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Bet223 Mali – Overview & Rating

Bookmakers rated 3 offer mid-level services and are currently in trial period.
BR rating: 3/5
Pre-match: 3/5
In-game: 4/5
Odds: 3/5
Convenience of payments: 1/5
Support: 2/5
Bonuses & Promotions: 5/5
Workability: 3/5
Feedbacks: 2 Free Bets: 300 % Deposit/Withdraw: 999999 / 0
Mobile versions: Questions: 0 Complaints: 0 Support


Expert evaluation

Paruyr Shahbazyan
The founder of the website

BET223 is a well-known sports betting site since it offers a variety of sports, a casino, and live betting. The BET223  website boasts an eye-catching design and a vibrant layout, which makes for an intriguing first impression for visitors. Customers are engaged by a unique betting experience thanks to the straightforward yet imaginative layout. Motivating bonuses are available on BET223, which is regarded as a reliable and safe betting service.


Pros and cons

Engaging website
Generous bonuses
Great live betting experience
Registration is restricted

Characteristics of the Bookmaker – short

Convenience of payments
Bonuses & Promotions

Quick Facts BET223 – Mali

BET223 – Official Company Info

BET223 is a company based in Malia. The firm BET 223 is a member of the Bet2Africa group and works in the gaming and leisure industry in collaboration with PMU-Mali. BET223 is operated by BET223 SARL registered in the commercial register of Mali, being licenced by PMU-Mali. BET223 is considered one of the most famous betting websites in its country as it provides quality betting along with a safe and reliable environment.

Who cannot play at BET223?

There is a warning about preventing gambling addiction on the area of the page devoted to terms and conditions. All bettors who are older than 18 can use BET223. Only those with a Mali number are permitted to place bets on this website.

Business Transparency

As mentioned earlier, the company is located in Mali and is licensed by PMU-Mali located in Mali. Moreover, BET223 is considerate about game and gambling addiction. Thus, a safe betting experience is provided by the website.

BET223 Contact details

BET223 gives the opportunity to its customers to ask questions straightforwardly and practically. Users can enter the contact our sector and provide some data to enter the message to be delivered to the company finally. Moreover, BET223 can be reached using their official email address, phone number, or mail:

  • Mail address: BET223 – Hamdallaye ACI2000, BP E2054, Bamako, Mali
  • Phone number: 44 98 28 28.

The betting company offers an effective social media presence through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp.

BET223 Mali

Additional Company Information

The betting company offers an effective social media presence through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp. This proves accountability and security to the platform.

Major events that BET223 covers?

While being highly renowned for the most well-known sport in the world, football, BET223 covers a variety of sports. This does not imply that other athletic activities like Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Rugby, and Tennis should be disregarded since the site contains coverage of all live sporting events from all leagues.

Website languages

BET223 Mali operates in English and French.


Expert BET223 Review 2023


Being one of the leading online bookmakers, BET223 captures consumers’ interest with its easy navigation, extensive game selection, and straightforward wagering choices. This website also offers a variety of promotions, prizes, and free bets. Additionally, the business offers an application that can be downloaded by clicking a button on its website. There are several challenges available, as well as a variety of rewards and incentives. Simple features should be improved further to make the website even more world-class.

What do we like on BET223?

BET223 Mali Homepage

As previously said, this bookmaker offers a straightforward yet functional website design. The latter has a blue, pink, and white finish that gives consumers elegance and smoothness. The primary buttons that lead to sports gambling are obvious, which makes the guidelines simple. Consequently, the website’s general motif is interesting.

Furthermore, because of how slick the experience is, mobile users like the services offered.

However, in order to take advantage of this incentive, some rules and regulations must be followed. Additionally, a list of promotions is provided with a thorough explanation of each one when you click the promotion button on the front page.

More specifically, BET223 provides a fair gaming experience. Given that the business is legitimate and trustworthy, the security of this website is adequate.

Live stream betting is essential nowadays as global media expansion continues. Betting on live international sporting events is possible with BET223. Not only that but by merely pressing on the event in progress, a well-managed statistics page may be loaded with different subsections to ensure the quality of delivery. The numbers cleared the way for a winning wager!

BET223 offers a casino gambling experience. Various games are provided there under different categories, all having quality betting and enjoyable gaming experience. Moreover, live casino betting is also applicable.

