5 reasons why you should stop gambling NOW

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You’re betting live on the teams, you’ve never heard about before

OK, it might be fun to bet on total match goals watching some third division game from overseas. Somewhere you’ve heard the number of goals scored well exceeds the number of footballers on a pitch. But, come on, you can’t think it’s all serious, can you? It smells more like ludomania, not like fun.

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When betting on your favourite team or player’s, your local league or major tournaments, one usually clearly knows what he can expect and what he’s betting on. Of course, that doesn’t guarantee you winning, but at least you’ll adequately consider your actions and adrenalin-charge yourself watching your beloved ones and cheering for them even more than you usually do.

Yet betting on teams from towns, no one’s heard about, is so much like wasting your money and time on slot-machines with your mad eyes wide open and keeping that undying hope for golden mountains.

You’re losing your family, cause betting kills all of your spare time

If you are from the 90-s generation and you had those special feelings towards your first PC, you must clearly remember the way your mum took you out from it saying you can’t do that all day long.

Now you’ve got your own family, but the problem stays the same. Well, just swap that 80lbs PC with your brand new tablet you hold in your left hand. Your daughter leaves school hours after her friends, because you are betting live on important matches. Your wife goes to see your mum alone, because you are betting live on important matches. Your parents long forgot the way you look, because you are always betting live on important matches. Isn’t it time to start putting your priorities right? And not in favour of betting.

After all, you don’t wanna end up having no family at all, do you?

You borrow money to bet

That’s something pathological gamblers do when gambling (and obvious losing) puts them into a financial hole. Nothing can be more dangerous that that. Yeah, yeah, you are 100 percent sure that Liverpool will beat United at Anfield easily, and it’s only 100 pounds you borrow, and you promise to return 200 to your friend. Sounds familiar? Well, that’s a good reason to stop and ask your bookmaker to delete your account. It can’t, just can’t end well. Even if this time Liverpool beat United at Anfield.

Chasing losses

You lost again and desperately want to win the money back? You bet on Total under 3.5 goals believing there just can’t be two more goals scored in the last 30 minutes of Bulgarian second division game? Sounds familiar?

Well, that’s the fifth reason to stop or at least put your betting on pause for a few months. The best advice would be to ask for professional help which you should never hesitate to do. Even if your psychologist charges a good buck, it certainly would be much less than you are going to lose on something that is simply ruining your life.

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