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BetYetu Mozambique – Overview & Rating

Bookmakers rated 3 offer mid-level services and are currently in trial period.
BR rating: 3/5
Pre-match: 3/5
In-game: 4/5
Odds: 3/5
Convenience of payments: 1/5
Support: 3/5
Bonuses & Promotions: 1/5
Workability: 3/5
Feedbacks: 2 Free Bets: 5000 $ Deposit/Withdraw: /
Mobile versions: Questions: 0 Complaints: 0 Support


Expert evaluation

Paruyr Shahbazyan
The founder of the website

When a user visits the BetYetu website, the appealing design and straightforward layout attract their interest. Without denying that the page may be improved to render it even more engaging, the rich content already offers a distinctive betting experience. While BetYetu primarily focuses on soccer, it also offers a wide variety of other sports, making it a popular destination for sports enthusiasts of all stripes. Due to the superior payment choices and security, the betting experience is generally smooth and safe.

Pros and cons

User-friendly website
Well-built statistics
Welcoming bonus
Live betting experience
No IOS app
No bet cancellation
Main focus on football only

Characteristics of the Bookmaker – short

Convenience of payments
Bonuses & Promotions

Quick facts BetYetu – Mozambique

BetYetu – Official Company Info

BetYetu is one of the most famous betting websites in its region, so it is considered safe and reliable. The company’s official address is Maputo, Mozambique, where its headquarters is located. The company is registered and licensed by the Games Inspection of Mozambique. The company follows the Regulation of Social Games and Fun Regulation approved by Decree No. 17/2012.

Who cannot play at BetYetu?

BetYetu is available for all bettors above 18 years old. In the section of the page devoted to terms and conditions, there is also a disclaimer about preventing gambling addiction. Bettors having a Mozambique number are only eligible to bet on this website.

Business Transparency

As stated before, the company is incorporated in Mozambique and is licensed by the Game’s Inspection in Mozambique. BetYetu is enrolled under the Regulation of Social Games and Fun.

BetYetu Contact details

For already registered users, it is crucial to log in to use the “Contact Us” page provided by the website. However, the FAQ section is provided for any website visitor. Moreover, if any issues or concerns are faced, an email and phone number will assist:

BetYetu Mozambique

Major events that BetYetu covers?

BetYetu covers different types of sports while focusing on the world’s most famous sport, football. This does not mean neglecting other sporting events like Basketball, Cricket, and Tennis, as the website covers different leagues and live events of all sports available on their page.

Website languages

BetYetu Mozambique operates in Portuguese.


Expert BetYetu Review 2023


Being one of the top online bookmakers in different countries, BetYetu grasps users’ attention by incorporating simple navigation, wide game variety, and simple wagering options. Additionally, this website provides various promos, prizes, and free bets. However, BetYetu lacks a mobile app on IOS. Some adjustments could be made to the website, such as putting more focus and effort on sports other than football.

What we like on BetYetu

BetYetu Mozambique Homepage

As stated before, this bookmaker provides a simple yet effective website design. The latter is glazed with black and yellow shades, providing users with elegance and smoothness. The main buttons that lead to game betting are clear, making the instructions comprehensible.

Furthermore, the Android mobile experience of the bookmaker is quite smooth, and players enjoy and appreciate this feature.

One of the key factors for the success of this website is the welcoming bonus offer. Nevertheless, certain terms and conditions should be applied to benefit from this bonus. Moreover, once navigated to the promotion button on the top page, a list of promotions is given.

Moving on to the betting experience and being more specific, BetYetu imparts a fair gambling experience. The security of this website is adequate as legal and secured commissioners licence the company. Thus, an accountable gambling section is provided, rendering a safe environment for bettors.

Nowadays, live stream betting is crucial as the media continues to expand worldwide. BetYetu enables betting on live sporting events taking place worldwide. Not only this, but a well-administered statistical page can be loaded by simply pressing on the event taking place. The statistics paved the road for a good bet!

What could BetYetu improve, and What do we dislike?

As the content of the bookmaker seems satisfactory, it still lacks some interactive features, rendering it a high-class betting website. It stuns that this bookmaker only covers 5 countries worldwide. Moreover, holding a Mozambique phone number is mandatory to register on this site.

