Miller’s financial management in sports betting

Dmitry Khlestkin


Despite the fact that Miller himself specializes largely in betting on American sports, his strategy is versatile and perfect for football, too. A punter should choose an event, the probability of which (according to a bookmaker) is nearing 50 percent. So, the odds, taking into account the margin, should be 1.9-2.0.

Our task is to find value bets with these odds to beat the line in the long run. Ideally suited for this strategy is betting on total goals and outcomes in which you are confident enough, but which are highly appreciated by a bookmaker.

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As for the bet, Miller advises to adhere to rather conservative bank management and to bet 1-2 percent of the total bankroll. So, for a £1,000 bank, the bet would be some £10-20. Such a cautious way of managing the bank Miller explains by a high dispersion that is inevitable in this kind of betting. A 2 percent bet he calls very bold, advising not to place more than 1 percent of the bank.

So, until the bank does not reach the mark of £1,250, we should bet the same £10. After that the bet increases to £12.5. Miller calls each new benchmark of 25 percent growth a plateau. Actually, the alternative name for Miller’s strategy is plateau-management.

Miller’s financial management is a fairly simple-to-understand bank management strategy in sports betting. Being conservative in its nature, it is ideal for cautious players who are careful with the bank.

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