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ElephantBet Mozambique - Overview & Rating

Bookmakers rated 3 offer mid-level services and are currently in trial period.
BR rating: 3/5
Pre-match: 4/5
In-game: 3/5
Odds: 3/5
Convenience of payments: 1/5
Support: 2/5
Bonuses & Promotions: 3/5
Workability: 4/5
Feedbacks: 2 Free Bets: 20000 MT Deposit/Withdraw: 999999 / 0
Mobile versions: Questions: 0 Complaints: 0 Support


Expert evaluation

Paruyr Shahbazyan
The founder of the website

When a customer visits the ElephantBet website, they are drawn in by the excellent editorial text and simple layout. The web page is colourful, and the information is presented succinctly. While focusing on a variety of sports, the website also provides a live betting journey as well as other simulated sports with innumerable rewards on multiple gambling experiences. Because of improved payment and protection methodologies, the betting experience is frequently simple and secure.


Pros and cons

Average line
Good welcome offer
The average number of promotions
Secure website
No historical stats about events

Characteristics of the Bookmaker – short

Convenience of payments
Bonuses & Promotions

Quick Facts ElephantBet – Mozambique

ElephantBet – Official Company Info

General Betting LDA operates Elephant Bet under licence 104/IGJ/JDS/2018. The company is legal and authorised. As part of the General Betting team, ELEPHANT BET began commercial operations in Mozambique in 2018, functioning under the title “MOZABET” that time ever since, the company has been ensuring quality betting and high security.

Who cannot play at ElephantBet?

The only allowed players at ElephantBet are Portuguese. International punters cannot register on the site. Moreover, it is crucial to be above 18 years old to gamble on the site, as ElephantBet advises moderate gambling in a wise manner as it can have undesired outcomes if taken improperly.

Business Transparency

As previously stated, the company is authorised and secure in Mozambique. ElephantBet provides wagering expertise as well as safe money transfer practices. The company provides a variety of betting options while remaining accountable at all times.

ElephantBet Contact details

ElephantBet ensures a well-built communication system with its clients. Users can express their concerns and issues through the company’s official phone number:

  • Phone Number: +258 841 324 358

Bettors can also reach the company through WhatsApp as the site offers a link that navigates users to the company’s Whatsapp chatting page. ElephantBet has a Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube presence.

ElephantBet Mozambique
+258 841 324 358

Major events that ElephantBet covers?

ElephantBet provides a diverse selection of sports. The primary events encompass over 27 sports, each with its own league. The site features football, basketball, cricket, tennis, field hockey, and rugby, among many more sports. ElephantBet is a popular betting site among gamblers from all sorts of backgrounds.

Website languages

Elephantbet.co.mz operates in Portuguese.


Expert ElephantBet Review 2023


ElephantBet piques the interest of customers by combining simple navigation, a varied game selection, and concise wagering options. This website also provides a variety of special offers, prizes, and bonuses. Customers enjoy the live betting experience provided by the company. Some changes to the website may be made, such as providing statistical information about the events taking place.

What do we like on ElephantBet?

ElephantBet Mozambique Homepage

As said before, this bookmaker provides a simple yet effective dynamic website. It is glazed with blue and pink shades, giving users attractiveness and convenience while also giving the impression of a sporting environment. The primary buttons that lead to game betting are clearly visible, making all directions clear. The site’s homepage contains several sections, each relevant to a topic, including but not limited to: live betting, instant wins, and promotions.

Adding to that, the mobile experience is considered satisfying as it covers both Android and IOS phones.

Continuing forward, ElephantBet, to be specific, offers a fair gaming experience. Since the company is licensed by legal and secure commissioners, the privacy of this webpage is adequate. As a consequence, a responsible gaming sector is provided, giving bettors a secure environment.

Live streaming is becoming progressively crucial as the media spreads internationally. ElephantBet allows you to bet on live sporting events from many countries and leagues. Adding to that, many promotions are given and can be accessed in the promotions menu offered on the homepage. A clear explanation of each promo is made available.

Moreover, the customer service office is ready to address any issue or concern faced by clients. ElephantBet ensures the comfort of its clients and builds its whole scope for that mission.

What could ElephantBet improve, and What do we dislike?

Like any other betting website, some adjustments must be added to the company’s site to further improve it. One of these is adding statistical information prior to and during live betting games.

Another goal for ElephantBet to seek is to allow international players from around the world to join the betting site.

Do we recommend ElephantBet?

After reviewing the site’s content and features, it is definitely recommended. The betting experience, live events, promotions, and all other aspects are considered high class.

