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Shareholders of Madison Gas & Electric Company were bringing a resolution today before the annual shareholders meeting dealing with reliance on fossil fuels.

Shareholders, with the resolution May 16, were expressing concern with MGE's reliance on polluting fossil fuels and they want the utility to seize the electric transportation growth opportunity for the benefit of their investment, the environment and public health, according to a news release.

Members of MGE Shareholders for Clean Energy put forward the resolution, which asks MGE to be a clean transportation leader and develop a roadmap to supply renewable energy instead of fossil fuels to the growing electric vehicle market.

MGE’s board of directors opposes the resolution, the release stated.

In response, members of MGE Shareholders for Clean Energy issued the following:

Don Wichert, co-founder and co-chair of MGE SCE: “MGE needs to be proactively forward-looking on the emerging electrification transportation market. Leaders generate enthusiasm and create a dynamic that is not achieved by several uncoordinated partnerships. We are asking MGE to drive the next phase of a comprehensive assessment that should benefit shareholders and the local community.”

Marianne Ewig, member of MGE SCE: “It is a win-win for stockholders, with an increased, sustainable revenue stream for MGE, an increased breathable community for all, including my grandchildren, and meeting MGE’s 2030 goals.”

Don Ferber, member of MGE SCE: “Just as the sun and wind can provide the renewable energy our community wants, we hope MGE will see the light and heed the winds of change, and will once again become a clean energy leader. We ask MGE to partner with the community to declare an end to coal and power our transportation future with clean renewable energy.”

Beth Esser, co-founder and co-chair of MGE-SCE: “The resolution builds on recent clean energy initiatives by the City of Madison and Dane County.  Using clean renewable energy to power the transportation sector will have immediate positive health impacts by reducing pollution from fossil fuels-a benefit to our whole community, including my two young children."

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