Josh Kaul is running for attorney general in Wisconsin.

Josh Kaul is running for attorney general in Wisconsin.

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The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer civil rights organization, endorsed Josh Kaul for attorney general in Wisconsin.

“Over the past year in particular, we’ve seen the crucial role attorneys general play in protecting the rights of all Americans, including the LGBTQ community,” said HRC Wisconsin state manager Wendy Strout in a news release. “We are proud to endorse Josh Kaul for attorney general and look forward to working with him to ensure Wisconsin is a welcoming and inclusive place for all.”

Kaul, in the press statement, said, “I’m honored to be endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign. As AG, I’ll fight to protect equal rights under the law for all Wisconsinites.”

A former assistant U.S. attorney and current litigator specializing in voting rights, Kaul has fought for the equal rights of every American, HRC said.

The Democrat will be facing incumbent Attorney General Brad Schimel, who is seeking a second term. Schimel joined the suit against the Obama administration’s guidance protecting transgender students. He also recently urged the U.S. Supreme Court of the United States to grant a potentially sweeping license to discriminate against LGBTQ people. HRC said, "Such a decision would threaten to gut many of our nation’s most sacred civil rights laws — not just for LGBTQ people, but also for women, people of color, religious minorities, and Americans of all backgrounds."

The organization recently launched a grass-roots expansion called HRC Rising — a campaign to accelerate progress in states, resist the politics of hate, fight anti-LGBTQ legislation and fuel pro-equality candidates and initiatives. The expansion is the biggest strategic investment in the organization’s 38-year history and will include significant investments in Wisconsin.

HRC identified more than 560,000 Wisconsinites as likely "equality voters," meaning they are strong supporters of progressive LGBTQ policies including marriage equality, adoption by LGBTQ people, and laws that would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

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