ElephantBet Features

ElephantBet Promotional Features

ElephantBet provides an adequate and efficient gambling environment for a wide range of sports, as well as live-streaming activities. This bookmaker offers a variety of betting experiences that can be reached by hitting the desired category on the home page. Moreover, what interests gamblers the most are the promotions and the gratitude bonus sections that will be tackled later in the review.

ElephantBet Top Features

Live Streaming

Whenever it comes to identifying the finest wagering service online, it is critical to rely on live streaming. That tool is available by ElephantBet, which has high-quality and engaging material. Live gambling is simple to use and accessible with the push of a button.

AutoPlay and Cashout

This is also supported by Autoplay as well as Cashout functions. A bettor can engage the autoplay feature, which places a wager for each subsequent round utilising the wager quantity from the preceding stake. The auto cash-out can also be used to pay out the user’s winnings at the proper moment.

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ElephantBet score Overall Ranking: 9/10

Registration Process 4.5/5

  • Straightforward
  • Quick

Registering on ElephantBet is made quick and easy as users will only need to enter their Mozambique number along with a password. Furthermore, gamblers must accept all terms and conditions provided and be above 18 years old. Users must provide personal information to Elephant Bet through the use of the registration form that will be tied to their profile.

Security and Regulation 4/5

  • Licensed and regulated
  • Reliable and safe

As stated earlier, the company is legal and authorised. Personal information at ElephantSport is handled for defined, clear, and legal objectives only and is not treated in any form that contradicts those aims. Elephant Bet would treat the information in a format that ensures their security, namely preservation against illegal or improper use as well as data leakage, deletion, or modification, by using necessary technological or organisational means. To reach more of the company’s security measures, gamblers can navigate to the “Security and Privacy Policy” menu provided on the site.

Design & Usability 5/5

  • Simple interactive website
  • User-friendly

The ElephantSport website is considered one of the most easy-to-use betting areas. The buttons that lead to all different sections of the site are clear and presented on the header of the homepage. Different interactive features that guarantee a user-friendly website are also provided.

Mobile 4.5/5

  • Both Android and IOS applications
  • Appealing apps

It is delightful when such a betting website offers both Android and IOS applications for gambling as opposed to many other top bookmakers. The experience is quite satisfying; however, there are no special games and features characterised for mobile use only.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options 4/5

  • Secured processes
  • Different options
  • Acceptable limits

The deposit and withdrawal options at ElephantBet are considered undemanding and yet secured. For both processes, two options are available: Voucher and MPESA options. It is crucial to note that Vodafone’s Mobile Money service is known globally as MPESA. Some limits exist on both depositing and withdrawal; however, more information about these processes is tackled later in the review.

Welcome Offer 5/5

  • Huge bonus

ElephantBet ensures a motivating welcome bonus for its customers by providing an interesting welcome bonus. The latter consists of a 300% bonus on the first deposit. This offer is validated only when a user inputs at least MT50. Further information about the offer is tackled later in the review. This offer also includes virtual games.

Pre-Match Offer 4/5

  • Wide sport variety
  • Average odds odds

ElephantBet offers more than 20 sports to bet on, each having its own leagues. That wide variety includes football, basketball, formula 1, horse racing, with many more. Moreover, the odds included are considered satisfying.

Service & Customer Support 4/5

  • Fast and concise response
  • Several methods

ElephantBet is concerned about its customers. The customer service office will directly assess any issue faced by players. ElephantBet moreover allows users to contact the company via their official phone number, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Live Offer 4/5

  • Covers a wide range of sports
  • Many bonuses

ElephantBet allows a live betting experience. The latter is considered adequate as there are many bonuses offered for this feature. Live betting covers all sporting categories available on the site. The offers include cashout and refunding stake offers. To learn more about these offers, users can navigate to the promotions menu to see all further information.

Sportsbook Promotions 4/5

  • Good range of bonuses
  • Great offer

For its many sports categories, ElephantBet offers distinct promotion options. Members may find such specials by going to the promotions page, where each offer has further information.

Betting on Sports with ElephantBet

ElephantBet Mozambique Sportsbook

ElephantBet Mozambique Sportsbook

Sports Markets and Betting Types

ElephantBet offers over 25 athletic categories, including football, NBA, and tennis, among others. On the website, live betting is also available for a variety of sports.

Soccer Betting

The ElephantBet website includes several wagering and sporting sections. Formula 1, table tennis, snooker, and several other sports require wagering in various competitions. This provides gamblers with a wide range of gaming activities.

Rugby Betting

Rugby betting at ElephantBet is offered for 4 distinct countries, each with different leagues. Along with this, the international league is also provided. This sport includes a live betting experience as well.

