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Users feedback on Pinnacle Canada bookmakers

Bookmakers rated 3 offer mid-level services and are currently in trial period.

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31 feedbacks

Josh Davis Beginner

What a spectacular bookie! These guys are the king of the betting industry, i dont care what ayone says about the cliche bookies. This bookie is very trustworthy and reliable, and they have awesome offers to provide us with. Very satisfactory experience!

11.02.2024 pm29 16:00
Andrew Gates Beginner

Very good bookmaker here. Ive been betting here for 8 months, and its been an amazing experience so far. I am very satisfied with what these guys offer, and im looking forward to increases my profits even more with this bookie

09.02.2024 am29 09:38
Ulisses Reacher Beginner

These guys make everything super easy and simple for us, and i really appreciate that. This is an amazing betting platform and its the most reliable imo. These guys are one of the best casino s if not the best, hats off!

09.01.2024 pm31 12:52
Mark Walker Beginner

This is probably the only bookmaker that i still havnt asked anything to their customer support team, cz everything on their site is very clear and it also works really well. I didnt even need their customer support for anything, but from what ive heard, theyre pretty good

04.03.2024 am31 11:02
Caleb Bartlett Beginner

My friend Donald recommended me to use this bookmaker and i really liked it. Wagering here is really easy and im suer every gambler will find it very easy to gamble here. No issues whatsoever!

01.03.2024 pm31 14:23
Noah Cameron Beginner

Hi guys im from Canada, and imo Pinnacle is excellent. Their arent many restrictions here when i win big, its good that they do not limit us much and actually encourage winners. Definitely in the top 10 list of best bookies

08.02.2024 pm29 16:33
Rajabu Issangya Beginner

Ive lost a little and ive won a little. but winning isnt what i bet for. Playmaster has one of the best sites with the best graphics. Navigation hasnt been this easy with any other bookmaker, hats of to the devs. As a user, i find their site to be fun and entertaining, but also very easy to use

10.12.2023 pm31 12:44
George Smith Beginner

No other bookmaker has satisfied my betting needs better than this bookmaker. They ave some of the best odds and their betting markets were quite diverse and impressive. It all works really well and I get my money whenever and wherever, awesome bookmaker

03.12.2023 pm31 13:49
Donald Butcher Beginner

There were some small problems at the beginning, but then i found out that its a great site and very reliable. Its anamazing caisno with great odds and a very responsive custoemr service. Most importantly, all my payments and withdrawals were paid on time

04.11.2023 pm30 15:43
David Kane Beginner

As a bettor for 5 years, its bookies like this one, the lesser known bookies, that give you the best value for your money, if you pick the right bets of course. I’ve made huge bucks here, thanks to their brilliant odds. Withdrawals are done almost instantly too, so its huge bucks going directly to my pocket, awesome!

09.10.2023 pm31 17:53
Zack Austin Beginner

Pinnacle is, in my opinion, one of the top 3 bookies. The variety of markets is really cool, and its interesting to see what I can do with the wide range of sports and markets. Most importantly, their odds are great, so the money is good with this bookie, if you know what i mean

30.08.2023 am31 11:40
Mike Leech Beginner

I actually think im lucky that i stumbled upon this gem. I was simply giving it a try, and i really liked it. The odds are great, its clear that they respect their customers enough to give them such good odds

11.03.2024 pm31 18:01
Fred Lawrence Beginner

This is for me a great site to play on, i have lost alot here but ive also won even more. My overall experience here has bee amazing, thanks to their amazing site. It has all i need, and everything works well. The games, the slots, the casino, all are great.

09.01.2024 am31 11:13
Noah Robinson Beginner

Sports betting herer is one of the best, i do not play the games so i cant say much about that, but the sports section is awesome, the odds are great, especially on soccer and horse racing. All in all, really good bookie that deserves more recognition

25.12.2023 pm31 22:15
Steve Martin Beginner

This is the best online betting site for sure. The site is beautiful and easy to navigate or easy to play the games. The technical support the customer support team provides is remarkable, they are avaialble 24/7 and ery polite. This bookie deserves way more recognition

10.12.2023 pm31 12:44
Harry Perry Beginner

Everything is bookie offers is great. They’ve improved theur bonuses alot too, i really appreciate it. And their customer support is always available 24×7. I appreciate your hard work Pinnacle! and ii hope to see even better odds in the futere!

04.09.2023 am30 07:51
Paul Anderson Beginner

The longest I had to wait when contacting their support team was like two three minutes, these guys repond really fast. I received a message in a span of 2 minutes, regarding one of the tiny issues i had when withdrawing my money. It was fixed! Excellent work, and I hope you guys keeps doing great!

