Surebet punters

Dmitry Khlestkin


Despite the fact that these players still bet on sports, there is nothing common with the conventional playing. The only thing they do is speculate. Finding surebets in bookmaking lines, they bet on both sides, and guarantee the profit regardless of the outcome of the match.

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Fundamental bookmakers do not need surebet punters as clients; such companies have established special departments responsible for catching surebettors and imposing restrictions on their accounts.

However, there are low-margin bookmakers that favor any player, because they make profits on the turnover.

Some of these players have made finding surebets their permanent occupation, but there are people who use their skills in order to make extra money in spare time. Depending on the experience and the time devoted to find surebets, the monthly income is hovering around 5-10 percent of the bank.

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