Betting exchange bots

Dmitry Khlestkin


Trade optimizers

The first type includes services for trading at a betting exchange that enhance the information content for market players and provide a more convenient interface. They form graphs based on the data from exchange markets, allow to trade in multiple markets simultaneously, to track changes in the minimum quotations, accelerate and partially make the trading automated based on the algorithm if “if … then …”. These bots have many other useful functions and features. High-level services from are built on the API of a betting exchange, and therefore are 100 percent compatible with it.

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Automatic traders

The second type is the type of automatic bots that analyze markets and are making bets on the basis of a predetermined algorithm without human intervention.

While it may seem that the automated trading robots are suitable for beginners, everything is exactly the opposite: to make profit on them, you need to understand the algorithm of the trading bot and the purpose of its use.

High-level bots are either sold or distributed on a subscription basis.

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