Paul Ryan

House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Shortly after House Speaker Ryan deleted his tweet touting a secretary’s $1.50 pay increase as proof of his tax bill’s success, the Randy Bryce for Congress campaign encouraged people to express their disapproval of Ryan’s tax reform by donating $1.50 to help Bryce defeat Ryan.

In the 48 hours after the tweet was deleted, the Bryce campaign raised more than $150,000 from 12,253 individual donations across all 50 states.

Nearly half of those contributions — 5,800 — were for $1.50. 

The average contribution was $12.39.

Nearly $50,000 was pledged in recurring donations through the election.

“Speaker Ryan believes this tax bill will help him and other Republicans get reelected in November, but the overwhelming support we received shows that people across the country are unsurprisingly opposed to giving millions in tax breaks to billionaires,” said campaign Bryce's communications director Lauren Hitt.

“Unfortunately, it’s not just the speaker’s tweets that are out of touch. Just last week, the speaker renewed his call to pay for the Kochs’ $1.4 billion tax cut by cutting Medicaid. It’s clear that after 20 years in D.C., Ryan is now representing the wealthy and the well-connected, not the hardworking people of the 1st District of Wisconsin.”

Bryce is running for the Democratic nomination to challenge Ryan in the midterm election this November.

Randy Bryce

Congressional candidate Randy Bryce.


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