Virtual gambling is also offered on this betting website, all under different sectors. Different categories for various sports attract unique sports enthusiasts. All of the previous features are provided in both English and French languages.

What could BET223 improve, and What do we dislike?

The website might improve some simple aspects as both the content and the user experience are interesting and effective. One of which is providing a welcoming bonus that attracts afraid bettors. Another main aspect of improvement is allowing users holding any phone number (other than Mali) to register and gamble. BET223 gives a panel-like heading on their page that shows new and featured offers. However, these offers are only provided in the French language, although choosing to have the website in English. This seems a little impractical for some users.

BET223 can add some offers and bonuses in specific areas. For example, adding a live and pre-match bonus can render consumers more pleased.

Do we recommend BET223?

After reviewing the website, it is definitely recommended. The site offers a satisfactory betting experience along with many interesting features.

BET223 Features

BET223 Promotional Features

King of the Euro

As bettors visit the promotions area, this feature will grasp their attention. Gamblers should win the biggest odds for a chance to win a Jakarta motorcycle upon winning a game with the biggest odds.

At this stage, it is crucial to note that a list of conditions and restrictions accompanies almost all features provided by BET223. However, the latter does not seem impossible but rather applicable and easy to satisfy.

BET223 Top Features


The offered sports betting are given the most versatility possible due to the “cashout” feature provided. As a result, wagers can protect the profits of a potentially successful wager or, on the other hand, reduce the losses of an extremely poorly made wager during a sporting event.

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BET223 score Overall Ranking: 8.5/10

Registration Process 5/5

  • Simple
  • Fast

Finding a betting website with a quick and easy signup procedure is pleasant. The entire procedure necessitates entering a phone number, confirming a password, and getting a registration code. It is surely wise to combine a quality betting experience with a straightforward registration process.

Security and Regulation 5/5

  • Licensed and Regulated
  • Safe

As previously said, BET223 offers a secure and safe betting atmosphere as it has a higher authority licence. Due to the high level of browser and financial security that the bookmaker provides, cybercriminals won’t be able to access gamblers’ cash.

Design & Usability 4.5 /5

  • User friendly
  • Creative theme

The website’s overall layout is captivating. The theme features vibrant colours that give it a gambling and gaming vibe. BET223 also makes online navigating simple, and the whole experience is positive.

Mobile 5/5

  • Special games
  • Accessed from any web browser

BET223 provides special casino games when it comes to the bookmaker’s mobile application. Not only this, but mobile users are really pleased with the features provided by the company on mobile.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options 4.5/5

  • Orange Money option
  • Voucher option

BET223 provides 2 options when it comes to depositing and withdrawing. Orange money is Orange S.A.’s mobile money service, which is accessible across the majority of the group’s affiliates throughout Africa. Depositing and withdrawing are made easy with BET223, as a clear explanation is provided in this section.

Welcome Offer 4/5

  • Motivating
  • Useful

BET223 offers 60,000FCFA as a free welcoming bonus upon placing the first deposit. Such offers trigger more bettors to join the website.

Pre-Match Offer 3.5/5

  • Wide sport variety
  • Acceptable odds

BET223 offers a wide variety of sports, including soccer, rugby, and basketball. Moreover, special offers and bonuses are available, and the odds of betting are considered acceptable.

Service & Customer Support 4.5/5

  • Approachable
  • Various options

The customer service office is ready to answer and address any concerns or issues faced. Bettors can contact the company through phone, email, mail, or even social media.

Live Offer 3.5/5

  • Cash-out option
  • No bonus offers

Live betting doesn’t have any bonus offers or percentage incentives; however, BET223 nevertheless lets its players get some of their money back.

Sportsbook Promotions 4.5/5

  • Various kinds
  • Regularly updated

In its numerous sports categories, BET223 offers a variety of promotions, including cash-out and a 100% bonus. By going to the promotions webpage, where additional information is provided for each promotion as well as some requirements, users may find these promos as well as others. Additionally, these perks are refreshed often.

Betting on Sports with BET223

BET223 Mali Sportsbook

BET223 Mali Sportsbook

Sports Markets and Betting Types

An appealing sports category may be found on BET223. It includes up to 20 distinct sports, such as basketball, tennis, and football. All sports enthusiasts can enjoy betting on BET223 with high security and a well-built statistical platform. Because of this, gamblers may enjoy a wide range of betting activities.