Another goal for BetYetu to seek is to give more focus on different sports rather than on football as its main sport. This will attract more customers, help them place different bet types, and definitely make the betting experience more interesting.

Do we recommend BetYetu?

Yes, we do recommend this site. After reviewing its various contents and features, the site provides a satisfying and secure betting experience.

Final Verdict: BetYetu is a powerful betting site for bettors of different kinds. This bookmaker is user-friendly and offers a fair and enjoyable betting experience. Although this website lacks some high-class requirements, it is still considered a good betting district.

BetYetu Features

BetYetu Promotional Features

BetYetu supplies a fair and effective betting experience covering different sports, including live-streaming events. The quality provided is satisfactory to users relying on statistical betting. One of the best features this bookmaker provides is “loyalty reward” as an encouragement approach. An easy-to-navigate feature allows toggling between different sports. Other interesting features include Bet Builder and Cash Out, which will be tackled later in the article.

BetYetu Top Features

Live Betting

One of the most superior features BetYetu lays out is the live betting experience. Not only limited to its famous sport, football, but live betting is also applicable at this bookmaker along with useful statistics.

In-Game Stats

BetYetu offers live stream statistics to its users. This feature is offered for all sporting events on the website. Gamblers can place planned bets according to the historical information given about the event and the in-game live statistics. This feature is offered for all sporting events on the website.


This is an outstanding feature as it allows users who have placed a bet to reclaim part of the inputted money if they feel that they are going to lose the bet. According to the cash-out time and type of bet, the amount to be retrieved is decided.

Bet Builder

BetYetu allows its bettors to gamble on different combinations of events and place one bet on all. This will enable users to create smart bets and receive bonuses.

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BetYetu score Overall Ranking: 7.5/10

Comparing BetYetu to other bookmakers in the market, the betting experience seems competitive, and it is assessed according to the below parameters:

Registration Process 5/5

  • Simple
  • Fast

It is satisfying to come to a betting website that offers a simple and fast registration process. The whole process requires mobile number entry and an optional friend/coupon code if applicable.

Security and Regulation 5/5

  • Licensed and Regulated
  • Safe

As stated before, BetYetu is licensed by higher authorities and thus provides a safe and secured betting environment. Hackers will not find a way to bettors’ money as the bookmaker ensures high web and financial security.

Design & Usability 3.5/5

  • Simple web navigation
  • Not-so-advanced features

The site is considered to have a good design and usability. However, some changes should be added to ensure a better user experience. Creative and user-interactive features could be added to encourage users to rely on this betting site.

Mobile 3/5

  • Available for Android
  • No iOS app

This is good news for Android users; however, it is the opposite for IOS users. Nevertheless, the web browser option is always available to access the website.

Deposits & Withdrawals Options 4.5/5

  • Secured withdrawals and deposits
  • Low withdrawal and deposit limits

Depositing and withdrawal at BetYetu offer an online option and an SMS option. Users can enter their wagering online using the website or via SMS using their phone number by following a certain procedure. Both options are secured and practical.

Welcome Offer 3.5/5

  • Average bonus
  • Free bet

BetYetu provides 20% of the first deposit as a free bet. This is encouraging and motivational for new users. Moreover, users will have a risk-free bet as they decide to undergo their first bet.

Pre-Match Offer 4/5

  • High odds
  • Wide variety of sports

The odds presented for matches are considered superior to other sites. Moreover, BetYetu includes many sports categories, including football, tennis, basketball, and many others.

Service & Customer Support 4.5/5

  • Responsive
  • 12 hours availability
  • Various contact options

The service and customer support at BetYetu offer assistance for the needed 12 hours a day for all contacting options. Moreover, any concerns can be addressed via email, chat, and phone calls.

Live Offer 3.5/5

  • Cash-out option
  • Diversity sports

Although no bonus offers or percentage bonuses exist on live betting, BetYetu allows its users to retrieve part of their money back. The website enables various combinations of betting from different sports categories. Moreover, clear statistics are provided for each live game.

