Why you need to have accounts of different bookmaker brands

Marita Movsisyan
“Bookmaker Ratings” offers a story about the reasons why a player should have accounts in different bookmakers under his control and not remain with one particular bookmaker.


For experienced players, this epic will seem banal, but most newcomers to betting do not understand the point of having active accounts in several bookmakers at once, and tend to choose one for the game. Registrations in different ones are most often carried out for the sake of welcome bonuses. Of course, collecting a bonus harvest is not without meaning and is pleasant, but registrations in different bookmaker brands have a different, broader meaning.

Of course, everyone has the right to feel more sympathy for one particular bookmaker and play there more often. This is everyone’s right. But any experienced player, and especially a professional one, will confirm to you the importance of having accounts not in one or two bookmakers, but in the maximum number of normal bookmakers that have no problems with withdrawal. Someone, for sure, had time to think about the “forks”. But no, this is not about them. Bookmakers have long been very strict with regard to arbers. So it’s not about that.

Once upon a time, when Internet bookmakers were just coming into being and trying to lure players from their homes to betting shops, registration in different bookmakers simply meant the opportunity to bet. After all, the services were not so developed, and technical breaks in the betting shop could last for about a day. In addition, each bookmaker had technical interruptions in work. So registrations in several bookmakers were mandatory for the sake of being able to bet.

Now, the presence of accounts with several bookmakers at once is important for the ability not only to bet, but to make it profitable. It also acquires additional meaning against the background of the fact that many players still remain in the illegal segment of the betting market. And access to current bookmakers is sometimes problematic – even with extensions and mirrors. Therefore, if it is not possible to get access to the required bookmaker in time, if you have additional accounts in other bookmakers, you will have the opportunity to make the necessary bet on time.

But the most important thing is precisely the width of the choice. Indeed, despite the fact that all bookmakers strive for excellence in the services provided to their customers, individual bookmakers still have their own advantages over competitors. Some have more emphasis on live betting, which gives the player a large selection of events and real-time listings of matches. Someone makes a solid emphasis on statistics, someone gives more championships in the line, and someone has non-standard options that cannot be found in other betting shops. For example, someone will give presidential elections, and someone will not have such a market, and the like. Thus, registrations in different bookmakers open up more moves for you to maneuver and play successfully.

In addition, an important point is that having active accounts in various bookmakers, you get the opportunity to make profitable bets. Tritely speaking, someone may have higher quotes for the market that seems to be winning in the future. Some of the bookmakers may be late to respond to important news or the world movement of the line, and belatedly lower quotes in the right place. And it’s always nice to put “more expensive” than the rest. Some bookmakers, until now, can make a mistake when setting quotes and allow somewhere “abnormal” or simply overpriced quotes. Of course, bookmakers now pay much less for their own mistakes than before. But sometimes it is possible to capitalize on their inattention. To track all such situations, there are now many different services and scanners – both paid and free. Using them, any player will always be aware of the movement of the line and where there is a better offer for odds.

And if you already have accounts in all adequate and reliable bookmakers that will not withhold your winnings or intend to delay the payment, you can always quickly respond to the opportunity to bet profitably. If you do not have an account in the required bookmaker, then during the time of registration and making a deposit, you risk simply missing the opportunity to bet profitably for yourself.

Summing up all of the above, it is worth repeating once again briefly. Having accounts with different bookmakers opens up new frontiers and opportunities for you in betting, increases the number of maneuvers and moves. This is important even for those players who play just for fun and for fun. After all, the more accounts – the more options for betting. So do not get hung up on one bookmaker, but play with different ones. This will give you more fun and increase your chances of winning.



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