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Although for many people betting is just a bit of fun, for many others it is a serious thing, on which they are looking to profit. There are also people out there who attempt to make betting their main source of income. For such punters there is special software (betting and trading), that can be used as an aid. In this section you will find some of the aforementioned software reviewed. What is software for trading? When trading on a betting exchange, some professional punters use software which makes their life easier. As well as updating data every second, it allows the punter to view and simultaneously trade on many different markets, make a deep analysis of markets and bet with just a single click. Some software also enables the user to program for various actions, such as reacting to negative line changes by closing markets. Examples of such software: FairBot, trading software for Betfair - review. Geeks Toy, trading software for Betfair and BetDaq - review. What is software for betting? Software, which assists punters in betting, usually comes in one of two forms. It is either an online service or a program which the user has to download and install. Such software will typically compare odds offered by different bookmakers and watch line changes to visually show punters certain trends. There are also programs which provide players with detailed statistics or that possess the capabilities of identifying sure bets across the web.
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