Sportsbook Promotions 3.5/5

  • Different types
  • Limited

BetYetu provides different promotion types for its various sports categories. Users can seek these promotions by heading to the promotions web page, where more details are given for each. However, these promotions are limited and increasing them will ensure a larger number of bettors on the website.

Betting on Sports with BetYetu

BetYetu Mozambique Sportsbook

BetYetu Mozambique Sportsbook

Sports Markets and Betting Types

BetYetu has a good category of sports. It covers up to 18 sports, including football, tennis, and basketball. Not only that, but the website allows betting on unpopular sports such as Australian Rules, for example.

Soccer Betting

Different betting and sports categories are included on the BetYetu website. Cricket, darts, rugby union and many others allow betting in different sports leagues. This renders bettors to have a wide variety of betting experiences.

Rugby Betting

BetYetu supports Rugby Union, as it allows its customers to bet on this game fairly. Well-developed statistics accompany all this.

Football Betting

Betting on football games is the best at BetYetu. This bookmaker targets its main focus on football. Customers can notice this the moment they enter the website.

Cricket Betting

It is really impressive to provide gambling on such a famous sport. Not only that, but BetYetu allows customers to bet on different leagues within this sport.

Basketball & NBA Betting

Basketball has been the interest of the majority of people worldwide, and so it is for BetYetu. This bookmaker enables its users to bet fairly on basketball events with the incorporation of statistics. The website targets different leagues, but NBA is not available yet.

BetYetu Live Betting & Streaming

BetYetu Mozambique Live Betting

BetYetu Mozambique Live Betting

In-Play Betting Review at BetYetu

The variety of sports allows different sports enthusiasts to rely on BetYetu as a powerful, interesting, and accountable betting website. As mentioned before in this article, BetYetu proposes live stream sports to bet on. Although its main focus is on football and tennis, this website provides statistics, history, win rates, and scoring efficiency for all sporting events on the site. All the latter are incorporated with some cool features stated earlier.

BetYetu Live Betting Features

Live Streaming

Nowadays, it is crucial to rely on live streaming when it comes to choosing the best betting website. BetYetu provides this feature with high-quality and in-game statistics. Live betting is user-friendly and applicable with a button click.


BetYetu, an accountable bookmaker, BetYetu allows its users to remove part of their deposit if they feel no win is guaranteed. This is done by studying when the user wants to cash out and the bet type he has placed and accordingly sets the amount of money the user can retrieve.

Stats & match tracker

As previously stated, BetYetu provides a statistical webpage that is navigated by simply pressing on the sporting event. This page includes detailed scoring information, previous game stats, and information about players. Such a bookmaker enhances the betting experience and allows a fair and uncomplicated one.

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Sports odds assessment

Being a competitive bookmaker, BetYetu provides odds that are superior to other websites. Thus, the chances of winning at BetYetu are higher than others; however, all this applies to popular games more than uncommon ones.

Online Casino

Unfortunately, at the moment, BetYetu does not offer casino games.

BetYetu Esports

Unfortunately, at the moment, BetYetu does not offer Esports.

Virtual Sports

Unfortunately, at the moment, BetYetu does not provide virtual Sports.

Bet Games

BetYetu offers a Virtual League betting experience. The reach of such a platform is fascinating, as the user only clicks on the “Virtual League” button at the home page heading. BetYetu ensured quality and simplicity in the “Virtual League”.

BetYetu Mobile Sports Betting

Does BetYetu have an app? It is good news that BetYetu provides an Android application for its customers but is not for IOS users as there is no IOS appl. Moreover, bettors can access this bookmaker from any web browser.

iOS App

Unfortunately, at the moment, BetYetu does not have an iOS app, something we see as unfortunate and disappointing.

Android App

Fortunately, BetYetu provides an Android application. It can be downloaded from the link available on the website or directly from PlayMarket.

Desktop review of the BetYetu website

As mentioned above, the BetYetu website is built to guarantee simplicity in both user-website interactions and in betting. Users will find themselves comfortable when dealing with BetYet’s website as no complicated features are given. However, adding some interactive features will definitely ensure a better experience.

