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Photo: Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Northwestern Mutual Foundation with a first-of-its-kind gallery titled Giving Gallery: Community in Process. The gallery is open now in the public space of the company’s Tower and Commons.

Giving Gallery: Community in Process celebrates the Northwestern Mutual Foundation’s impact in collaboration with nonprofit partners. Since 1992, the Northwestern Mutual Foundation has given more than $320 million to community nonprofits, $87 million of which has been received by the nonprofit partners highlighted in the exhibit.

“At its core, this exhibit is a testament to the lives that have been changed through our Foundation’s partnership with truly remarkable nonprofits,” stated president of Northwestern Mutual Foundation Eric Christophersen in a press release. “The dedication of these organizations has improved the quality of life for thousands of people in our community; we want everyone to experience the power of this collective impact and have the opportunity to join us moving forward.”

Giving Gallery is a testament to the power that a community can hold when it comes together. The exhibit showcases 26 pieces of original artwork created by 17 artists with ties to Wisconsin. Each of these artists was assigned one or more non-profits to bring their stories and community impacts to life. The artwork spans across a multitude of mediums, including an eight-foot pigeon sculpture representing the Milwaukee Public Museum and a digital slideshow documenting the personal stories of children fighting cancer.

The gallery is free and will be open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. for the rest of the year. The gallery is located in the Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons located at 800 E. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee.


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