Rugby Betting

Rugby is supported by BET223 because it enables its users to place fair wagers on this sport. Detailed statistics are provided to support all of this. In this sport, bettors may wager in a variety of leagues, including the international.

Soccer Betting

Being the most famous sport worldwide, BET223 has high competition when it comes to soccer. It provides more than 10 leagues for such a sport, all with suitable and studied statistics.

Cricket Betting

The availability of gambling on such a well-known sport is quite astonishing. Additionally, BET223 enables clients to wager on many leagues within this sport.

Horse Racing Betting

This sport was unavailable by the time this review was written.

Dog Racing Betting

This sport was unavailable by the time this review was written.

BET223 Basketball Betting & NBA

Numerous people around the world are interested in basketball, and BET223 is no exception. By using data, this bookmaker enables its customers to wager properly on basketball tournaments. Additionally, live betting is possible on this kind of sport. Fortunately, BET223 allows NBA wagering, which undoubtedly draws basketball fans.

BET223 Live Betting & Streaming

BET223 Mali Live Betting

BET223 Mali Live Betting

In-Play Betting Review at BET223

This post already discussed that BET223 promotes betting on live-streamed sports. Due to the obvious variety of sports, BET223 is trusted by many sports fans as a strong, engaging, and trustworthy betting platform. The website also offers statistics, history, victory rates, and score accuracy for every athletic event on the site because it focuses on many sports. A secure, dependable, and pleasurable betting experience is made possible by combining all of the latter with some of the fascinating aspects mentioned earlier.

BET223 Live Betting Features

Live to stream

Determining the finest wagering website these days requires relying heavily on streaming live. Elevated in-game statistics are offered for this feature by BET223. Applying live gambling with a button click is simple and user-friendly.

Live statistics

As mentioned earlier, BET223 offers a data portal that may be reached by just touching on the athletic event. Along with past game stats and some player information. Such a bookmaker not only makes betting more enjoyable but also makes it fair and simple.


BET223 offers a cash-out feature on live betting. This feature is crucial when users feel that their bet is losing or if they want to protect their bet. Specifically, the system by BET223 automatically allows users to cash out by studying different aspects. Retrieving part of the money motivates users to enter into more bets even if the odds are not in their favour.

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{partner-link button} #Placing live bets at BET223#

Sports odds assessment

Being a bookmaker who competes in the market, better odds are offered by BET223 than on other websites. In contrast to other sites, BET223 offers excellent winning odds. This is further improved by the statistics offered by the website, which offers a fair and competitive gambling environment.

Online Casino

Casino Games

BET223 Mali Casino Games

BET223 Mali Casino Games

BET223 offers different and several casino games, each of which has its own identity, rules, and betting regulations. Some of these games are offered only for mobile applications, while others are restricted to desktop use. A “fun mode” is incorporated with some games where users can enter the game and play without having to register officially. However, and obviously, no profits will be gained. Not only does this feature assist bettors in getting familiar with the game in this section, but it also motivates users who have no experience in casinos to try this experience with no losses to pay. Some of the casino games include Monopoly, Roulette, BlackJack, and many other interesting games offering high-quality specs.

All Licensed Slots

This feature was not available by the time this review was written.

Instant Games

This feature was not available by the time this review was written.

Video Poker

This feature was not available by the time this review was written.

BET223 Esports

Unfortunately, BET223 does not offer Esports at the moment.

Virtual Sports

BET223 Mali Virtual Sports

BET223 Mali Virtual Sports

BET223 offers virtual sports on its website. Some of these games are only limited to mobile use but yet provide a satisfying gambling experience. These sports include football games, races, and other sports where the user can sort the latter as convenient. Moreover, if doubting which game to choose, gamblers can hit the “featured” button, where featured games in this category are provided.

BET223 Mobile Sports Betting

Does BET223 have an app? Yes, BET223 offers a mobile application so its users can enjoy such an experience. However, BET223 allows only Android users to enjoy its content, as there is no IOS application at the moment.


Unfortunately, only Android users can appreciate the mobile application provided as, at the moment, there is no IOS application.

Android App

BET223 offers an Android version only of its mobile application. The application can be downloaded by pressing the link present on the website or via PlayStore.

