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User-friendly betting platform is a renowned online platform that has gained significant popularity for its comprehensive betting options in the realm of eSports. Catering to the ever-growing demand for cybersports betting, offers a wide array of games, competitive odds, and exciting tournaments. In this article, we will explore the various features and offerings of eSports, including bonus offers, available betting markets, supported games, and more.

Bet on eSports With! eSports Overview eSports Overview eSports suggests an exhilarating experience filled with crypto-powered eSports action, conveniently accessible through a website and app( download from the website) user-friendly platform. Immerse yourself in a diverse selection of cybersports tournaments that cater to various gaming preferences, ensuring there is something for every enthusiast. With competitions taking place around the clock, you can indulge in the excitement of live eSports competitions from anywhere in the world. Get ready to showcase your predictive skills and compete for top cryptocurrency prizes as you place win bets on your favorite eSports competitions. Bonus Offer

When it comes to bonuses, takes a different approach. Instead of offering a traditional first deposit bonus, the focus is on delivering an immersive and action-packed experience for esports fans. Recognizing that wagering bonuses can sometimes be cumbersome, provides an alternative way to enhance your bets through Price Boosts. These total boosts can be applied to a wide range of selections, allowing you to enjoy improved odds on your chosen competitions.

For those who prefer multiple-selection bets or parlays, suggests Multi Bet Insurance. This feature acts as a safety net, protecting your wager in case one selection doesn’t go as planned. This way, you can still have a chance at a winning outcome with the remaining selections. The Price Boosts are applicable to a majority of esports games at, including popular titles like Overwatch, Dota 2, Call of Duty, StarCraft, King of Glory, Rainbow Six, LoL, and CS:GO, among others.

To take advantage of a price boost, simply navigate to the Rewards section of your account. There, you will find the number of available boosts for both sports and esports competitions. By clicking on the relevant boost, you will be redirected to the corresponding game section, where you can enjoy slightly enhanced odds on your bets. ensures that the excitement of esports betting is amplified through these enticing features.

Claim eSports Bonus Here! eSports Betting Markets & Odds

As for sports, also for esports, suggests a great selection of markets and betting options. While the Match Winner market is commonly known and popular, there are several other betting markets available at that allow you to leverage your knowledge of esports. These markets include Totals, Handicap, and Others, which enable you to bet on specific in-game conditions that are unique to each video game.

Exploring these additional markets can add value to your betting experience. You can delve into scenarios such as Winner of Map, First Blood of Map, Maps Handicap, and more. By exploring the markets that align with your understanding of esports, you can make informed betting decisions. The betting odds offered on these markets are determined by statistical algorithms and probabilities, but esports fans often have insights that can guide their betting choices.

When it comes to odds, you will find that the majority of esports betting sites, including, display them in decimal format. While odds can also be translated in other pro formats, such as Fractional, American, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Hong Kong odds, decimal odds are widely regarded as the most appealing and easy-to-understand format, regardless of your location.

Let’s compare odds suggested for one of the Dota 2 current competitions, Team Liquid vs. Team Secret, with other similar bookmaker BetOnline odds to make it more transparent for you.

Bookmakers Odds Margin Liquid 2.10

Secret 5.30

Draw 2.25

Betway Liquid 2.10

Secret 5.00

Draw 2.20

William Hill Liquid 2.05

Secret 6.00

Draw 2.10

Unibet Liquid 2.00

Secret 6.00

Draw 2.30


As you can see, is committed to providing fair and competitive odds, ensuring an enjoyable and rewarding gambling experience for esports enthusiasts worldwide.

eSports Tournaments & Events at

eSports Tournaments & Events at caters to a wide spectrum of eSports events, ensuring there is no shortage of options for bettors. Whether you’re a fan of First-Person Shooters, Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas, or Real-Time Strategy matches, has got you covered.

What eSports Events to Bet on at suggests a diverse range of esports events and matches for betting enthusiasts. Here is a list of popular cybersports matches you can bet on at

  • Overwatch
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS :GO)
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends (LoL)
  • Kings of Glory/Honor of Kings
  • StarCraft 1 & 2
  • Rainbow Six: Siege
  • Wild Rift

These are just a few examples of the esports games available for betting at The platform covers a wide selection of tournaments and events for each game, ensuring there is always exciting action to wager on.


