Walker - karate chop

Gov. Scott Walker spent part of New Year’s Eve whining again about the remote possibility that he might be outspent in his reelection campaign.

At 11:03 a.m., rather than having a mimosa or pickled herring, he tweeted: “In 2017, the Democrat candidate for governor in VA and his allies outspent the Republican candidate and his allies by about $30 million. We cannot let that happen in Wisconsin.”

Of course, Walker is used to having a $30 million advantage himself. For instance, in his recall election in 2012, he and his allies outspent Tom Barrett and Democratic outside groups by almost $37 million: $58.7 million to $21.9 million.

And in 2014, Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch spent a combined $36.4 million, more than double the $17.3 million spent by Walker’s opponent, Democrat Mary Burke, and running mate, John Lehman. (His outside groups were slightly outspent by hers: Those that supported Burke spent an estimated $15.4 million, and groups that supported Walker spent an estimated $12.7 million.)

And in his first successful race for governor in 2010, Walker and running mate Rebecca Kleefisch spent a combined $11.3 million, whereas Walker’s opponent, Democrat Tom Barrett, and his running mate Tom Nelson spent a combined $7.2 million.

Nevertheless, Walker, who has raised more money than any other candidate in the history of Wisconsin politics, seems obsessed about falling behind in the race for campaign cash.

On Nov. 12, for instance, he said on Upfront with Mike Gousha that “the biggest fear that I and a lot of our supporters have, is not the candidate; it’s the outside money.”

Walker has made his career feasting on outside money. During his recall campaign, eight of his top ten contributors came from out of state. And in the recall, he enjoyed a more than two-to-one advantage in spending by outside groups.

There is one final irony in all of Walker’s moaning and groaning. In 2015, he signed into law a bill that has made it much easier for wealthy individuals and outside groups to throw their money around in Wisconsin’s elections.

So who is he to talk — or whimper?


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