Tank attack method


The tank attack method is a financial strategy in sports betting, which is based on the division of the bank into several money flows (so-called tanks), each one of which is upgraded separately from the others.


The final target is to compensate the loss suffered in one money flow by successfully boosting the others. Each individual tank is boosted using a “snowball strategy” (also known as  “ladder”).

For example, we have divided our £300 bank in three parts (tanks). Now we need to choose three good bets and bet all three our tanks:

  1. A £100 on the win of the home team in Juventus – Sampdoria match with 1.3 odds;
  2. A £100 on Barcelona’s total goals over 1.5 in Celta – Barcelona match with 1.35 odds;
  3. A £100 on Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal in Real Madrid – Getafe match with 1.4 odds.

A punter decides where to set the betting limit. You can make three, five and ten steps – it all depends on your goals. If a tank gets out of the game, do not worry – just continue to boost the rest. The main thing to remember is that the next step should be to place the entire amount of the win of the particular tank, and not just a part of it.

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