The Riverwest Public House has an anniversary coming up, and all it wants for its birthday is for you to come celebrate.  

Rivewest’s cooperatively owned bar and venue is turning seven years old and will be throwing a birthday party on March 17. The event is free and will offer cake, pizza, party games and music provided by DJs.

After seven years of operation, the Riverwest Public House is beginning to see some financial difficulties.

The Public House thrives on contributions and involvement from the community and does everything it can to return the favor by offering a space for community meetups, activism, shows and much more. The Public House is hoping that a good lineup of upcoming events will benefit the co-op, and asks that those who would like to help to come out to an event and bring a friend or two.

Those who would like to help can also do so by donating or renewing their membership.  

Other upcoming events at the Public House include:

Saturday, March 24: Hip-hop show featuring Jon Henry, Astral/Subastral and Rizenhower the Great Poupon.

Thursday, March 29: Left Lane Cruiser (on tour from Indiana), Fret Rattles (on tour from Minneapolis) and Devil’s Teeth.

Friday, March 30 and Saturday, March 31: The Public House is hosting Riverwest Public House Fest, a two-day benefit show. Participating bands include Rizenhower the Grey Poupon, The Unscripted, Anthony Deutsch, Many Cappelman, Let Charlie Name Us, Punk Guilt, Victims of Symmetry, River Rats and Clover. Admission to the fest is $5 each day.


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