Composite odds

Dmitry Khlestkin


Getting advantage over bookmaker’s line

Composite odds system differs from surebets which are closely monitoredbybookmaker’s staff. This strategyis more secureand cases of limitingplayers’ accounts are much rarer.

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It is well-known that to obtain the best financial result in sports betting in the long run, many punters compare the odds on the same betting event offered by different bookmakers and choose the maximum odds offered on the market. But it rarely allows completely surpassing the betting margin and break even.

But to take the advantage over the betting line, you can combine the probability of events that make up the probable outcome of such an event. This betting strategy is particularly popular in sports such as tennis or volleyball, where the probability of winning is a sum of probabilities of winning with a certain score in sets.


For example, the maximum odds on a certain tennis player’s win are 1.74. At the same time, the odds on winning with a score of 2-0 are 3.0; with a 2-1 score – 4.3. So, 1/3.0 plus 1/4.3 equals 0.5658 (the probability is 56.58 percent), which corresponds to 1,767 odds (because 1/0.5658 equals 1.767). As a result, instead on betting on the victory with maximum odds available, 1.74, a punter make two separate bets, on 2-0 and 2-1 scores, which is equivalent to a bet on a win with 1,767 odds. The amounts of the bets on 2-0 and 2-1 scores are calculated in proportion to their odds.

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