Fixed matches’ hunters

Dmitry Khlestkin


Such a punter finds out the outcome he needs through an athlete, athletes, or an informer who sells the information or arranges match-fixing.

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It should be noted that you can find multiple ads on the Internet selling the results of would-be fixed matches. In fact, it’s a hoax.

Recruitment of athletes

Fixed matches’ organizers are usually looking for their victims among punters. Quite often athletes make bets, too, thinking that they are versed in sports enough to start gambling. Some of them become dependent on the game and find themselves in a difficult financial situation. Such athletes-punters are a perfect choice for fixed matches’ organizers.

Another kind of participants in fixed matches are athletes that are poorly paid. Sometimes sports clubs lose funding and stop paying salaries to its players. Fixed matches’ hunters find this out and come with a proposal to improve the financial situation.


To maximize profits, fixed matches hunters use the services of professional players who always have money in accounts at different bookmakers. Many professional players have started placing bets for fixed matches’ hunters due to the fact that is now almost impossible for professional punters to make profits.

Fixed matches’ hunters order professionals to place their bets on the desired outcome and then pay a fee in the amount of 10 to 50 percent of the won bet, depending on the commitments and the investments.

If the hunter provides upfront money to be placed, the commission will be rather low; if the professional bets his own funds, the reward will be greater.

Fighting match-fixing

Bookmakers, supervising sporting bodies, independent non-profit organizations and law enforcement agencies of states in which match-fixing is punishable by law, are tackling the organization of such events.

The effectiveness of this fight is quite small, since less than one percent of fixed matches are disclosed. The only effective method of tackling it is blocking the accounts of people involved, or removing from the betting line leagues or teams often resorting to unsportsmanlike actions.

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