Overwatch, a popular first-person shooter game, remains at the forefront of the virtual gaming arena, captivating players with its immersive gameplay and thrilling tournaments. With regular events featuring renowned teams, Overwatch suggests an ideal opportunity for bettors to engage in cutting-edge virtual gaming predictions. By following the world’s best teams, you can compete for top Bitcoin prizes. Stay updated with live tournament boards, tracking the progress of your predictions and adding to the excitement of the experience.

Counter-Strike – Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, fondly referred to as CS:GO, suggests an ever-evolving and captivating gaming experience. Engage in the excitement of predicting and betting on the victors of intense 5-versus-5 tournament-style matches. Stay up-to-date with real-time statistics and metrics, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the unfolding action. With its tactical gameplay and adrenaline-pumping shootouts, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a must-try for gamers looking to claim the top spot in ruthless gaming.

Dota 2

With its origins dating back to 2003, Dota 2 has revolutionized the virtual gaming landscape as the highly anticipated sequel to a worldwide fan franchise. This action-packed strategy game awaits discovery, inviting you to place predictions on a multitude of champions competing in thrilling 5-player team matches, all vying for the coveted cup.

In addition to the previously mentioned games, suggests a wide array of other captivating eSports titles for you to place bets on. So let’s explore them.

Watch eSports Events With!

Other eSports Games on’s Bitcoin esports betting platform provides a plethora of opportunities to wager on major tournaments. The platform offers a wide number of markets and featured games, with the option to place future and outright bets from the beginning of the season. If you’re seeking ruthless esports betting odds, has everything you need to engage in thrilling crypto betting experiences.

League of Legends

League of Legends

League of Legends, developed by Riot Games, stands as the flagship title and primary organizer for prominent esports tournaments. The game takes center stage in the esports world, hosting two highly anticipated international events: the League of Legends World Championship (Worlds) and the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI). These tournaments attract global attention and showcase the pinnacle of ruthless League of Legends gameplay.

Kings of Glory/Honor of Kings

Kings of GloryHonor of Kings

Kings of Glory, also known as Honor of Kings, is a game developed by TiMi Studio Group and features esports events organized by Tencent Games. Initially, the esports scene for Kings of Glory was limited to China upon its release in 2015, but it expanded globally towards the end of 2022.

StarCraft 1 & 2

StarCraft 1 & 2

StarCraft 1 and 2 boast a dedicated fan base, leading to the organization of separate tournaments specifically for these games. Although their esports scenes may not be as tightly structured as other titles, there are numerous events available for crypto esports betting, primarily taking place in South Korea. These events often attract international participants, creating a global competitive environment for StarCraft enthusiasts to enjoy and wager on.



Despite being launched in 2021, Valorant has swiftly gained recognition in the esports world, boasting a roster of well-established teams. The game features a tiered tournament system, including S-, A-, B-, and C-Tier competitions, with the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) serving as the pinnacle event. provides a website for betting on S-, A-, and B-Tier tournaments, offering a diverse selection of games for Bitcoin esports betting throughout the year.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege, developed by Ubisoft, features its premier international event known as “Six.” This highly anticipated tournament is organized by the game’s creators themselves. In addition to Ubisoft’s event, there are also notable competitions organized by ESL and other companies that you can find at

Wild Rift

Wild Rift

Riot Games took their flagship title and adapted it for mobile devices under the name Wild Rift. The game’s top tournament, Icons, features ongoing qualifiers throughout the year. Since its launch in 2022, has provided online esports betting opportunities for the professional games of Wild Rift. This allows fans and bettors to immerse themselves in the excitement of the competitive Wild Rift esports scene and place wagers on their favorite teams and players.

Now that you’re familiar with the exciting world of esports tournaments available at let’s delve into how you can place your bets using cryptocurrencies on this user-friendly platform.

Make a Bet on eSports With!

