will.i.am sued over unpaid bill
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will.i.am is being sued for not paying a marketing company.

Crown and Conquer claim they were hired by the Black Eyed Peas star in 2017 to provide "certain marketing and influencer services" but after doing their job, were left waiting for their $158,243.37 bill to be settled.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, will eventually paid out $20,000 and worked out a settlement deal to pay the balance in four monthly installments, however, Crown and Conquer allege the 'Voice UK' judge and his company "failed to make even the first payment."

The company are suing for the rest of the money they claim to still be owed, plus 10% interest.

Meanwhile, the 'Scream & Shout' hitmaker is battling tinnitus and recently admitted it will eventually leave him with irreversible "proper loss" of hearing.`

He said: "I'm 43. When I went to the doctor and got an ear test, they said, 'Your ears are that of someone a lot older.' In 2007, 2013 and this year, I got all my frequency tests and the curve ... it's proper loss."

And the 43-year-old singer has made changes to his diet and is "violently vegan".

He said: "I'm violently vegan. I'm fighting for a healthier me and a healthier planet. I started realising ... urgh, I was eating, like, rotted animal lactate ... that came from freaking cow's t**t? That's disgusting. We operate on frequencies that are wireless. We put satellites that orbit the planet. Why are we acting like freaking savage predators still? Haven't we evolved?"

will previously revealed his decision to embrace a plant-based diet and cut out animal products after being horrified to be given medication from his doctor, and claimed his new eating habits, as well as visiting a wellness retreat, left him not needing to consider the pills any more.

He said previously: "When you go to the doctor and he says, 'You have high cholesterol and blood pressure and I'm going to provide you with pills', you're like, 'Pills? I'm 42. Why do I need to be taking the pills that my uncle takes? He's 60-plus.'... It took me 10 days to drop my cholesterol. I lost 8lb, my blood pressure came down. In 10 days, my skin cleared up and my breathing was right."

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