04.09.2023 am30 07:43
Ethan Blake Beginner

As a gambler of 3 years, i think my opinion holds some value. This bookmaker is great! I realized they also improved alot when it comes to the odds. Now its not just the odds that make things good, its also how they care about their customers and help them whenever theyre in need

28.10.2023 pm31 22:19
Victor Andrews Beginner

Im a huge soccer fan, and this bookie really made my betting experience really awesome. Its like a dream come true. But sometimes i like to bet on other sports as well, so I really like the variety of sports and markets they offer. A really fun bookie to be with

09.10.2023 pm31 16:57
Kevin Russell Beginner

Ive been looking for a decent bookie for a while now and I found it. This bookie isnt like any other, and they truly standout when it comes to the odds. I think their odds are always in the top 20%,and their bonuses are decent too. I also really like the hard work their customer serivce team puts to help me if i have any minor issues

09.10.2023 am31 11:44
Noah Brown Beginner

I usually bet on international bookmakers, and I gotta say that this one is the best out of them. They easily solve the small issues that i have when trying to withdraw my money,, and everything else is pretty decent. They do not have ay major flawes, just that the withdrawals can be abit slow sometimes

03.12.2023 pm31 13:36
Richard Peterson Beginner

In my opinion, this is one of the top bookmakers worldwide. There are lots of scam bookmakers but this bookie is really reliable and never tries ot steal from us. I only have a small thing to say about the limits at some leagues, they can be improved, and maybe making the platform load abit quicker would be helpful too. But all in all, its a great bookie

05.11.2023 pm30 16:55
Bob Dick Beginner

Im kind of new to betting and I wanna say that their customer support guided me through all the details with patience. The site seems to be working pretty well and i really like the graphics and design they’ve used . Its user friendly and the layout its pretty cool

24.09.2023 pm30 18:53
Stan Harvey Beginner

This has been my go to bookmaker for a few month now, and I never think of changing it. Its excellent, everything is put together really well, and the site loads pages pretty fast. Also, i finally found a site that speaks proper english when trying to contact them about a small issue here and there. Keep up the good work guys!

30.08.2023 am31 11:36
Mac Robertson Beginner

Okay let me get this straight. This bookie really needs to step up their game, or else they’ll be left without any customers. The problem with this bookie is that they do not have anything that lets them compete with other bookmakers. They seriously need better odds and a better customer support team to be able to atleast compete with the mid bookmakers.

12.02.2024 pm29 21:22
Frank Long Beginner

My experience with this bookie was really bad, its a disappointment, and I wouldnt encourage anyone to bet here, unless you love losing your temper. I mean, the site isnt that bad, but it has some issues. To fix these issues, we gotta contact support right? Well, their support is never availalb, theyre either there but do not know what to answer to my questions, or they talk gibberish. Just help me out dude, your site isnt that good, atleast help me with some other stuff

28.10.2023 pm31 22:24
Daniel Fischer Beginner

The issue with some bookies today is that they are too concerned to get a fancy design or a cool graphics that they forget to actually provide us with out betting needs or offer us some cool bonuses and juicy odds. The problem with this bookie is that, they couldt even get the design part good. Its abit annoying. Had the design been the only problem, i wouldnt have commented such a negative feedback, but the problem is everywhere! Neither the design nor the odds and promos are nice. Its either mid or below mid. They need to do some serious work to compete with other international bookies, they’re pretty left behind imo

09.10.2023 am31 11:46
Bob Pattinson Beginner

Even though I was able to deposit my money in my account with ease, and the site was okay, they are going to get a very low rating. The reason behind my negative review is because its been 2 weeks and i havent been able to withdraw my money yet and the customer support team does nothing about it. Its a shame, they ignore my messages and emails and act like they dont know what im talking about.

10.12.2023 pm31 12:46
Jake Goodman Beginner

These guys used to be very good in the past, but now they’re going downhill. One of my friends wagered a large amount and suddenly his account was shut down and they told me that there’s been questionable behavior detected. For me, they never let me withdraw since im winning. Its been a month, and my winnings were huge but they’re not letting me withdraw. These guys do not like winners and they will go above and beyond to scam you and steal from you

15.01.2024 am31 11:03
Frank Peterson Beginner

These guys call themselves “Pinnacle” while being one of the worst bookmakers Ive ever wagered with. How Ironic!! Man, dont even consider bettng here cz you will be drowning in your losses before you even know it. The odds are mid, but the bonuses are lies and scams. Thye promise you a huge percentage, but you get a small something. They want us to risk our money for some bonuses, and when we actually win (oh what a surprise!) they either take your money, or lock you out of your account, or even worse, theyd do both!! Trash bookmaker in my opinion

04.09.2023 am30 07:48
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