Football Betting

Being the most famous sport on the site, ElephantBet allows betting on football in more than 20 countries, each having its own leagues along with worldwide and regional leagues like the UEFA. Football is accompanied by a live betting experience.

Cricket Betting

Unfortunately, this sport was not offered at ElephantBet by the moment the article was written.

Horse Racing Betting

This sport is not offered in the sport menu section but nevertheless can be accessed in the golden race menu. The betting experience includes many events.

Dog Racing Betting

Similarly, this sport is not found in the sports menu on the website’s homepage. But alternatively can be found in the golden race menu.

Basketball Betting & NBA

Basketball, one of the most famous sports at ElephantBet, incorporates 13 countries with various leagues. Moreover, NBA betting is also allowed at ElephantBet, which interests many customers. All of this can be enjoyed through a live experience.

ElephantBet Live Betting & Streaming

ElephantBet Mozambique Live Betting

ElephantBet Mozambique Live Betting

In-Play Betting Review at ElephantBet

Because of the wide range of sports, sporting events aficionados may rely on ElephantBet as a strong, engaging, and trustworthy gaming service. As previously stated in this post, ElephantBet offers live-stream sports betting. All of the latter are combined with the previously mentioned fascinating characteristics.

ElephantBet Live Betting Features

Live Streaming

Whenever it comes to identifying the finest wagering service online, it is critical to rely on live streaming. That tool is available by ElephantBet, which has high-quality and engaging material. Live gambling is simple to use and accessible with the push of a button.


ElephantBet, an accountable bookmaker, offers its patrons to withdraw a portion of their investment if they believe no victory is assured. The “cash out” option is accessible in matches and individual wagers, and it is a device that allows each gambler to be in total control of where the bets end up.

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{partner-link button} #Placing live bets at ElephantBet#

Sports odds assessment

ElephantBet’s customers have a larger likelihood of success compared to other sites because it is one of the leading bookmakers in its region. This is due to having better odds than other betting platforms.

Online Casino

Unfortunately, no casino sections were made available by the time the review was done.

ElephantBet Esports

Unfortunately, Esports were unavailable by the time this review was written.

Virtual Sports

This unique category is offered at ElephantBet and includes several sections. Each section corresponds to a betting category. The sections are Sports, Races, Numbers, and Keno/Bingo. Users are satisfied with the game quality offered as a fun free mode is accompanied by every game allowing a better understanding of the whole procedures and terms. Most of the virtual sports are related to football, while racing includes motorcycles, horses, dogs, and bicycles. The bingo section includes 7 engrossing games.

Bet Games

Unfortunately, the betting experiences at ElephantBet were limited to the above-mentioned only by the time this article was written.

ElephantBet Mobile Sports Betting

Does ElephantBet have an app? It is fortunate that such a captivating website offers a mobile application for both Android and IOS versions. The quality of the mobile experience is pleasing.


ElephantBet allows IOS users to enjoy all betting features offered on the site. The app can be downloaded from the app store.

Android App

The Android application offered by the company is practical and has received many client compliments. The app can be reached using the play store.

Desktop Review of ElephantBet website

Customers will feel at ease whenever working with ElephantBet’s web page since there are no confusing options or settings. The website ensures ease of use in both user engagement and wagering.

Sport products
Virtual sport
Skill games
Cash out
- Mobile version

ElephantBet Bonus Codes – Check Out the Offers

Top Bonuses

ElephantBet Welcome Bonuses

There is no welcome bonus that can be guaranteed by simply registering on the site. As mentioned earlier, the welcome bonus is attainable from the depositing bonus. The latter is tackled below in the review.

ElephantBet Casino Bonus: Check Out the Offer

Unfortunately, no casino betting is allowed on ElephantBet at the moment.

Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus covers 2 categories: the sport and the virtual. Both categories will require the user to have a 300% bonus; however, each has its own requirements that will be handled below.

The sports category forces its users to deposit at least MT50. As previously mentioned, to use the depositing bonus, users must activate it when making their first deposit. Moreover, a crucial note must be taken into account, and that is users will forfeit their bonus funds if they make an immediate withdrawal. Punters should lay a wager across any contest, whether live or not, with five games or more as well as odds of 1.50 or larger within every event. Moreover, terms and conditions list is offered and can be accessed by visiting this promotion.

On the other hand, the virtual bonus also requires an MT50 deposit, but withdrawing early will result in losing the bonus amounts. Customers must put wagers equal to 40 times the amount of the reward offered. The highest limit that may be exchanged into real money is 40 times the value of the original bonus.

