Datsik (right) and collaborator Bais Haus (left)

Canadian DJ and producer Troy Beetles, more famously known as Datsik, has cancelled all upcoming performances after sexual assault allegations against him have surfaced on social media.

“The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind of emotion and reflection,” Datsik writes on his official Facebook page. “In light of the recent allegations against me, I am cancelling all the remaining tour dates and pulling myself off all future festivals. To anyone who has supported me, has faith in me or has offered to help me, I thank you.”

On March 14, two Twitter accounts posted screen captures of conversations with individuals sharing their personal stories of their encounters with the artist. One such account details that Datsik left a girl who was “so drunk she couldn’t recall her own name” on the hood of a car alone.

Other women came forward about Datsik’s back-stage passes, which had the words “tulsa” written on them so that when worn and read in a mirror, would appear to read “a slut.”

After the accusations came to light, users began to uncover old tweets from Datsik that made light of rape.

“Rape is such a strong term, I prefer the term ‘struggle struggle’,” Datsik writes in a tweet from 2011.

The tweets have since been deleted.

Datsik followed up the accusations with a statement that failed to address the accusations directly, suggesting that he would “never take advantage of anyone.”

Social media users were visibly upset with Datsik’s statement, which lacked any sort of apology. He then switched the privacy settings to his Twitter account shortly after.

As the allegations developed, promoters working with Datsik began to cancel planned shows. Artists such as Space Jesus and Riot Ten dropped off of a tour they were sharing with the DJ.

Datsik most recently released his EP Master of Shadows on Jan. 12. The EP was the #1 Album on the iTunes Dance Music Charts around the time it was released.


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