Shorewood Village elections

As a past Shorewood Trustee and Village President (1992-2003), I claim some wisdom on Village President qualifications.

The candidates for President are Paul Zovic and Allison Rozek, both current Trustees. Rozek has one year left to continue as Trustee, if she loses. Zovic will be done should he lose.

Allison owns a resale shop on Capitol Drive. Her interests on the Board have gravitated towards those aspects of Village government that involve the business community, Shorewood’s Community Development Authority and its Business Improvement District. Allison’s website: .

Without denigrating her considerable contributions to the Board, Allison occasionally revisits matters already decided, some predating her election. This can be frustrating for others, including Village staff, as the Board’s plate is always full with forward-looking agenda items to be addressed with limited resources. Sometimes the result is unproductive internal frictions on the Board.

Paul previously served on the School Board for twelve years, demonstrating his experience and commitment to public service. Indeed, community service is a family commitment, as Paul’s wife Joanne presently serves on the School Board.  Paul has the demeanor and approach to guide the Village Board forward. He is focused on listening, fairness and leading a diverse Board to work together effectively, openly, and collaboratively. Paul’s website:  .

When I compare and contrast the attributes of each candidate, my balance clearly falls to Zovic.

Another concern is Rozek’s status as a business owner, which is not a good idea for Village President (a conclusion supported by Shorewood’s history and common sense). The reason is obvious—potential conflicts of interest abound, exponentially more so for the Village President, compared to a Trustee. We all see this concern currently playing out in Washington before our eyes.

For these reasons, I enthusiastically support Paul Zovic for Shorewood Village President.

Rod Dow, Shorewood 

As the only former Village President/Trustee (1992-2003) still living in Shorewood, I closely watch the local elections — and many of my neighbors are kind enough to ask for my thoughts.

I see two superstars among the five candidates vying for office—Paul Zovic for Village President and McKenzie Edmonds for Village Trustee. Jessica Carpenter also deserves a look in the Trustee race and could become an excellent Trustee.  .

Zovic is currently a Trustee and previously served on the School Board for twelve years, so his experience and commitment to public service is clearly demonstrated. Paul has the demeanor and approach to guide the Village and the Village Board forward. He is focused on listening, fairness and leading a diverse seven person Board to work together effectively, openly, and collaboratively. Read more about Paul at 

Edmonds is a newcomer to Village politics with a stellar background. Her website gives great information about her community service ideals. .

I first met McKenzie at a community event welcoming our new Village Manager, Rebecca Ewald, to Shorewood. Zovic and Edmonds were the only candidates attending. At the end of the evening I introduced myself to McKenzie and asked if she would be willing to meet so we could talk about community service and the position of Village Trustee. Within a week, we met for 2+ hours of delightful conversation (at least for community service junkies). She is the REAL DEAL!

BTW, there is one other superstar on the horizon—our new Village Manager Becky Ewald. I would vote for her for Village President or Trustee, if only she could run and take the cut in pay.

Shorewood will be in good, thoughtful hands with Zovic, Edmonds, Carpenter and Ewald, along with our other continuing trustees on the Village Board.

Rod Dow, Shorewood 

As Shorewood’s “turn-of-the-century” Village President (1997-2003, Trustee 1992-97), I claim some wisdom on Trustee qualifications, even if acquired the “old-fashioned-way”, through mistakes.

Shorewood has three candidates for two Trustee seats: McKenzie Edmonds, Jessica Carpenter and Davida Amenta. McKenzie is a “ newcomer;” Jessica also, though she ran last year; Davida is an incumbent.

McKenzie is clearly the “class-of-the-field”. Her website provides great information about her community service ideals. .

One thing not on her website is the story about her disappearing signs. McKenzie was chagrined to find her signs removed. Why? Turns out these were duplexes; her supporter was one neighbor but the other had replaced McKenzie’s sign with another candidate’s. McKenzie reminded her supporter of the First Amendment, that her campaign is about building community and advised against confronting a neighbor—just vote for me, support me, but above all else be neighborly.

