Bon Iver performing in Sydney, Australia

Bon Iver, the Grammy Award-winning band from Eau Claire, today endorsed Kelda Roys’ campaign for governor.

“Bon Iver is proud to endorse Kelda Roys for Governor of Wisconsin,” the band said in a statement. “Kelda is the young progressive voice our home state needs right now. Her integrity's been proven through her political and business experience, and she's the best candidate to restore the Wisconsin Idea while forging a better future.”

“Bon Iver is a Wisconsin treasure,” Roys responded. “In addition to being one of the best bands of our generation, their commitment to Wisconsin runs deep. Bon Iver's innovative music and their Eaux Claires festivals have brought tremendous cultural and economic benefits to our state. I'm honored and thrilled to earn Bon Iver's support, they understand that for Wisconsin to be a place for everyone to thrive, we must have a new governor, and I'm the strongest candidate to win in November.

Bon Iver is the latest in a string of celebrities who’ve endorsed Roys. Her backers also include Jane Lynch, Bradley Whitford, and Sarah Silverman.

Chelsea Handler has also endorsed Roys, writing: It’s common knowledge that Gov. Scott Walker is the worst. Also common knowledge? That Wisconsin state legislator and reproductive rights champion Kelda Roys is the best — and the best person to take on Walker, running for a third term and determined to continue pushing his anti-choice, anti-union, anti-teacher agenda, in November."

Another high-profile endorsement for Roys is from U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, whose name is becoming frequently mentioned as a prospective presidential candidate in 2020.

Roys is one of eight Democrats vying for the party's gubernatorial nomination on Aug. 14.

Wisconsin Gazette endorsed Roys last month.



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