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(The Center Square) – There are new questions about the secretly recorded phone call between Gov. Tony Evers and Wisconsin's top Republican lawmakers. 

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on Tuesday there is no written record of authorization for recording the phone call back in March. 

Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said the governor needs to provide an answer as to why not.

“The fact that no evidence of authorization to record the call exists just raises more questions," Fitzgerald said in a statement Tuesday. "Is the governor’s office harboring someone who committed a felony?"

Fitzgerald and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos have been furious since word of the secretly recorded phone call leaked in early June. 

Evers said at the time that he didn't know the call was being recorded. The governor said a staffer recorded the called to make a transcript, but he has refused to say who made the recording. 

It is legal for people to record phone calls as long as one person on the call knows that it's being recorded. It is unclear if that was the case. 

If someone did indeed secretly record the call, Wisconsin's Legislative Reference Bureau said it would be a felony. 

Fitzgerald said Evers has not provided any answers, and appears to not want to.

"It’s clear that the governor thinks he can hide from this and that it will just go away – that’s totally unacceptable," Fitzgerald said in his statement. “The governor needs to immediately make clear who recorded this call, who authorized the recording, and what discipline members of his staff are facing.”

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