Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Public Policy Polling's latest survey of voters in Wisconsin finds Republican Gov. Scott Walker trailing a generic Democratic opponent 48-43.

Of course, PPP said, "generic Democrats sometimes poll stronger than who the nominee actually ends up being and it remains to be seen who from the crowded Democratic field emerges but the race at the least looks like it should be a toss up."

The PPP survey, released Oct. 26, showed, Walker is somewhat unpopular, with 43 percent of voters approving of the job he’s doing and 49 percent disapproving.

The Foxconn deal didn't improve Walker’s political standing, about 34 percent of voters said they support the deal and 41 percent oppose it.

There also is a sentiment among voters that in several key areas things in Wisconsin have not improved under Walker’s leadership. Just 17 percent think the quality of public schools has gotten better during Walker’s tenure to 48 percent who think they’ve gotten worse and 27 percent who believe they’ve stayed about the same.

And only 20 percent think the quality of roads and highways has gotten better during the Walker administration and 38 percent who think they’ve gotten worse.

On the Trump question: About 40 percent of voters approve of the job President Donald Trump is doing and 52 percent disapprove. And 44 percent of voters in the state think Walker has been too supportive of Trump.

House Speaker Paul Ryan’s approval rating is at 35 percent and his disapproval is at 51 percent. About 44 percent of voters think he’s too supportive of Trump.

Democrats lead the generic legislative ballot in the state 44-41, which led PPP to the gerrymander questions.

About 44 percent of voters think the legislative district lines are not fairly drawn. And about 63 percent of voters think they should be decided by an independent nonpartisan commission instead of the Legislature and governor.

On some other issues:

• 59 percent of voters support Wisconsin expanding Medicaid.

• 79 percent of voters support allowing student loan borrowers to refinance their loans.

• 12 percent of voters think family and medical leave benefits in Wisconsin should be reduced.

Republican tax reform efforts are getting poor reviews in the state. About 28 percent of voters say they support congressional Republicans’ tax proposal. About 51 percent say the plan will mostly just help wealthy families.



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