Sport products
Virtual sport
Live streaming
Match Center
Live chat
- Mobile version

BetYetu Bonus Codes – Check Out the Offers

Top Bonuses

BetYetu Welcome Bonus

BetYetu offers a welcoming bonus once a user logs in. However, this bonus is only limited to 20% of the first deposit as a free bet. This is considered a good betting bonus but is still not that attractive when comparing this offer to other bookmakers. Not only this, specific terms and limitations apply. Users must deposit a qualified wager with odds of 2.0 or above, equivalent to the amount they have invested.

Another welcome bonus BetYetu adopts is a risk-free bet on the first gamble. This is quite an encouraging tool to attract bettors to indulge themselves in the bookmaker.

BetYetu Casino Bonus

Unfortunately, at the moment of writing, the bookmaker does not support casino games.

Deposit Bonus

BetYetu provides 20% of the first deposit as a free bet. This is encouraging and motivational for new users. However, more bonuses should be added in this domain to motivate bettors to enter even more betting events.

BetYetu  Sign Up Offer, Free Bet & All Other Bonuses

As stated earlier, the sign-up offer consists of a 20% bonus on the first deposit as a free bet. Other bonuses and features, including the Cashout, are provided on the website. These include Money-Back-Boost, Loyalty program, One Out Money Back, and MultiBet Bonus.

One Out Money Back

If they are one out, users can get 10 times their money retrieved as a reward! Customers can use this option to get their cash refunded if they place a multiple bet on seven or more events and just one of them fails to win.

For instance, having seven or more teams or games with minimum odds will result in a 1 times cashback, which in this situation would be a refund. Having 11 or more teams or games with minimum odds of 50 should result in a money-back guarantee with a two times bonus. This will continue to grow until we have 20 teams or games with a minimum odds of 250 that will return customers’ money tenfold. Users can navigate to the promotions menu and see the general guidelines for such an offer as further information.

MultiBet Bonus

This bonus is applied to multi-bets with more than 5 selections and is calculated on the basis of net earnings. Furthermore, the chosen probabilities should be greater than 1.33.

For instance, if 5 picks are performed, a 10% bonus is offered. 7 picks will receive a 15% bonus, while 9 picks would receive a 25% bonus. As a result, increasing the number of selections by two increases the bonus percentage by 5%. This process is continued until users achieve 15 options that result in a 60% bonus.

BetYetu Loyalty Program

Luckily, BetYetu provides a loyalty program for its users. After every 10 wagers, the following wager is guaranteed. In other words, if a user loses this wager, the entire amount is returned as a refunded bet. This is quite an interesting offer as it inspires more betting.

BetYetu Rewards and Promotion Program

BetYetu Promotions Qualified for Existing Customers

BetYetu provides a large platform of bonuses and offers. The website has a button to click on that will navigate users to offers and bonuses as the content of a new page. On this page, bettors can see different promotions, including risk-free bets, as part of their loyalty program. Many other promotions are provided, and regular updates are implemented to ensure a well-built betting experience.

BetYetu’s Sportsbook Promotions

BetYetu does offer promotional offers that are updated regularly. Not denying the quality of other offers, BetYetu offers a Champions League promotion every season in which bettors may get 10% of their investment back for each victory of their chosen club. However, MT10 is the minimum bet to enter this promotion. Moreover, a cash-out promotional offer is also provided by this bookmaker, where part of the deposited money is retrieved.

Are there any other sports betting promos?

The website regularly updates its content on the promotions menu. Now, by using the multiple set feature provided by BetYetu, gamblers are able to get a 60% bonus on their winnings if they choose at least 5 selections in their acca bet.

Casino Promotions

The webpage did not offer any casino games by the time the article was written.

Do they offer any additional promotions or deals?

As stated earlier, different promotions and deals are accessed on this website once entering the promotions tab at the top of the “home” webpage. There, all previously stated offers are found. A regular update on the offers section is done frequently.

Where Can I Find a BetYetu Promo Code?

BetYetu offers “Coupon Codes” entries during the registration process. However, there is no clear way to get these codes. This bookmaker provides different types of promotions and offers regardless if a “Coupon Code” is entered.

Accepted currencies

BetYetu Mozambique accepts Mozambican meticals.

