Rear View Syndrome. What usually hinders us in betting

Marita Movsisyan
Sports betting is primarily a psychological marathon. It is not in vain that they say that at the beginning of the betting path, a player comes as a person, and later risks turning into an animal. In order for this not to happen and control over the game is not lost, work on oneself is necessary.


Rear view syndrome is one of the psychological traps that happens to a person in various fields, and sports betting is no exception. We all tend to experience the past and return to those events that we would like to change. In sports betting, we also want to go back in time and change the course of events, which is usually experienced.

The bets we made

This is the most common aspect of the game. Its peculiarity is that at the time of making a bet, we are fine, we are confident in our choice and are full of hope for success.

After the result, anger and disappointment visit any player, successful – less often, less successful – more often.

Trying to analyze past choices can turn into soul-searching, which, on the contrary, only destroys inner confidence, and this will definitely affect your future bets.

The bets we could make

This is a classic, hindsight is, as they say, 20/20 vision. The player tends to talk about how to play during the game or as a result. On the one hand, the analysis of quotes based on already played events is an excellent simulator and one of the methods for finding a trend, but only under the condition of systematic work and analysis, and not self-deception, which is exactly how I wanted to play.

Bets you wanted to place but didn’t

The most disappointing aspect of the game. This is when you played and considered this forecast “on paper”, but did not make a real bet. Usually, any player has better statistics “on paper”, as you know, any strategy has no value if it has not been tested with real money, in fact, like a forecaster with his forecast. Betting on real money carries imperceptible features of the game at first glance, which leave their mark on the statistics. Therefore, this is a common mistake and even a trap for players to think that I missed something and I need to catch up with new bets. You missed, if you missed, of course, an imaginary benefit, but you can lose real money. Be careful with this.

The past is only for analysis

Remember, in sports betting you must come with a system of consistent actions and decisions at least for a certain period of time. 

That is, even a losing game makes sense to continue until a certain time, if you play systematically. Just reduce your bet size to minimize losses if your game system is really weak in the long run.

But you will not know in any other way whether your actions are correct, which means that you will regret what you did not do or could have done. The past is always clearer, because we already know what will happen next, but what’s the use of it. But its value is only in the analysis of events, and not in regret about what could have been.


Reflections and various weaknesses only weaken your game, so discard the emotional background when choosing predictions and planning bets. Only a clear head, clear selection criteria and a mathematical advantage over the line will give you a profit at a distance.


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