in the “Feedback” and in the comment to the review. Learn here about the experience of 5Dimes users. Share your experience with everyone.

      Convenience of payments
      Bonuses & Promotions
      Florencio Hartmann Beginner


      ? Does 5Dimes accept PayPal?
      5Dimes does accept PayPal.
      ? Does 5Dimes limit?
      5Dimes offers no betting limit. After you bet $5000 the odds will reset and you can bet again.
      ✏️ How many cents in 5Dimes?
      You can bet a minimum of 50 cents.
      ?️ How to win parlay on 5Dimes?
      You can win a parlay on 5Dimes by winning all of the bets that you have combined.
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