How to bet on sports – step by step instructions for beginners

Marita Movsisyan
In this article, we will talk about how to choose a bookmaker brand, how to register in it, and why bet on sports at all. “Bookmaker Ratings” with material about helping beginners.


You have decided to get serious about sports betting. Where to begin? This requires consistency and a clear plan.

  1. Learn the underlying theory;
  2. Choose the right bookmaker brand;
  3. Register and pass identification to play legally;
  4. Take advantage of our advice.

Now more about each of the points.

How to choose a bookmaker brand?

One of the key points for beginners. We advise you to choose a brand according to the following criteria:

  • Legality.
  • Reliability.
  • Odds and lines.
  • Bonuses for registration.
  • Player reviews.
  • Rating of our portal.

Legality. We recommend using only bookmakers licensed in your country. Remember, playing in foreign bookmaker brands, you can break the law.

Reliability. This affects the security of your funds, confidential data, fair play guarantee, etc. Rating of the most reliable betting shops.

Odds and lines. The higher the odds, the lower the margin, that is, the odds of the bookmaker in front of you. The variety of the line can also give an advantage to the player, since the bookmaker does not always perfectly know the championship of conventional Burundi or Guatemala. With proper preparation, clients can beat the analysts of companies in such markets. 

Getting bonuses for registration is also an important criterion when choosing a bookmaker. If when replenishing your account with 170,94 dollars, the bookmaker gives you the same amount, why not take advantage of this? A successful player with the help of bonuses and promotional offers can get some advantage over bookmaker brands. 

Player reviews. Due to the large number of opinions of other users, it is possible to draw a conclusion about the quality of a particular bookmaker. 

How to register in the bookmaker?

Registration in domestic and foreign bookmaker brands is different.

Foreign betting shops

Everything is much simpler here. When registering, the bookmaker may not even ask for documents (in some only email is enough), and you can bet without confirming your age. But be prepared that when withdrawing funds, you will be asked to do so.

How to choose a bet?

To place a bet, you need to go to the “Line” section – a list of odds for outcomes for various events.

Example: Manchester United – Sheffield United match, quotes 1.43 (MU win) – 4.70 (draw) – 8.90 (SU win). Choose the desired outcome and enter the amount of the bet.

All odds are set by the bookmaker brands based on the odds of the participants in the event. 

In addition to the main outcome of the victory of one of the teams or a draw, there are several other popular types of bets.

Handicap. In the bet, the advantage of one of the participants is initially laid.

Example: take the same match between Manchester United and Sheffield United. Team handicap 1 (-1.5) means that Manchester United must win by at least two goals. Handicap (0) allows the club not to lose (in case of a draw, the bet amount is returned).

Total. It is general and individual. A total over 2.5 means that two teams must score at least three goals, a total under 2.5 means a maximum of two goals for both teams.

Individual total – the number of years of one of the teams. Total more than two gives the right to return the bet with two goals scored. Refund – the full amount of the bet is returned to your account.

Both teams will score. Everything is simple here, it is necessary that both teams score at least one goal each.

Double chance. In the line, this outcome is indicated by 1X or X2, in the first case, the hosts must not lose (win and draw options are suitable), in the second – the guests.

Live bets. Forecasts right in the course of the broadcast. Watch the match and place your bets.

Express. Take several matches, bet the selected outcomes, as a result, the coefficients are multiplied. The possibility of a big win is the main plus. If at least one event is lost, the entire accumulator “burns out” – the main disadvantage.

Example: match 1 (first team wins at odds 2.00), match 2 (first team wins at odds 3.00), match 3 (first team wins at odds 4.00), resulting in odds of 24. With a bet of 1.71 dollars at the exit you can get 41.04 dollars.

System – a type of bet, which consists of several express bets. The coefficient of each accumulator is a multiplication of the coefficients of the events that are included in this accumulator. Accordingly, the payment is made for each express separately. 

Beginner Tips

Recommendations for novice players from “Bookmaker Ratings.”

Follow sports. Better yet, choose one specific type and carefully watch and analyze the matches. Or one league, remember, the narrower your profile, the more likely you are to beat the bookmaker.

Take into account several opinions, isolate the main thing, and make bets based on your own and expert opinion. The last word is always yours, think and make a decision on your own, without relying on others.

Allocate a separate amount for betting, which will not be a pity to lose. Betting is entertainment, and you have to pay for any entertainment. The bank is the fee. We advise you to bet no more than 10% on each bet.

Choose the most convenient bookmaker for you. A little earlier, we described the criteria in detail.

Do not rush to recoup after losses. This is part of the game, analyze the bets, you may be worse at betting on a certain sport, championship, team. In no case do not increase the amount of the bet!

Why do you want to bet on sports?

It is important to understand that betting is just entertainment. Do not rely on constant and stable earnings with the help of forecasts. Every year the bookmaker improves and insures itself against losses. Why is it almost impossible to make money on bets nowadays?

1) Margin. This is a guaranteed income bookmaker. You need to predict more accurately than sports analysts of companies on the percentage of margin. And even this will only help to go to zero.

2) Cutting accounts for successful players. If you consistently win, the maximum bet amount per event will quickly be reduced. Of course, such actions of the bookmaker affect the earnings of the forecaster.

3) The amount of information and tools in the analysis. Bookmaker brand analysts simply have more of them, and they know how to use it effectively.

However, positive players still exist. However, accept that no one will give you big money. Choose an office with low margins, bet not too large amounts and conduct a thorough analysis.


To start betting on sports, you first need to choose a bookmaker. It is recommended to use the services of legal services. After that, you need to register on the selected service and verify your account.

After creating an account, you need to make a deposit to start playing. To choose events for betting, it is important to be well versed in gaming disciplines and know about the position of teams in tournaments, their tasks and opportunities. You can place bets in different formats, the choice of events can be based on betting strategies and expert forecasts.

Frequently asked Questions

Where can I study sports betting?

There are several sections on our site that will help you gain knowledge in sports betting. Study the materials carefully and try to apply them correctly in practice.

How to bet on sports online for the first time?

In order to start betting, you must have an account in a bookmaker brand. You also need to have knowledge about the sport and have the money to start the game. You can find out more about the start of the betting game here.

How to place bets and earn on them?

To bet, you need to have 3 things: an account in the bookmaker brand, money and the desire to bet. Earnings are possible with the ability to analyze, really earn from 17.1 dollars a day, with a small bank.

How to understand where to bet on sports betting?

To determine the event that you can bet on, you need to analyze the game, understand the trends of past matches, and determine the strength of the teams.


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