Scott Walker

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

A Politifact report on Feb. 6 says Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s claims about infrastructure investment are “mostly false.”

According to the report, Walker was double counting the same infrastructure dollars and failing to take inflation into account.

A poll from last fall shows a majority of voters do not believe that the state’s roads and highways have improved during Walker's tenure.

And driving on Wisconsin’s crumbling roads costs the average driver in the state $637 each year, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers. 

US News and World Report has ranked Wisconsin’s road quality 49th out of the 50 states, and Walker’s administration found that the governor's “transportation plans would result in more congestion, deteriorating road conditions and decades of delayed projects.”

“Lies don’t fix potholes,” said Melissa Miller with the Democratic Governors Association, which was turning attention to the Politifact report.

“While Scott Walker has spent his time gallivanting across the nation to run for President and fundraise for his partisan allies, he left Wisconsin’s infrastructure to crumble. Now he’s making false claims to cover up his real record, but the people of Wisconsin won’t be fooled.”


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