How to Bet With Cryptocurrencies at – An Easy Guide

For esports enthusiasts who are new to cryptocurrencies or online betting, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started on this site:

  1. Through your browser, visit the Registration page and create your account by providing a username, password, and email.
  2. Verify your email address by following the instructions in the confirmation email.
  3. Pick your preferred cryptocurrency and make a deposit into your account.
  4. Browse the available esports selections and choose the match you want to bet on.
  5. Click on your selection to open the Bet Slip, where you can enter your desired bet amount.
  6. Review the details on the Bet Slip and click Place Bet [NUMBER] mBTC to finalize your bet.

Enjoy the thrill of cryptocurrency betting on responsibly and have a great time exploring the exciting world of esports gambling!

Live Cyber Sports Betting at

The bookmaker understands that sports fans want to be actively involved in the action by watching it. That’s why they offer a Live gambling market, allowing players to bet on games in real-time. The Live market has a dedicated section on the website, providing easy access to a wide number of ongoing esports events. Many of these events also have live streams available, allowing players to watch the action as they place their bets. While live gambling can be more advanced, it offers an exciting experience for those who have mastered it. The bookmaker strives to enhance the esports gambling experience by providing live streams for events that have official channels on platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming. This way, players can watch the action unfold in real-time.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options at

The bookmaker has embraced cryptocurrencies as a payment option, offering flexibility for deposits, withdrawals, and transactions. You can choose from various viable currencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Tron (TRX), and Ripple (XRP). Other trusted cryptocurrencies may also be accepted, such as Dogecoin. Bitcoin, in particular, is a popular choice among players, and the website offers the option to bet in mBTC (fractions of Bitcoin) for easier tracking.

Deposits and withdrawals at this website are typically processed instantly, with potential minor delays depending on third-party factors like a crypto wallet. The website provides a wide range of payment method options and offers a no-limit banking system, allowing you to swiftly move money in and out of your account.

You can read more about transaction limits in our maximum payout article.

Is Safe and Secure?

The bookmaker ensures a safe and secure gambling experience, offering a wide range of esports markets, excellent selections, and occasional free bets. The website is fully licensed by Curacao, letting it operate internationally while adhering to strict regulatory standards. With full SSL encryption, the website provides a secure browsing environment, ensuring the safety of your personal information. You can enjoy the convenience and reliability of placing esports bets in a protected and trustworthy online environment. Support Options Support Options

The bookmaker provides a variety of customer support options to assist you with any inquiries or concerns. You have the option to contact their support team via live chat or email. The support live chat is available 24/7, ensuring prompt assistance whenever you need it. For email inquiries, you can reach out to [email protected], and you can typically expect a response within a few hours to 24 hours. The website also offers a support form for direct communication. In addition, has a comprehensive FAQs section that covers a wide range of topics, serving as a valuable resource for quick access to information.

Contact Customer Support! eSports – Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the bookmaker provides a comprehensive and exciting platform for eSports betting. With a wide number of eSports games and tournaments to choose from, the bookmaker offers a compelling website to explore and enjoy eSports betting with cryptocurrencies. So, if you’re passionate about eSports and want to elevate your betting experience, is definitely worth considering.


What is cyber sports?

Cybersports, also known as esports (electronic sports), refers to competitive video gaming where professional players or teams compete against each other in various multiplayer video games. These games can range from first-person shooters and multiplayer online battle arenas to strategy games and sports simulations.

Who is eligible for the bonus?

All registered customers on this website are eligible for all bonuses and promotions that Clubhouse suggests.

Is’s interface convenient?

The bookmaker aims to provide a convenient and user-friendly interface for its users. The website is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, letting users browse through the available sports and esports market, place bets, and access other features with ease.

What other sports can I bet on at

At, you can bet on a diverse number of sports in addition to esports. From popular sports like football, basketball, tennis, and American football to niche sports like darts, snooker, and table tennis, there is something for everyone. The platform covers a wide variety of sport market packages, letting you explore different events and matches from around the world.

Is really suitable for cyber sports betting?

Yes, on the whole, this bookmaker is well-suited for cybersports gambling and playing. The platform offers a dedicated section for esports gambling, providing a wide number of popular esports titles and tournaments to wager on.

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