Anger management. What can annoy you in betting and how to deal with it

Marita Movsisyan
In sports betting, it is very important to maintain a certain level of comfort, when you are calm and nothing fazes you. At the same time, we are only human – and it is important to understand that there are definitely aspects of the game in bets that can annoy you, which directly negatively affects your success. In this article, we will try to predict what can annoy you and what you need to do to avoid possible discomfort.


Removal of a tennis athlete in a match

Although tennis is not a contact sport, in general, injuries are not as rare here as it might seem at first glance. Here, it is important to understand that the season for tennis players is long and intense, you need to play a lot, and this implies exhaustion of the body, as a result – health problems. And everything would be fine, but often, in order not to run into penalties from the tournament organizers or in an attempt to protect rating points, athletes go to the court unhealthy, counting on chance, luck or a quick withdrawal. And here we get several scenarios for the development of events:

  • we know about the tennis player’s problems and bet against him;
  • we do not know about his health problems and we consider the outcome / total based on the fact that he is in optimal condition.

In both cases, taking off an athlete during a match can be quite frustrating, and when it is frequent or on a regular basis, it can be annoying. After all, no one canceled losses or lost profits at the rate.

What to do. When your forecast is based on the health problems of a tennis player, it is better to choose bookmakers where the withdrawal of a tennis athlete is calculated as a loss. In other cases, it is much better to play a match at a bookmaker, which interprets such withdrawals as an expense and a refund of the bet. You will get some kind of insurance against unexpected events for you related to a possible injury.

Motivation of football teams in the National Cup

If in the championship usually all teams give their best, then in the national Cups not all teams have the proper motivation. Usually, English teams have no problems with this, they have strong traditions and responsibility to the fans, but then everything is very unpredictable, which is wildly annoying. You bet against the favorite, counting on a cool attitude towards the tournament – they win, you bet on the success of a stronger team – at best, it puts up one and a half, second, and sometimes third squad and naturally loses, not to say – merges. It’s downright annoying, isn’t it?

What to do. After all, you can not bet on the Cups, how do you like this decision? There are already plenty of games in the season, you won’t be able to guess everything, it’s not very reasonable to have your own opinion on each event, confirming it with a bet, the profit will be blurred, or even go into a minus, sometimes even into a deep minus.

If you climb into the cups, then not for the on-duty victories of the favorites, but for wild upsets. A few years ago, Liverpool lost to West Bromwich Albion by 1/16, activating the odds of 12.0, in France and Germany, relegation of the top teams is a common thing, especially at the 1/16 and 1/8 stages, the main thing is to catch your jackpot.

There will also be misfires, but large coefficients on sensation can compensate for all this, further from your skill.

Football season break for international games

In betting, rhythm is very important – when it goes astray, then your indicators become more volatile, stability and regularity go away, which is very bad for bets. The club football season in this regard is more difficult than other sports, since the factor of teams plays a significant role here. As a result, national team games are played in the middle of the season, breaking up the club season into fragments of various sizes. This leads to the fact that the players go astray, the form of the team players begins to differ, which interferes with the assessment of the real strength of the team at the moment. This leads to a much larger marriage in the forecasts.

What to do. You can skip the first round after the international break. Practice shows that it is during this period that most of all unexpected results are knocked out of the balance of power and the prevailing trends of the season.

Regular season length in MLB

American baseball has an incredibly long regular season of 162 games. It is clear that with such a period, all teams experience a series of victories and defeats, and you are left to guess about the level of motivation of each of the teams in a particular game.

What to do. Baseball is a highly calculated game, and Americans love to count. If you are not lazy and want to succeed in betting on American baseball, then you need to learn how to use open data and fish out useful statistics. First of all, you need to model the game itself, based on who will be at the start of the teams both on the hill (pitchers) and as batters (hitters). Already this information will give an approximate understanding of what plot is expected and about the mood of the teams, the desire to win today. Also in baseball, it is worth starting from the series, and if the team is hot, has a series of victories, then it is much more profitable to bet on the continuation of its series than on interruption.

Rules for scoring points for winning the NHL and KHL

What is the point? In the two best hockey leagues in the world, it is customary to award two points for a victory, regardless of whether the team won in regulation time or after overtime/shootout. That is, in fact, there is no additional bonus for the team that has coped with the task of winning in regular time. This hurts motivation, and if a draw in football is a loss of points, then in hockey it is just an inconvenience, points for a victory hang, but there is still a chance to decide everything in your favor. Why is it important?

Because winning in regulation time and winning with overtime and shootouts are valued differently, the odds gap is huge. At the same time, when buying insurance, you are not only almost certainly playing at lower odds, which will give a loss at a distance, especially if you prefer favorites. So, as insurance, you buy the desire of the team to win, while the overtime itself, and even more so the shootout series, is closer to the lottery than the skill level indicator. That is, you overpay, but it’s not even clear why. And if you play in regular time, you actually feel naked, because your interests are not protected in the same way as in another sport when betting on winning.

Well, the icing on the cake is that if you lose in overtime and a shootout, the losing team gets an extra point. Just think: initially, there are 2 points at stake in a hockey match, which the teams play, but if the game goes into extra time, then three points are already played out. That is, an extra point is artificially generated, a kind of emission, which is reflected in the standings. How can that be? Nobody can say, for sure. In European leagues, this is the order, three points at stake in a match: a win in regular time gives three points, including extra time – 2 points, 1 point is given to the team for a loss outside of regular time. Healthy League. But with the NHL, and then with the KHL, it’s a real disaster.

What to do. Alternatively, ignore the regular season of these leagues. Since to make long term profit you need to bet exactly at the regular time, and according to such scoring standards, your interests are not sufficiently protected. But if you still want to bet, then avoid teams that love draws – by the middle of the season you will definitely determine them. It is also better to avoid clear wins in matches between teams from different conferences. Due to the lack of direct competition, they may be tempted to play a draw and generate an extra point, which will never interfere with the tournament struggle. Games within the conference and divisions are usually much more competitive and uncompromising.






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