Mozambican metical


Doesn't accept Bookmaker Ratings
as an arbitrator
There is no company representative on Bookmaker Ratings website
Attitude to speculators:
Lower the maximums


BetYetu Mozambique offers a phone call and email option for contacting customer support.

Response time
Response time
~ 1-5 min.
Response time
~ 2 hrs.

Assessment history

BetYetu Mozambique has been added to the Rating

Reviews (2)


You can learn about the feedback and opinion on sum withdrawals and betting in BetYetu Mozambique in the “Feedback” and in the comment to the review. Learn here about the experience of BetYetu Mozambique users. Share your experience with everyone.

Convenience of payments
Bonuses & Promotions
Afton Mitchell Beginner
Rex Mann Beginner

BetYetu Review – FAQs

Does BetYetu accept Mozambique players?

BetYetu accepts players holding a Mozambique phone number aged 18+.

Does BetYetu accept Mozambique Metical?

BetYetu accepts Metical along with the USSD.

Are BetYetu Bonuses for New Customers Only?

No! Bonuses at BetYetu are quite many and are updated frequently as they target new and old registered customers.

BetYetu bonuses – what’s on offer?

As mentioned earlier in the article, BetYetu offers a lot of bonuses and offers. These include loyalty promotions, bets with free risk, cash-out bets and many more. To check these offers, customers can visit the promotions page offered by the website, where each promotion and bonus offered has a detailed explanation.

What is the BetYetu New Customer Offer?

BetYetu offers a free bet for new customers 20% off the first deposit. Additionally, new bettors can benefit from a risk-free gamble upon purchasing their first bet.

What games can you play?

On BetYetu, bettors can gamble on different sporting events, including football, tennis, and many others. The betting experience is even more developed to include live-streaming events.

What software companies does BetYetu work with?

BetYetu relies on its own software for its betting website.

What software do they use?

It is not crucial to download any specific software to use BetYetu. Bettors can simply access the website or just download the mobile application.

What methods are there to confirm my BetYetu account?

Having a Mozambique phone number is the only way bettors can verify and register their accounts.

How do I fund my account? Cash out my winnings? Are there any limits or fees?

Depositing from an account is quite simple with BetYetu.This bookmaker provides 4 methods to rely on when depositing into one’s account. Each method has its own procedure, but all are tight to SMS messaging.

The withdrawals at BetYetu are as simple as the depositing techniques. Withdrawals are quickly administered but are accompanied by a fee. However, this fee is dependent on the bettor’s activity at BetYetu.

The minimum deposit and withdrawing amount are MT65. And there exists a fee of 5% on the withdrawn money only if half the deposited money is not used.

How to claim the BetYetu Welcome Offer?

This is quite a simple task at BetYetu. All that is needed is to register on the website. Afterwards, customers will be granted the welcome offer addressed earlier in the article.

How to bet on BetYetu in Mozambique?

First of all, consumers must know that 2 options for betting exist on this website. The first is placing bets on the website itself after depositing some money into BetYetu’s account. The second option is to send an SMS (“BETYETU”) to 90807. After that, bettors can place bets by SMS by following a certain procedure, each relevant to a specific phone number company.

How do I Claim the BetYetu Free Bet?

If a BetYetu punter unluckily loses 10 bets in a row, he will benefit from a free bet as a loyalty reward.

How To Join BetYetu?

BetYetu ensures simplicity when it comes to joining its platform. Those interested will only have to visit BetYetu’s official web page and hit the “Registration” button on the top right corner of the home page. After that, users are required to enter their Mozambique phone number, password, and a “Coupon Code” if applicable.

How To Use The BetYetu Bonus?

BetYetu made this task really simple. After logging in to one’s account, the latter can navigate to the promotions menu tab, where all bonuses are provided. Following each bonus’s instructions along with its conditions will render customers quality offers and bonuses.

How To Contact BetYetu?

The BetYetu customer service team is available for 12 hours daily to address any issue or concern customers might have. This is done via the official email address or BetYetu’s phone number.

How To Close Your BetYetu Account?

For this purpose, it is best to contact BetYetu’s customer service, where they will suggest instructions that will ease this procedure.

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