ElephantBet Sign Up Offer, Free Bet & All Other Bonuses

Super Friday Promotion

Bettors should put a wager in the required amount of MT20 with an odd equivalent to or higher than 10; then, players will have the same wager portion of a free bet. Furthermore, they are eligible for a free bet up to MT200. Each customer will be allowed 1 free bet, and the deal is valid every Friday starting at 8:00 am.

ElephantBet Loyalty Program

Unfortunately, when writing this review, there were no loyalty programs.

ElephantBet Benefits and Promos

ElephantBet  Promotions Qualified for Existing Customers

ElephantBet offers a diverse range of prizes and promotions. A hyperlink on the webpage can be clicked to take customers to offers and bonuses as the content of a new page. Bettors can view several promos on this page. To provide a well-built gaming environment, regular upgrades are done.

ElephantBet’s Sportsbook Promotions

15% Cashback

Punters may wager on Instant Football during the week in the “REAL MONEY” area to get 15 per cent of the revenue of their failed wagers with actual cash each Monday. To be qualified for a refund, the losing wager must be MT200 as a minimum.

Virtual game reload bonus

This bonus can allow its users to earn up to about MT3000! An MT50 must be deposited as a minimum every Wednesday starting at 8:00 am to receive a 100% bonus.

300% bonus

To obtain a 3 per cent bonus, clients must submit at least three picks in their wagers with odds of at least 1.2 for each event. A table of bonuses is provided on the site by which increasing the selections each time will increase the bonus by 5% till reaching 40 selections of 300% bonus.

We Are Together

This bonus works if a losing ticket is approached where ElephantBet will retrieve that losing stake. One of the main steps and terms to take into consideration is that a gambler must put a multiple bet on any sports competition having 10 matches or over, with accumulative odds equivalent to or greater than 1.20 on every event.

Recovery Bonus

This bonus covers both sporting events and virtual games. Some terms and conditions must be applied in order to retrieve some of the money lost due to falling bets. For example, if the sporting event betting losses during the week are between MT250 and MT500, the recovered money is MT25. Having more bet failures will increase the retrieved amount to a maximum of MT300 if the losses are between MT2000 and MT5000. Whereas for virtual games, a failing amount of between MT1000 and MT2500 will cause a retrieved amount on MT100, and that of between MT2500 and MT5000 will retrieve MT250. Clear tables verifying all concerns, along with terms and conditions for both options, are provided on the site.

Are there any other sports betting promos?

Unfortunately, at the moment, there are no sports betting promos other than the ones mentioned earlier. Note that ElephantBet often updates its promo menu, so it is advised to check it regularly.

Casino Promotions

There are no casino games or features at this time on ElephantBet’s site.

Do they offer any additional promotions or deals?

The above-stated promos and deals are the only existing ones on the site. Regular updates are done on the site, however.

Where Can I Find an ElephantBet Promo Code?

No promo codes are offered, unfortunately, at the moment on ElephantBet.

Deposits & Withdrawals at ElephantBet

As mentioned earlier in the review, the depositing and withdrawal options are straightforward, and the company ensures accountability regarding money transactions. Two possibilities for both processes can be relied on; the voucher and the Vodafone option. However, a bank withdrawal can also be made.


The depositing option at ElephantBet can be divided into two main parts, as previously mentioned. Both options require a login from the user and hit the deposit button present in yellow at the top of the page.

Starting with the MPESA option, which is the global name of Vodafone, and after hitting the deposit button, users can enter the amount they wish to deposit, knowing that the minimum depositing amount is MT1. At this stage, if users are permitted to receive a welcome bonus, they can activate it. A confirmation message with a code is sent afterwards.

Moving to the Voucher depositing option that is made even easier, customers can have that voucher from any of ElephantBet’s verified sellers. After their purchase, bettors can now deposit the money they desire into their accounts, knowing that the minimum depositing option, in this case, is MT100. Similarly, if allowed, punters can have a welcome bonus. Finally, the code present on the voucher must be inputted on the site to ensure success.


Likewise, the withdrawal option also includes three options: the MPESA, Voucher, and Bank account. After logging in, punters can hit the arrow beside their profile and select the withdrawal option.

Starting with the MPESA option, users can select the amount they wish to withdraw. After that, they must hit “proceed to survey”, where a confirmation message will be sent to their phones. No limits are obligated by the company.

On the other hand, the Voucher system includes entering the amount of cash willing to be withdrawn and later receiving a text message with a code. Users will have to visit any of ElephantBet’s legal stores to get their money after showing their code. Fortunately, ElephantBet does not provide a limit for this option.

In the final option, which is the Bank withdrawal, customers will have to fill in some information, including the withdrawal amount and simply confirm. However, transactions below MT2000 are not accepted.