Sport products
Virtual sport
Match Center
Skill games
Cash out
- English version - Mobile version

Product review

BET223 Bonus Codes – Check Out the Offers

Top Bonuses

BET223 Welcome Bonuses

BET223 only offers one unique and effective welcome bonus. This bonus consists of 60000 FCFA to be offered on the first deposit. This is considered one of the top-class offers to welcome new guests to the page. The welcome bonus can be purchased simply by registering on the website and pursuing a deposit. BET223 can improve this aspect by adding more welcoming bonuses and limiting that to depositing bonuses only.

BET223 Casino Bonus: Check Out the Offer

BET223 provides a promotion on casino games that has some restrictions. Users will get a 100% bonus on JACKS OR BETTER game after depositing 1000 FCFA into an account. This promotion still has some limits that can be viewed by navigating to the promotion menu and selecting that offer.

Deposit Bonus

Actually, BET223 offers a depositing bonus as a welcoming offer to its new customers. As stated earlier, the bonus consists of 60000 FCFA to be given on the user’s first deposit. Moreover, the JACKS OR BETTER promo is also considered a deposit bonus.

BET223 Sign Up Offer, Free Bet & All Other Bonuses

BET223 offers many types of free bets to its customers.

Black Friday

Users who wager between 500 FCFA and 30,000 FCFA on multiple tickets with a stake of 10 or more on the final Friday of each month will enjoy a special free bet of the same value.

Comfort Free Bet

BET223 offers free bets as well! If a user loses a ticket, a refund will be given back, and thus, the bet is a simple button click that can achieve such an offer.

BET223 Loyalty Program

BET223 does not provide a straightforward loyalty program. However, it does motivate its users to be loyal to the company by offering many bonuses when users play more games, such as the “LE MAXI BONUS”.

BET223 Rewards and Promotion Program

There are several bonuses and incentives available on BET223’s platform. There is a button on the website that, when clicked, directs visitors to offers and bonuses, which are the subject of a new page. Bettors may view a variety of promos, including cashout and free bets, on this page. To provide a well-designed betting experience, a wide variety of additional promotions are offered, and frequent upgrades are put into place.

BET223  Promotions Qualified for Existing Customers

BET223 ‘s Sportsbook Promotions

BET223 regularly produces new promotions. Not only this, but users can see these promotions by navigating to the promotions menu, where they can see unlocked promotions and the date at which they will be offered.

Jacks Or Better

As stated earlier, this offer provides a 100% bonus on JACKS OR BETTER game after depositing 1000 FCFA. Such an offer is inspiring for users who still prefer sports betting on casino games.


This bonus is quite of a motivational type. Bettors will get more bonus percentages as they play more games. The table of bonuses is reachable by entering the promotions sector and hitting on the bonus.

Are there any other sports betting promos?

No promos are directly related to certain sports on BET223 by the time the article is written. However, it seems that the page is looking forward to this.

Casino Promotions

BET223 does not offer direct promotions to casino games. However, indirect offers such as the “JACKS OR BETTER” bonus target casino games indirectly.

Do they offer any additional promotions or deals?

As stated earlier, many offers and deals are to be made by BET223. However, there do not seem to be any promos or deals other than the ones stated above.

Where Can I Find a BET223 Promo Code?

Any customer from Mali who is older than the legal age of consent may register for registration and utilise BET223 services.

Deposits & Withdrawals at BET223

BET223.com simplifies the depositing and withdrawal processes. There are several possibilities for each, and the firm assures payment security and safety procedures.


BET223 allows two distinct types of depositing: the orange money and the voucher deposit. Starting with the orange money, users can simply click on the deposit button and then set the required amount to deposit and then hit “deposit”. Deposit bonuses might be available by that time. After that, users enter their phone number along with a confirmation code. Moving on to the voucher depositing, users will follow the same procedure only that no phone number or confirmation code is to be entered but rather the voucher code.

A detailed explanation of the depositing process is made available on the website.


The withdrawal process on BET223 is a bit more complicated than the depositing one. However, it is still considered a simple one. Similar steps are to be followed in the depositing process, where BET223 ensures high security and credibility. A detailed explanation of both types of withdrawal is provided on the webpage.

How Long Does It Take? Straightforward instructions are presented. Both processes almost take around 10 to 15 minutes which is considered a satisfactory number.

