Oscar Grind strategy

Dmitry Khlestkin


Strictly speaking, this principle perfectly describes the Oscar Grind strategy. Initially, the scheme was used by casino players. However, like most financial strategies of betting on red/black, with time this strategy was adapted for betting on sports. The strategy is simple enough to understand, but you should be careful and follow its basic principles.

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The amount

Depending on the size of the bank, a punter needs to determine the value of a fixed income that he wants to receive for each betting cycle. An acceptable option is 5 percent of the bank. The same 5 percent will be the first bet in a betting cycle that is expected to bring a 5 percent increase in the bank.

The odds

The odds in this betting strategy should be not less than 2. In contrast to the classic Martingale strategy, if a bet is lost, the next bet is not bigger. On the contrary, the bet is doubled if the previous bet won, but the target of 5 percent profit was not yet reached, i.e. the cycle is not over.


Let’s begin with a £1,000 bank and a plan to win £50. So, the first bet would be the same £50.

  1. A £50 bet with 2 odds – loss;
  2. A £50 bet with 2.2 odds – loss;
  3. A £50 bet with 2 odds – win;
  4. A £100 bet with 2.1 odds – win.

The bank received a 6 percent increase and now amounts to £1060. If the bet number 4 had lost, the next bet would still have been £100. Obviously, if the cycle is not over after the first bet, the system requires one condition – to win two bets in a row, which is the key idea.

Selecting the events

You should choose the events in cold blood, reducing the risks. This could be an accumulator bet on favourites, when stronger teams are motivated and in good form. Or you could place an accumulator consisting of “total goals over” bets. High-scoring leagues like Bundesliga, Eredivisie, or Austrian Bundesliga would be a perfect choice.


Of course, you will lose sometimes, but it is unlikely to lose a large number of such accumulators in a row. It is important to be patient and not bet blindly, trying to quickly complete the cycle. If there are no suitable matches – wait until they appear.

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