How Long Does It Take? Both processes are considered uncomplicated. Thus, the whole duration of any option for both processes will not exceed 10 minutes.

Will I get paid? Punters can receive all of their earnings after placing all of their bets. ElephantBet is committed and constantly reassures its clients of its security and accountability measures.

Bet & Win Limits

There is no clear information about the bet and win limits that ElephantBet obligates by the time this article is written.

Top sportsbooks by ElephantBet Payment Options

Does ElephantBet accept Paypal?

Unfortunately, ElephantBet does not accept Paypal transactions at the moment.

Does ElephantBet accept Bitcoin?

Unfortunately, by the time this article was written, no Bitcoin transactions were accepted.

Data Free

No data-free betting experiences are offered at ElephantBet at this moment, unfortunately.

Deposit Withdrawal
Sum Time Commission Sum Time Commission
from MT100 to MT20,000 Up to 24 hours from MT100 to Mt20,000 Up to 24 hours
from MT1 to MT100,000 Up to 24 hours from MT1 to MT100,000 Up to 24 hours

Accepted currencies

Elephant Bet MZ accepts the Mozambican Metical (MZN).

Mozambican metical


Doesn't accept Bookmaker Ratings
as an arbitrator
There is no company representative on Bookmaker Ratings website
Attitude to speculators:
Lower the maximums


Elephant Bet MZ can be reached via social media platforms or their phone number to get in touch with their customer support team.

Response time
Response time
1-10 mins

Assessment history

ElephantBet Mozambique has been added to the Rating

Reviews (2)


You can learn about the feedback and opinion on withdrawal sums and betting on Elephant Bet MZ in the “Feedback” section and in the comments of the review. You can also share your experience with others.

Convenience of payments
Bonuses & Promotions
Mohan Parsa Beginner
Rev Chris Maphumulo Beginner

ElephantBet Review – FAQs

Does ElephantBet accept Mozambique players?

The only allowed players at ElephantBet must be from Mozambique. This is clear as when registering, a Mozambique number must be entered.

Does ElephantBet accept Mozambique Metical?

The only allowed currency is the Mozambique Metical at ElephantBet.

Is the ElephantBet Bonus for New Customers Only?

Bonuses are plenty at ElephantBet. However, they are not only offered to new customers only.

ElephantBet bonuses – what’s on offer?

As previously mentioned, many offers and bonuses are available on ElephantBet. These include money recovery bonuses, 300% bonuses, and many others. All offers and bonuses are presented in the “ElephantBet Sign Up Offer, Free Bet & All Other Bonuses” section of this review.

What is the ElephantBet New Customer Offer?

The new customer’s offer is based on the first deposit done. After placing a minimum deposit of MT50 and playing five games or more, as well as having odds of 1.50 or larger within every event, users will get a 300% bonus.

What software companies does ElephantBet work with?

ElephantBet relies on its own software to build its website.

What software do they use?

Users do not need to download any special software to bet on ElephantBet.

What methods are there to confirm my ElephantBet account?

A confirmation message is sent to ensure the success of all transactions and account registration.

How do I fund my account? Cash out my winnings? Are there any limits or fees?

Depositing on ElaphantBet is clear and safe. The latter includes 2 options: MPESA and Voucher. Each has its own procedure; however, the procedures are explained in the “deposit” section of this review and on the website.

Cashing out the winnings is also straightforward but rather has 3 options: MPESA, Voucher, and Bank account. The withdrawal procedures are also stated above in the review and on the site.

Unfortunately, there is no clear information about the bet and win limits that ElephantBet obligates by the time this article is written.

How to claim the ElephantBet Welcome Offer?

The welcome offer is just the deposit bonus. The latter can be claimed whenever a user enters the deposit and hits the deposit bonus button.

How to bet on ElephantBet in Mozambique?

Betting is made clear and uncomplicated at ElephantBet. All that is needed is to hit the event and place the bet. The gambles will be placed on the right of the screen.

How do I Claim the ElephantBet Free Bet?

Bettors should put a wager in the required amount of MT20 with an odd equivalent to or higher than 10; then, players will have the same wager portion of a free bet. This is offered in the Super Friday Promotion.

How To Join ElephantBet?

Joining the site only requires registering, which includes inputting a Mozambique phone number along with a password.

How To Use The ElephantBet Bonus?

To make use of the bonuses offered, it is highly recommended to navigate to the promotions menu and read the offers available. Each offer has its own terms and conditions that allow users to be eligible to use it.

How To Close Your ElephantBet Account?

To answer this question, customers are recommended to reach the customer service office via the different contacting options available.

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