Will I get paid? Gamblers can take all of their profits after finishing all of their wagers. BET223 is very committed and constantly reassures its consumers about its confidentiality and responsibility measures.

Bet & Win Limits

There is no clear clue of what are the limits of withdrawing and depositing at BET223 by the time the article is written.

Top sportsbooks by BET223 Payment Options

As stated earlier, BET223 allows its users to deposit and withdraw money both using “orange money” and “voucher payment”.

Does BET223 accept Paypal?

Unfortunately, BET223 does not accept Paypal at the moment.

Does BET223 accept Bitcoin?

BET223 does not work with cryptocurrencies at this time. Thus it does not rely on Bitcoin.

Deposit Withdrawal
Sum Time Commission Sum Time Commission
from MAF 100 to MAF 300,000 instant 0% from MAF 2,000 to unlimited 24 h. 0%
from MAF 500 to MAF 200,000 instant 0% from MAF 2,000 to unlimited 24 h. 0%

Accepted currencies

BET223 Mali accepts West African CFA francs.

West African CFA franc


Doesn't accept Bookmaker Ratings
as an arbitrator
There is no company representative on Bookmaker Ratings website
Attitude to speculators:
Lower the maximums


BET223 Mali offers a contact form and a phone call option for contacting customer support.

Response time
Response time
~ 5 min.

Assessment history

BET223 Mali has been added to the Rating

Reviews (2)


You can learn about the feedback and opinion on sum withdrawals and betting in BET223 Mali in the “Feedback” and in the comment to the review. Learn here about the experience of BET223 Mali users. Share your experience with everyone.

Convenience of payments
Bonuses & Promotions
Lester Quitzon Punter
Eddie Kiganda Punter

BET223 Review – FAQs

Does BET223 accept Mali players?

Participants that have a Mali phone number and are 18 or older are accepted by BET223.

Do BET223 accept Mali CFA Franc?

Yes, BET223 does accept Central African francs.

Is the BET223 Bonus for New Customers Only?

No, BET223 offers different bonuses for new and old customers.

BET223 bonuses – what’s on offer?

As already mentioned in the review, BET223 has several rewards and deals. This would include wagers without any risk, cash-out wagers, and many more. Users may verify those deals by going to the site’s promos section, which provides a thorough description of every promotion and bonus available.

What is the BET223 New Customer Offer?

BET223 allows its customers to have a bonus of 60000 FCFA after inputting their first bonus.

What software companies does BET223 work with?

BET223 relies on its own software to ensure quality betting.

What software do they use?

Downloading any particular program is not necessary in order to use BET223. Users would only have to download the mobile application or browse the website.

What methods are there to confirm my BET223 account?

Users only need to verify their phone number with a verification code to confirm an account.

How do I fund my account? Cash out my winnings? Are there any limits or fees?

BET223 allows two distinct types of depositing: the orange money and the voucher deposit. To learn more about these methods, users are advised to visit the website as a detailed explanation is provided.

Cashing out the winnings is also straightforward and can be done through simple steps present on the website. This process is highly secure.

Some limits exist on both depositing and withdrawal; however, they do not seem clear by referring to the website’s content.

How to claim the BET223 Welcome Offer?

To claim the welcome offer, users should simply input their first deposit.

How to bet on BET223 in Mali?

BET223 made this a simple task for bettors. By visiting the “Live Betting” area and choosing the odds for the sporting event they want to wager on, users may place a live wager. It should be noted that if the odds change, a new gamble will be shown to users and requested for approval. For pre-match betting, users must input the odds of the sporting event of interest, adjust the betting grid, and finally confirm the bets.

How do I Claim the BET223 Free Bet?

This is quite straightforward; bettors can simply navigate to the betting grid button and then select the free bet option. The user now has a free bet!

How To Join BET223?

To join BET223, all that needs to be done is to verify the phone number using a verification code and enter a password for the account.

How To Use The BET223 Bonus?

To benefit from different bonus types, it is crucial to navigate to the promotions menu provided by the website. There, customers will learn when and how to use the bonuses provided.

How To Contact BET223?

BET223 can be contacted through their official phone number, by mail, or by using any of their social media platforms.

How To Close Your BET223 Account?

When consumers seek to close their accounts, it is best recommended to contact the customer service office, where a clear guide will be provided.

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