How to complain about a betting company

How does the resolution of complaints work in Bookmaker Ratings?

In this post, we will talk about how our department for resolving disputes with bookmakers works, how to use the new complaint form and how the complaints are discussed on the site.

Submitting a complaint

To submit a complaint to Bookmaker Ratings, you must fill out a form. The complaint form can be filled out only by registered users.

On the site published and publicly available are:

1) Type of the dispute

2) Amount of the dispute

3) The name of the bookmaker company

4) Date of publication of the complaint

5) Complaint Status

6) Description of the dispute (text of the complaint)

7) Conclusion of Bookmaker Ratings about the complaint

Information available only in private communication for the person who created the complaint, the respondent on the complaint (an employee of the bookmaker), and authorized employees of Bookmaker Ratings:

1) Full name of the player;

2) Login of the player in the bookmaking brand;

3) Email of the player;

4) Correspondence in the complaint

(the player and the respondent can only see messages addressed directly to them)

Attaching files to the complaint.

Files confirming the player’s arguments can help us in a dispute with the bookmaker. All confidential information will be removed from the images if the moderator decides to publish them.

Handling complaints

Our moderators will be notified once you submit your completed form of complaint. The moderator will give it the status of “processed.” The moderator will contact you in case of any clarifications required from you; if not, your complaint will be sent to the representative of the bookmaker for consideration.

Complaints against bookmakers who do not cooperate with Bookmaker Ratings as an intermediary and refuse to discuss player complaints with us are considered exceptions. Such complaints will immediately fall into the “ignored” category. The complaint can be defined as “unfounded.” The reasons for this are the professional game in an amateur bookmaking brand, the return of a bet on knowingly erroneous odds, etc., it will go into the category of “unreasonable.”

You can see new comments on the complaint and changes in its status in your profile in notifications. Also, these notifications are duplicated to your mail linked to the account on Bookmakers Ratings. You can see all your published complaints in your profile.

We make a decision about the complaint within 3 days if the involvement of the bookmaker is not required (excluding delays of responses from the player).

If it is necessary to involve the bookmaker, 30 days are allotted for a decision on the complaint. We can extend the period for processing a complaint if the bookmaker provides detailed information about the need to extend the decision period; otherwise, we will close the complaint as unsatisfied.

Resolution of complaints

We moved the resolution of complaints from email to the site. However, this does not mean that the discussion process itself will become public. Below the post, we have created a special section for private discussion of the complaint. This section is marked with characteristic green dots.

In the discussion of the complaint are involved the following:

1) Player – the author of the complaint

2) Representative of the betting company

3) Authorized Complaints Officer of Bookmaker Ratings

The player and the bookmaker’s representative can see messages addressed to them.   The complainant can only write to a Bookmaker Ratings employee.

Outcome of the complaint discussion

Depending on the progress of the discussion of the complaint, it is assigned one of the four categories:

The “satisfied” status is assigned to complaints for which there was a favorable decision and compensation was received from the bookmaking brand, or a compromise was reached;

The status “not satisfied” is assigned to complaints for which it was not possible to achieve the desired solution. Each complaint with this status automatically lowers the betting company’s reliability rating. The program calculates all changes according to the formula – ( D / (A – B – C) ) * 5, where:

A = {total complaints}

B = {number of baseless}

С = {number of processed}

D = {number satisfied};

The “baseless” status is assigned to complaints in which a player complains to the bookmaker that he is not entitled to according to our requirements for bookmakers. A typical example of an unfounded complaint is the complaint about lowering highs.

The “ignored” status is assigned to complaints about bookmakers that do not accept BR as an intermediary and refuse to discuss player complaints with us.

In a special section called

“BR comment,” we summarize the complaint discussion and write about our official position on this dispute.

Expiration dates:

Complaints about the calculation of bets made more than 3 months ago are not accepted.



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