Michael Screnock

[UPDATE]  The NRA has joined other right-wing Big Money groups in endorsing Michael Screnock for Wisconsin Supreme Court: "Michael Screnock will interpret our Constitution the way our Founding Fathers intended and has vowed to protect your firearms freedom," the NRA said in a statement.]

 Michael Screnock, the Republican establishment’s choice for Supreme Court, who was rewarded for his loyalty to Gov. Scott Walker with a judgeship on the circuit court, continues to maintain he will not be led by his far-right extreme views if elected to the overwhelmingly-conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court.

With the election only one week away, massive funding is pouring in to prop him up from right-wing groups, which clearly shows they know differently. During one particular WPR interview, he claimed:

“My fidelity now is to the law and the law alone.”

“My judicial philosophy does not change depending on what party is in control of the Legislature or what party has control of the governor's office.”

“I would, at every opportunity, set aside my personal feelings about a case or an issue.”

NRA endorses Michael Screnock

"Michael Screnock will interpret our Constitution the way our Founding Fathers intended and has vowed to protect your firearms freedom," the N…

How can Wisconsinites take Screnock at his word when his campaign has benefitted from a $142,000 in-kind donation from the Republican Party and over $500,000 in right-wing special interest spending? Does anyone honestly believe that this blatant right-wing down payment wouldn’t influence Screnock on the court?

How are voters to believe Screnock when he says it’s “deeply troubling” that Supreme Court candidates would “actively campaign” on issues when he’s bragging about endorsements from two anti-abortion groups and the NRA? Screnock was arrested twice for defying police orders when he blocked access to abortion clinics, and recently noted, “it’s not something I’ve ever regretted doing.” He has also campaigned on his role in the hugely controversial anti-labor Act 10, saying, “I had the privilege of defending Act 10...through all six cases.”

Considering the significant right-wing special interest influence over Michael Screnock, it becomes even more concerning that Screnock refused to support a petition that would force Supreme Court justices to recuse themselves from a case if it involved a party which had donated over $10,000 to their campaign. Of course, Screnock did say that he “would have to step aside” if he couldn’t be impartial, but Screnock’s actions have demonstrated that he will say whatever he needs to get elected.

“Michael Screnock is led by his right-wing views and his statements to the contrary are hypocritical,” said Martha Laning, chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “For him to suggest that he’ll do anything other than join with all the Republican right-wing justices who will obediently do the bidding of Walker’s corrupt Republican establishment is not credible.

“Republicans have been packing our state’s highest court with justices with a well-documented history of being beholden to dark money influence. If elected, Michael Screnock will no doubt be another cog in the Republican machine that has and will twist the law as another tool to cement GOP power over the will of the people.”


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