Arbitrage (surebet) scanners

Dmitry Khlestkin


Professional scanners of surebets are also finding betting corridors and overrated odds (value bets). Sites offering scanners of surebets, usually work on a fee basis. The popularity of such sites directly depends on the number of scanned bookmakers – the more, the more surebets it can find.

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Positive and negative aspects of the use of surebet scanners

Scanners forks greatly facilitate the work of surebettors by finding surebets automatically, thus saving time. These programs are designed for the benefit of punters, because surebetting guarantees a profit regardless of the outcome.

In addition to the positive aspects, there are negative. Almost all the bookmakers, except for companies designed for professionals, have a negative attitude to surebettors. If a fundamental company suspects the player of surebetting, it immediately limits the maximum bet. More aggressive actions against surebet punters could be taken, too.

Another downside is a small delay in the delivery of results from a scanner, as during this time the odds may vary.

A drawback is also the fact that the popular sites with surebet scanners have a huge number of customers that instantly make bets. Bookmakers are using the same services to define and limit surebettors. All well-known and large scanning services are known to bookmakers.


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