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In what probably seemed like a rash decision to some, Margaux Chandler quit her successful career, sold her house and moved her family up to Milwaukee a week before Christmas. But for Chandler, it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a franchise owner of Wisconsin's first Shred415 , a fitness class that she claims changed her life.

“It was not ideal,” Chandler says. “We got ourselves back in debt, and that’s how strongly I believe in this brand.”

Shred415 is an instructor led interval training class created by Chicago fitness experts Bonnie Micheli and Tracy Roemer. The 60-minute workout is broken up into 15-minute intervals that alternate between treadmill drills on Woodway 4Fronts and floor training with hand weights, resistance bands and more. The classes are designed to burn 500–1,200 calories each session, and Shred15 boasts that those who consistently attend should expect results within four weeks.

Chandler became involved with Shred415 after her second child was born, a birth that required a C-section.

“I questioned if I would ever feel strong again,” Chandler says. “I lost my emotional and physical identity.”

Her love for the workout came about almost by accident. Shred415 happened to work really well with her daily schedule, and the dedicated instructors and welcoming community inspired her to push herself. Chandler was impressed with the low turnover rate of instructors at Shred415, Chandler auditioned to become an instructor herself and went through the training program.

“It came truly at a time in my life when I doubted myself more than ever,” Chandler says. “It wasn’t overnight, but day by day this brand brought that back (my confidence) piece by piece. I never thought that at the age of 40 I would be in the best shape of my life.”

When Shred415 announced that it was beginning to branch out as a franchise, Chandler jumped on the opportunity.

“I didn’t hesitate and wanted to bring to a new community what I had found,” Chandler says. “It’s such an awesome opportunity.”

margux chandler

Margaux Chandler says Shred415 changed her life, restoring emotional and physical confidence within herself.


Why Shred415?

What separates Shred415 from other gyms and workout plans is the community-building aspect that it creates.

“Our slogan is ‘It’s More Than a Workout,’ and it truly is,” Chandler says. “It’s family-friendly, all-inclusive athletics.”

Shred415 offers a childcare amenity for busy parents who want to avoid the inconvenience of hiring a babysitter every time they make a trip to the gym.  Each location contains a Kids’ Corner equipped with a Wii gaming system, a TV, books and games that are likely to keep children occupied for the duration of the 60 minute workout.

Giving back to the community

Shred415 is collaborating with other businesses on the East Side. A partnership with Yoga Fix Studio has resulted in a three-and-a-half mile run that ends with a stretch session. Shred415 will also be participating in AXE MKE’s grand opening. A donation-based program called “Shred Gives” hosts “donation classes,” where all proceeds from the class go towards an organization.

Chandler and her husband are set to open Wisconsin’s first Shred415 location at 2165 N. Prospect Ave., the space previously occupied by American Apparel. Chandler connected with Wastecap, who salvaged materials from the previous retailer, including 2,500 square feet of flooring that will be repurposed. The gym will open in August if everything goes according to plan.

Chandler is beyond thrilled to begin working with clients on Milwaukee’s East Side.

“I don’t sweat because I’m working out,” Chandler says. “I sweat because I’m connecting with my clients. I’m jumping up and down for them, I’m clapping for them. I’m just so excited for our doors to open and for people to be able to experience it. It’s a life changer.”

Shred415, 2165 N. Prospect Ave., is set to open in August 2018. Classes run as early as 4:40 a.m. and as late as 8 p.m. 



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