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PstBet Namibia – Overview & Rating


Expert evaluation

Paruyr Shahbazyan
The founder of the website

When a user first enters the site, “mobile” and “mobile light” versions of the site appear. However, by joining both versions, an uncomplicated site will be navigated. The site’s overall look seems to be simple but lacks many features. PstBet does not offer a large variety of sports compared to other sites. Moreover, no casino or betting games are made available on the site. The promotions and bonuses are limited. Overall the betting experience is acceptable but can be improved. In this review, we will address different topics of PstBet in detail.

Pros and cons

Simple website
Live betting
Adequate odds
Good security
Uncomplicated registration process
Different contact methods
Limited features
No bonuses or promotions
A Small variety of sports

Characteristics of the Bookmaker – short

Convenience of payments

Quick Facts PstBet- Namibia

PstBet- Official Company Info

The company is based in Nabia and is licensed by official authorities. The company guarantees high security and accountability. Moreover, while PstBet specialises in sports gambling, the company occasionally provides players with the opportunity to wager on several other competitions such as the Eurovision Song Contest, the Oscars, Miss World, political elections, and others.

Who cannot play at PstBet?

All users willing to register on the site should be above 18 years old and hold a Namibian phone number. The company always warns about gambling addiction and forbids it.

Business Transparency

Premier Sports Trading owns the PstBet website. The company’s headquarters is in Namibia. Nevertheless, PstBet is licensed by respected authorities in the country. The company ensures being accountable and responsible, providing a comfortable betting experience.

PstBetContact details

PstBet allows its users to express all their concerns and issues through different contact methods. These include Official shops, Telephone, Skype, Email info, and Email support.

  • Official shops: Premiere Sports Trading, 5 Ballot Street, Ausspannplatz, Windhoek, NAMIBIA. These shops are available for users to place bets as well. On the site, users can see the location of each shop.
  • Telephone: 0811600013
  • Skype: PstBet
  • Email info: [email protected]
  • Email support: [email protected]
PstBet Namibia

Major events that PstBetcovers?

PstBet covers different types of sports to bet on. The events users can gamble on include 5 sports: Football, Basketball, and Tennis. Hockey, and table tennis.

Website languages

Pstbet operates in English.


Expert PstBet Review 2023


The simple yet efficient website allows users to enjoy an outstanding betting experience being provided live as well. Moreover, punters will be comfortable when placing their transactions as the company ensures high security. Nonetheless, some drawbacks of the site can be improved by increasing the number of sporting events and promotions.

    What do we like on PstBet?

    PSTbet Namibia Homepage

    Starting with the overall website design, PstBet offers a simple website with easy-to-navigate features. Instructions that lead to placing bets and getting all necessary information are made obvious.

    Having a live betting feature is decisive when addressing the site’s rating. PstBet offers live betting in a unique section available on the site’s homepage.

    Betting on the site is uncomplicated, enduring adequate odds. Users will have a superior winning chance when betting on PstBet.

    Moving to the security part of the company, the latter considers this aspect a priority. Being authorised forces PstBet to ensure the site is safe and reliable.

    The registration process is straightforward. Users will have to enter some basic information on the site, and the signup process will be done. Further information about this topic will be addressed later in the review.

    Finally, being in contact with the sportsbook is crucial nowadays to address different issues and concerns. For that, the company ensures various contact methods previously mentioned in detail.

    What could PstBetimprove, and What do we dislike?

    The site still needs some adjustments and improvements to render it a better site. Starting with the limited features, PstBet should add some more engaging features that pave the road for a special betting experience.

    The promotions and bonuses on the site are also limited. There is no promotions menu to check all offers, but adding these will definitely make the site more interesting.

    Being a sports betting site forces gamblers to expect a wide variety of sports. Unfortunately, this is not applied to PstBet. Detailed information about the sports available is presented in the review later.

    Finally, adding casino or betting games will definitely excite players to register and play on the site.

    Do we recommend PstBet?

    PstBet offers a limited number of sports with no bonuses or promotions, which is unfortunate for many gambling players. This renders the site unrecommended due to lacking these two major and prioritised aspects.