That’s McKenzie. That’s the ability to subordinate self (and instinctively walk in others’ shoes)—an essential quality in a Trustee.

Jessica Carpenter is second in this field. I had extensive conversations with Jessica last year. We had differences. This year her message has evolved positively, including her use of social media . If on the Board, I would look forward to working with Jessica, even with healthy disagreement, moving towards positive consensus for the Village.

Unfortunately, someone has to be third. Davida has undoubtedly made contributions to the Board during her Term and has good ideas, but sometimes exhibits a stubborn agenda of her own and difficulty getting past a Board decision already made. Her use of social media can be extremely positive, but it can also descend into needless attacks on others that are inappropriate for a Trustee.  .

McKenzie Edmonds and Jessica Carpenter are the best candidates for Shorewood Village Trustee.

Rod Dow, Shorewood 

 Do yourself and the Village of Shorewood a big favor by voting for Paul Zovic for Village President.

You will give our Village a President who listens to all sides of an issue before taking a position – a man who actually seeks all points of view to ensure he has a full understanding of the problem or need.

You will support a leader who has more than 34 years of experience managing complicated, expensive, urgent situations, from directing disaster relief to planning infrastructure development.

You will provide your children with a leader who understands the joys and challenges of parenting (he and his wife Joanne have four college-age children), and who knows well the workings of the Shorewood School system through his service on the Shorewood School Board.

You will take care of your pocketbook by putting in office a fiscally conservative Village President who looks for ways to increase efficiencies and cut expenses while maintaining service levels.

In my 12 years as a Shorewood Public Library Trustee, I worked with Paul on two projects: a committee to assess space usage in Village buildings and the Library’s Shorewood Reads program. Paul impressed me with his compassion, considerateness, and competence.

Paul took the time as School Board President to give the opening remarks for the first Shorewood Reads program in 2011. Here is a man who loves books, learning, and libraries. In Paul Zovic you will find a leader who knows that knowledge and action must work together for the good all.

Did you know that in our community of 13,500 residents, 37 different languages are spoken? We need someone who will work for all of us. Paul Zovic is that person. That’s why I’m voting for him for Village President, and I ask that you do the same.

Jean Gurney, Small Business Owner, Shorewood Library Trustee

 “As a mother of five, it is important to me to speak beautiful and do beautiful. Our kids are both sponges and our future. It is important to instill strong work ethic, love people hard and give back to our community.

When I first read McKenzie’s introduction on her website, I fell head over heels for her written statement-Committed to Service, Guided by Values and Powered by Empathy. Her words aligned with mine and I know she is the right woman to serve our community.

My vision for the Shorewood Board is someone who not only talks of, but has exhibited the qualities of advocacy & leadership throughout her life and career. I feel McKenzie Edmonds represents the vision of inclusion, progress and community many in Shorewood hold.”

-Annie Monahan, Recipient of Shorewood’s 2017 Neighbor of the Year Award, Founder of Love+Lift Inc. and KidsCycle Northshore

When I learned McKenzie Edmonds was running for Shorewood Village Trustee, I was ecstatic!

As a long time Shorewood resident, I am excited to see an empathetic leader with a fresh perspective on the ballot.

I first met McKenzie in 2010 while serving together as Americorps paid volunteers with Public Allies Milwaukee. I was fortunate enough to work closely with her on a team service project where we created and implemented a nutrition education program for youth living in food deserts. I witnessed McKenzie demonstrate her exemplary collaborative leadership skills, her ability to work with people very different from herself, and her hard work ethic. In her free time, McKenzie often volunteered for my clean up events at Milwaukee Riverkeeper and always came through on her promises.

I have so much respect for her because she stands up for what is right, even if it is not always popular or easy. McKenzie will bring an ability to work well with the residents of Shorewood and the other elected officials to make our community the best we can be. She is committed to representing all the voices of our diverse community. I encourage you to join me in voting for McKenzie Edmonds for Village Trustee on APRIL 3rd.

-Jeanne Salmon, Shorewood Resident



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