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An example of an accumulator:

15:30 Manchester United – Liverpool: Liverpool to win or draw with 1.55 odds

18:00 Tottenham – Arsenal: Arsenal to win with 2.2 odds

21:45 Fiorentina – Chievo: Fiorentina to win with 1.6 odds

Total odds: 5.45

Bet: £100

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Requirements for the strategy

The only fundamental requirement for this strategy is that the events in the accumulator should not take place simultaneously.

For example, the first two betting events won. Liverpool was stronger than Manchester United and Arsenal defeated Tottenham in the London derby. So, the last event of the accumulator, the Fiorentina – Chievo match, will be used in the wrong-footing strategy.

In this case, the punter bets on an event, opposite to Fiorentina’s win – Chievo to win or draw – with 2.6 odds.
The task is to make a bet after calculating such an amount that will let you win regardless of the result.

Calculating the bet

To calculate the bet, you should use this formula: (the amount of the bet on the accumulator * the accumulator’s odds/ the wrong-footing bet odds). For the above example it is as follows: £100 * 5.45 / 2.6 = £209.6.

The wrong-footing bet looks as follows: a £209.6 bet on Chievo to win or draw with 2.6 odds.

After calculating the bet, it is necessary to calculate the profit for all possible outcomes.

1) If Fiorentina wins as it was anticipated in the original accumulator, the gain is as follows: £100* 5.45 – (£100 + £209.6) = £235.4

2) If Fiorentina fails to win, the player gets: £209.6*2.6 – (£100 + £209.6) = £235.4

Wrong-footing in this case will allow the gambler to win in any case; however, this strategy is usually applied to secure the bet.
The exception takes place when the player finds out about various circumstances that should weaken the team he had selected to bet on.

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