How to make money on sports betting

Marita Movsisyan
The article “Bookmaker Ratings” talks about how you can make money on bets, what tools players have for it, as well as about the nuances of sports betting.


What is earning on betting

Earnings on sports betting or betting is a gambling activity involving real money, based on betting on the outcome of sports events with a bookmaker. Please note that Bookmaker Ratings suggests not to consider bets as a way of earning money: it is best to play for fun and your overall leisure. It is possible to make money on bets, but it is difficult – bookmakers can deter successful players by cutting accounts and reducing quotes, and for regular victories, it is important to have great knowledge about the intricacies of sports disciplines and gaming strategies.

Players can place sports bets on the website of any legal bookmaker, the choice of sports bets from the line is not limited to players. All that bettors need is to show a stable positive result over a long distance. At the same time, it is possible to play with a loss in specific periods of time, but the main thing is that positive dynamics can be traced over the reporting distance, bringing real income.

There are different tools for making money on bets. Some players try to analyze matches on their own, others use financial strategies, and others try to find a permanent income by attracting third-party professional cappers or by playing fixed matches. There are several strategies to profit from betting, which we shall go over in depth in this content.

How bookmakers work

Betting companies work according to the simplest scheme – “you play, we earn.” The office does not care how many outcomes of the matches will be guessed, nor about the value of the winning odds and other parameters. The bookmaker has a margin – a commission, which gives the company a profit. It works like this: whatever the event’s outcome, the bookmaker remains in the black since the margin is included in the odds. The company does not set quotes of 2.00–2.00 for matching events: in this case, values ​​of 1.85–1.85 are more often seen. These 0.15 and give a tangible profit due to the scale of the rates.

How to make money using betting strategies?

Statistics show that sports betting techniques lower the probability of losing. There are two types of strategy – financial and gaming. Using the correct models in symbiosis makes it practical to make money with bets over time, as the probability of losing at a distance is considerably decreased. Let’s talk about these strategies.

Game strategies

These models are either specialized to sports, such as football or hockey strategies, or are generic mathematical methods derived from casinos. The essence of strategies is the response to the issue of how to generate money on such models.

The difference between these strategies is that there is no need to look for profitable odds and measure the probability of an outcome. In sports, there are some patterns that, in symbiosis with the theory of probability, can make it possible to actually make money on bets. The probability of winning here is high, and it is important to play not by maximum odds but by patterns, and game series.

Some gaming strategies are tailored for specific sports disciplines, and here it is important for bettors to have a good knowledge about them. A successful player is distinguished by the ability to conduct an accurate analysis of sports events, which, coupled with the use of an effective strategy, will minimize the likelihood of losing.

Financial strategies

Models in this category include:

  • Flat;
  • Fixed interest from the bank;
  • Dynamic bank.

The most well-known model on this list is flat – this strategy is centered on keeping bet sizes stable. The risks are small; the player must calculate the amount that will become the face value of each bet for a specific duration of the game. Such financial strategies in professional forecasts are used only in conjunction with a thorough analysis, and novice players can combine it with another proven model.

Actual earnings are impossible if the player reduces all chances of winning only by using the financial model. This is not a win-win strategy but only a guide to proper bank management. The amount of winnings, the choice of a bookmaker, the minimum deposit – all this is not important in the use of money management since you need to learn how to plan the funds available in the bank. And gaming strategies that reduce the risk of losing a bet will help distribute them.

How else can you make money on sports betting

There are no risk-free bets (only in bookmaker promotions). Bettors often do not want to take on the responsibility of conducting gaming activities, and they do not want to analyze games and calculate the minimum bet size according to the financial model. Therefore, they are trying to find a way out in the search for alternative schemes for making money on bets.

Earn money with cappers 

Professional betting players often offer their services to earn money. To do this, they use official verifiers, expose their single bet statistics, arrange promotions for customers, and even help them choose the right bookmaker. But not every such privateer is successful and honest – it is important to be careful when looking for a reliable partner. Therefore, it is not easy to choose the right capper – you need to carefully read the reviews and be guided by the statistics on the course.


Surebets are arbitrage situations in which bookmakers make mistakes in arranging quotes for mutually exclusive events so that when betting on both events, the bettor makes a profit in any case. Surebets are only in different bookmakers – one bookmaker will never make a mistake in this way. The chances of winning in such forecasts are maximum – you can earn good money with large investments. But it would be best if you did not count on big winnings – it is dangerous to bet big money since there is a high probability of being declassified and banned by the bookmaker. In such a situation, there can no longer be any question of any payment of winnings.

Value bets

A good way to make money is based on identifying events that bookmakers overprice. Value bets are the only earning option in which you can increase the bet amount, deviating from your norm. It is not worth playing for the minimum amounts here, and it is also important to conduct an additional analysis of the match in order to calculate the value of the event correctly.

Loading or match-fixing

Loads are movements in the odds caused by large bets. You can track them by using special scanners and services. You can play them, but very carefully and with an independent game analysis.

Match-fixing is the most painful topic for beginners. Such games exist, but they are not sold via the Internet, insiders do not broadcast the availability of information at every turn. Therefore, if you see an ad about successful bets on match-fixing – pass by: doing so will save your money and prevent you from falling for scammers.

Loss minimization

To reduce the risk of losing money, it is important to play with the right financial model. This will lead to the stabilization of the bank, as well as insure against unexpected disproportionate losses. It is necessary not to deviate from the chosen model under any circumstances – neither the minimum bet odds nor the high probability of passing should confuse the player. It is also important to correctly analyze matches in order to correctly assess the risks of losing. These two components can not only minimize losses but also lead to a positive game.

Important: players with an increased share of excitement in the process of betting should control themselves. Ludomania is a terrible disease that is fraught with the most unpleasant material and social losses. Keep your cool and bet for fun!


It is possible to make money on sports betting, but it takes effort. It is important to play with the right effective strategies, you need to properly manage your bank. There are many ways to make money on bets, but you should trust only the safest ones – independent analysis, playing on value events, applying financial strategies. Dubious options in the form of playing with unreliable cappers and match-fixing should be dismissed immediately.

Frequently asked Questions

Why are so few people making money from betting?

Most players can’t manage the excitement and do not follow financial strategies, do not analyze matches. Also, a large proportion of bettors trust dubious personalities in bets and lose money or simply lose it with scammers.

Is it possible to play at bookmakers without risk and win?

Yes, the only option for risk-free betting is to play in demo mode. There are several companies that offer this option to play for virtual money.

Is it really possible to make money from bookmakers?

Making money on bets is possible, but for this it is important to conduct the right analysis and blindly follow the financial model. Only these components of the gameplay can make it profitable.

How not to lose on bets?

Do your due diligence, don’t go all-in, play for a small percentage of the pot, and don’t trust dubious sports betting personalities – these tips are enough to ensure you don’t drain your bank immediately after making a deposit.


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