An amateur can be called any player who understands the betting good enough to know the betting rules, understand what the margin is and how the odds are calculated. At the same time he doesn’t seek for mathematical advantage over a bookmaker, and tries to guess the outcome of a match he liked.


Companies for amateurs

Amateurs are usually attracted by bigger bookmakers that have bigger markets and offer wide live-betting. Fundamental bookmakers have these qualities. But sometimes amateurs visit low-margin bookmakers and betting exchanges.

The motives for this may be completely different. Some fear that their accounts will see a cut of the maximum bet as soon as they start to win, which of course is not true. The probability that an amateur will face such account restriction is close to zero.

Some other players that found out the impact of the margin go to low-margin bookmakers hoping that the low margin will help them to be more successful. This won’t yield either, as in low-margin companies the outcome is determined much more accurately than by fundamental bookmakers (where you can find a value bet), which means that the margin will always be on the side of a bookmaker.

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