    PstBetPromotional Features

    PstBet offers a transparent and accountable game experience across a range of sports featuring live betting games. The level given is suitable for customers with a variety of sporting preferences. One of the excellent services that this sportsbook offers is “cashout” as an inducement strategy. Toggling between different sports is made simple by an easy-to-use tool. Nonetheless, as previously stated, the site requires more interesting features.

    PstBet Top Features


    This is an amazing option since it enables customers who have placed a wager to recoup a portion of their funds if they believe they will lose the gamble. On its webpage, the sportsbook displays an advertisement for this function.

    {partner-link button} #View all PstBet Features#

    PstBetscore Overall Ranking: 9/10

    Registration Process 4/5

    • Simple
    • Fast

    The site offers a simple registration process. The whole process requires some basic information about the user that, includes: name, place of residency, email, and phone number.

    Security and Regulation 4/5

    • Legal
    • Accountable

    As previously mentioned, the site is authorised and ensures accountability when it comes to placing bets. Having strong security places a barrier in front of hackers and blocks unsafe money transactions.

    Design & Usability 3/5

    • Simple
    • No creative features

    Not denying the fact that the site is user-friendly; no creative features are available on the site. The bet placing process is clear; however, the overall design does not create any motivation for users.

    Mobile 3/5

    • Mobile version of the site
    • No mobile application

    The site suggests two mobile versions of the site under the titles “mobile” and “mobile light”, which is the updated version. Unfortunately, there is no clear information presented on the site that states if a mobile application is available.

    Deposit & Withdrawal Options 3/5

    • Not many options
    • Secured

    Players can deposit and withdraw money through bank transactions only (credit card). This can be made through an application as the site supports EFT payment. Furthermore, PstBet ensures secure transaction procedures.

    Welcome Offer 0/5

    Unfortunately, there are no welcome offers made available on the site by the moment this review is written.

    Pre-Match Offer 3/5

    • Adequate odds
    • Limited variety of sports

    The chances supplied for events are seen to be better than those offered by competing services. Furthermore, PstBet offers a limited selection of disciplines, including but not limited to football, tennis, and hockey.

    Service & Customer Support 4/5

    • Various contact methods
    • Always concerned about customers

    As mentioned earlier, different contact methods are offered by PstBet. These are mentioned in detail earlier in the review. As mentioned on the site, the company’s priority is customer satisfaction, and the service and customer support office guarantees that.

    Live Offer 3/5

    • Cash-out option
    • Live betting coverage on all sports

    The cashout option made available on the site is quite an interesting and motivational feature. Users will be able to refund part of their money if they feel a bet is losing. Moreover, live betting covers all sports available on the site. However, no promotions or deals are presented on PstBet.

    Sportsbook Promotions 3/5

    • Adequate odds
    • Limited variety of promotions

    The odds of the games on the site are considered acceptable when compared to other bookmakers. However, what is unfortunate is the absence of offers and promotions.

    Betting on Sports with PstBet

    PSTbet Namibia Sportsbook

    PSTbet Namibia Sportsbook

    Sports Markets and Betting Types

    Soccer Betting

    The site only offers 5 sports to bet on. These include football, basketball, tennis, hockey, and table tennis. Although the site covers all main and most famous sports worldwide, adding more sports will render more users as the variety of sporting events increases.

    Football Betting

    This includes more than 5 leagues for users to bet on. Being the most famous sport on the site, betting on football is unique.

    Rugby Betting

    Unfortunately, betting on rugby events is made unavailable at the moment on PstBet.

    Cricket Betting

    Unfortunately, betting on Cricket events is made unavailable at the moment on PstBet.

    Horse Racing Betting

    Unfortunately, betting on horse races is made unavailable at the moment on PstBet.

    Dog Racing

    Dog race gambling is not offered by PstBet at the moment this site is written.

    Basketball & NBA Betting

    Basketball betting is unique on PstBet as a large variety of leagues is offered. However, NBA events are not available on the site at the moment, unfortunately.

    PstBet Live Betting & Streaming

    PSTbet Namibia Live Betting

    PSTbet Namibia Live Betting

    In-Play Betting Review at PstBet

    Betting on PstBet includes 5 sporting categories, each with different leagues. Live betting is also available on the site with adequate odds. The Cashout feature is one of the most famous and beneficial features for all betting websites.

