“1.01-1.02” betting strategy

Dmitry Khlestkin


The way it works

When the trading is in the high odds range, for example at 1.9 odds, a slight change in the course of play in favor of one or the other team leads to a small change in the odds, e.g. from 1.9 to 1.88. When one team has an overwhelming advantage and trades occur in the area of 1.01 odds and a slight change happens with one of the teams gaining small advantage, the odds change from 1.01 to 1.02.

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This means that the slightest change in the odds will amount to 100 percent of the betting amount. This principle is used by players in trading the odds at betting exchanges.

Typically, this betting strategy involves intention for a lay bet with 1.01 odds at the very beginning of live trading, or even before the match kicks off. Once the lay bet passes in bidding, you should take a back bet with 1.02 odds. Risking £10 right after taking the lay bet, the potential gain is transferred to the 1.02 back bet. Taking the latter bet leads to a £10 profit (100 percent of the risk) if the leading team wins, and to zero losses in case of the opponent’s victory.


This procedure can be applied many times in a single match, although in most cases, due to high volume of trading in this range of odds, you could pull it off only once. The restrictions for this strategy are matches when the 1.01 lay bet plays only after the final defeat of the team.

Therefore, to avoid this situation, the punter must watch a good-quality translation of the match, without significant delay. As soon as it becomes clear about the outcome of the game, the player must quickly remove his lay bet with 1.01 odds so that it wouldn’t accidentally play before the official close of live trading at the website of the betting exchange.


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