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On March 15, Partners Advancing Values in Education and Schools That Can Milwaukee have announced that the two organizations will be merging and relaunching this fall as a new nonprofit school support organization.

The merger will increase resources and capacity for programs that recruit, train and support Milwaukee school leaders and governance boards for the city’s public, charter and private schools. The new organization’s mission will aim to empower school and community leaders in order to ensure more schools for the families that need them most. It will also provide support to more than 80 schools.

“This merger strengthens the impact of two already strong and complementary organizations,” stated Cory Nettles, PAVE board chair and managing director of Generation Growth Capital, in a press release. “All of us at PAVE and STCM are excited to enter into this next chapter. This is about building on the foundation of success and results that both organizations have achieved to become stronger together.”

PAVE was created in 1986 in order to focus on ensuring that schools are well-run organizations that make teaching and learning possible. The organization makes grants and provides training and support to school leaders and board members to help them overcome organizational challenges, attract outside resources and increase school enrollment.

STCM was created in 2010 in order to recruit, train, and coach school principals and other administrators through on-the-job coaching and monthly training opportunities focused on strengthening school culture, raising attendance and improving academic outcomes.

The two organizations are now working to integrate operations, led by the directors from the boards of both groups. The new organization is seeking a new executive director with support from CommonGood Careers who will lead the formal launch of the new combined organization under a new name later this year.


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