    PstBetLive Betting Features


    This is an amazing option since it enables customers who have placed a wager to recoup a portion of their funds if they believe they will lose the gamble. On its webpage, the sportsbook displays an advertisement for this function.

    {partner-link button} #Start live betting today#

    {partner-link button} #Placing live bets at PstBet#

    Sports odds assessment

    As mentioned previously in the review, the odds at PstBet are of a superior level. Bettors will definitely enjoy this on the site, as more winnings would be guaranteed.

    Online Casino

    Unfortunately, no online casino section is provided on the site at the moment.

    PstBet eSports

    Unfortunately, no eSports are available on PstBet at the moment.

    Virtual Sports

    No virtual sports are made available on the site at the moment.

    Bet Games

    Unfortunately, users cannot bet on games on PstBet.

    PstBet Mobile Sports Betting

    Does PstBethave an app? There is no clear information presented on the site that states if a mobile application of PstBet exists. However, a special mobile site is provided that can be accessed from any web browser.

    Desktop Review of PstBet website

    As mentioned above, the website ensures simplicity and effectiveness when it comes to the web features provided. However, adding some more interactive features will render the site more engaging.

    Sport products
    Match Center
    Cash out
    Live chat
    - English version - Mobile version

    Accepted currencies

    PstBet Namibia accepts the British pound and the Namibian dollar.

    British Pound
    Namibian dollar


    Doesn't accept Bookmaker Ratings
    as an arbitrator
    There is no company representative on Bookmaker Ratings website
    Attitude to speculators:
    Lower the maximums


    PstBet offers email and live chat for contacting their customer support.

    Response time
    Response time
    ~ 5 h.
    Response time
    Live chat
    ~ 1 min.

    Assessment history

    PstBet Namibia has been added to the Rating

    Reviews (0)

    You can learn about the feedback and opinion on sum withdrawals and betting in PstBet in the “Feedback” and in the comment to the review. Learn here about the experience of PstBet users. Share your experience with everyone.

    Convenience of payments
    Bonuses & Promotions

    PstBet Review – FAQs

    Does PstBet accept Namibian players?

    The only users that are accepted to register on the site are Namibian players.

    Does PstBet accept Namibian dollars?

    Yes, the company accepts Namibian dollars.

    Is the PstBet Bonus for New Customers Only?

    Unfortunately, no bonuses are made available on the site by PstBet.

    PstBet bonuses – what’s on offer?

    At the moment, no bonuses are available on PstBet, which is unfortunate.

    What is the PstBet New Customer Offer?

    No offers are presented on the site by the time the review is written.

    What software companies does PstBet work with?

    The company has its own software that works with it.

    What software do they use?

    Users will only need to access the website with no special software needed.

    What methods are there to confirm my PstBet account?

    A confirmation message will be sent to confirm a user’s account.

    How do I fund my account? Cash out my winnings? Are there any limits or fees?

    As mentioned earlier, users can visit PstBet shops and place their deposits. Moreover, online depositing is also available to ensure a 24/7 depositing ability.

    Like the depositing process, the withdrawal process is also reliable and straightforward. Users can also visit any PstBet shop or simply demand a withdrawal online. More information about these topics was presented previously in the review.

    No clear information is presented to address the limits forced by the site. However, no fees are obligated upon depositing and withdrawing.

    How to claim the PstBet Welcome Offer?

    No welcome offers are present on the site at the moment.

    How to bet on PstBet in Namibia?

    Betting on PstBet is straightforward and easy. Gamblers will only have to register on the site, enter the desired event, and wager on it.

    How do I Claim the PstBet Free Bets?

    No free bets are offered by PstBet on their site.

    How To Join PstBet?

    To join the site, users will have to register first by entering some basic information. This can be done by hitting the “register” button presented on the homepage.

    How To Use The PstBet Bonus?

    PstBet did not have promotions or bonus sections by the time this review was written. Thus the latter are not available at the moment.

    How To Close Your PstBet Account?

    To resolve this issue, it is best advised to contact the customer service office where proper instructions are available.

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