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This article explores the innovative partnerships between and various sporting entities, highlighting the convergence of sports and the digital economy. Delving into the details of collaborations with Sao Paulo FC, Southampton FC, Flamengo, Watford FC, Arsenal FC, Rosario Central, and CONIFA, we discover the transformative potential of cryptocurrency in the betting industry. The piece also touches on the potential implications of a gambling sponsorship ban and discusses the terms of these deals. Ultimately, we see how such sponsorships redefine the future of sponsorship and fan engagement in this increasingly digital age.

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As the world of sports continues to become more intertwined with the digital economy, companies such as are forging the way with these collabs. These partnerships not only benefit the companies involved but also provide significant opportunities for the sporting community at large. This article will delve into two such sponsorships – Sao Paulo FC and Southampton FC, exploring the details, implications, and the impact of these sponsorships.

Sao Paulo FC

Sao Paulo FC, one of the most decorated football clubs in Brazil, has enjoyed a unique partnership with As a club that’s known to push the boundaries, it’s no surprise that they partnered with an innovative brand like This collaboration has brought about the integration of cryptocurrency into the realm of football, setting a precedent for future sponsorships in the sport.

This partnership was the first of its kind in Brazil, bringing cryptocurrency sponsorship into the mainstream. The deal saw’s branding prominently featured on the club’s jerseys, around the stadium, and across various digital platforms. In return, sportsbook not only gained widespread exposure but also positioned itself as an innovative and forward-thinking player in the sponsorship industry. The partnership also saw Sao Paulo FC accepting Bitcoin for merchandise purchases, tickets, and other club-related transactions, taking fan engagement and interaction to a whole new level.

Southampton FC

Southampton, a prominent football club in the English Premier League, has also entered a significant partnership with The partnership has seen become the main club partner, with their logo displayed on the front of the team’s shirts.

This sponsorship deal signifies a milestone for, extending its footprint to the world’s most-watched sports league, the English Premier League. The partnership has not only increased’s visibility but also allowed Southampton to engage with the world of cryptocurrency, paving the way for exciting opportunities for its fan base.

Southampton, with its rich history and reputation for nurturing young talent, has been known to embrace innovation. The collaboration with has allowed the club to offer its fans new ways of engaging with the sport they love. Cryptocurrency payments are now available for ticket purchases, merchandise, and various club-related activities. The club has also planned several fan engagement initiatives driven by the platform.

Learn More About Past Partnerships

As part of its mission to bridge the gap between sports and cryptocurrencies, has been at the forefront of some groundbreaking partnerships. This collaborative revolution has seen partnerships formed with Flamengo, Watford FC, Arsenal FC, Rosario Central, and CONIFA. Each of these sponsorships has marked a significant milestone in the evolution of sports sponsorship.


In Brazil, the legendary Flamengo football club is no stranger to the innovative approaches of As part of their partnership, was not just a sponsor but a facilitator of new gaming experiences. The use of cryptocurrency became a part of everyday transactions for Flamengo fans, enabling them to purchase merchandise and tickets using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This collaboration with was a strategic move for Flamengo, establishing the club as a pioneer in integrating crypto into the sporting market.

Watford FC

Over in the United Kingdom, Watford formed a remarkable partnership with As part of this deal, became the main shirt sponsor for the team, marking a significant step in the crypto industry’s involvement in mainstream sports. The collaboration also saw the Bitcoin logo added to the sleeve of the team’s shirts, a decision made to increase awareness about crypto and encourage its adoption.

Arsenal FC Innovative Partnership

One of the most notable partnerships formed by is with Arsenal, another leading club in the English Premier League. This partnership goes beyond traditional sponsorship, involving a unique initiative to promote innovation and community engagement. Arsenal and launched a campaign using Augmented Reality (AR) technology, enabling customers to get up close and personal with players virtually.

The collaboration with Arsenal marked a shift in the way sports clubs interact with their fans, bringing them closer to the action than ever before. It also highlighted the role cryptocurrency could play in enhancing the fan experience, providing new, secure, and streamlined ways to transact with the club.

Rosario Central

In Argentina, formed a partnership with Rosario Central, one of the oldest football clubs in the country. Rosario Central’s fans now have the option of transacting with the club using cryptocurrencies. This collaboration is yet another example of how is driving the adoption of cryptocurrency in sports, making it accessible to a wider audience.


Finally, the partnership with the Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA) is a testament to’s commitment to sports at all levels. CONIFA, an international football federation for teams not affiliated with FIFA, partnered with to bring the benefits of crypto to smaller, independent football associations. This initiative has enabled teams and fans to embrace safe digital transactions, providing a new, secure way of funding and supporting their passion for football.

By aligning with diverse partners, not only furthers the adoption of digital currencies but also contributes to the ongoing evolution of the sports industry. As this joint revolution continues to unfold, the future of sports sponsorship is being redefined, pushing the boundaries of fan engagement and interaction.

Other Successful Collaborations Partners All About Sponsorship

Beyond the football world, has ventured into a range of other sporting arenas, pioneering innovative collaborations.

In the world of esports, has formed several successful partnerships. One significant collaboration was with HellRaisers, an esports organization with teams competing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. This collaboration has helped drive the growth of cryptocurrency in esports, offering fans and players a new way to engage with the games they love.

Another noteworthy partnership was with the basketball team OBRADOIRO CAB, which competes in the Spanish Liga ACB. The agreement saw the logo displayed on the players’ uniforms, and the club started accepting crypto for ticket sales, merchandise, and other transactions. This marked a major step in the intersection of crypto and professional basketball.

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Conclusion’s strategic partnerships have positioned it as a leader in the crypto-sports integration movement, promoting cryptocurrency’s utility in the sports industry. From football clubs in Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Argentina to esports and basketball, these partnerships demonstrate the transformative potential of cryptocurrency in revolutionizing the sports betting world.

Each collaboration has not only increased the visibility and acceptance of cryptocurrency but also created new, immersive experiences for the soccer fanbase. These sponsorships have set a precedent for others in the industry, showing the way toward a future where sports and digital economies seamlessly converge.


What are the terms of the deal?

The specific terms of the sponsorship deals between and each of the sports teams may vary based on the unique needs and agreements of each partnership. Generally, these partnerships involve becoming a main or significant sponsor, with their logo featured prominently on the team’s jerseys and other merchandise.

What if gambling sponsors are banned?

If gambling sponsors are banned, it will affect many teams and organizations that rely heavily on the financial support provided by such sponsors. However, has positioned itself not just as a betting company but as a pioneer in the cryptocurrency sector. Even in the event of a ban on gambling sponsors, could still maintain partnerships based on their promotion and integration of cryptocurrency technologies.

Are there any fancy elements to the deal?

Yes, several of the deals between and its partners include elements that go beyond traditional sponsorships. For example, the contract signed with Arsenal involved an Augmented Reality (AR) initiative, which allowed fans to engage with the players virtually. Additionally, most of the partnerships incorporate cryptocurrency in unique ways, like enabling fans to purchase tickets and merchandise with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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