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Cream City Foundation President & CEO Brett Blomme, pictured with FORGE Program and Policy Director Loree Cook–Daniels and Project Coordinator Ashley Altadonna.

Cream City Foundation announced Jan. 8 a grant awarded to support assessment, training, technical assistance and consultation efforts between FORGE and Milwaukee County Community Access to Recovery Services (CARS). The program specifically supports a year-long, thorough assessment and training effort that will enable and empower CARS providers to feel confident in their ability to reach out to and serve trans and non-binary individuals.

“FORGE is a national leader in providing dynamic trainings for providers who work with transgender survivors and loved ones who have experienced sexual and domestic violence,” said Cream City Foundation president and CEO Brett Blomme. “This grant allows FORGE to bring this assessment and training expertise to southeastern Wisconsin. A special thank you to the Milwaukee Gay Sports Network for helping to underwrite this partnership grant.”

“We, at FORGE, are excited about the opportunity to more intensively work with CARS to support their network of providers to better serve trans/non-binary individuals and loved ones in the Milwaukee area,” said Michael Munson, FORGE’s executive director. “Trans community members in Milwaukee have limited options for culturally competent and cost-accessible mental health/substance abuse services.”

CARS coordinates 73 agencies providing services to Milwaukee County residents with severe and persistent mental health and/or alcohol or other drug abuse issues.

“The combined assessment, training, outreach, and evaluation within this project will result in measurably increased access to mental health and substance use/abuse services for trans/non-binary community members who often feel they have nowhere to turn,” said Munson. “Our goal is to leave no one behind and help every trans community member feel they are valued and deserve to receive competent and respectful mental health services.”

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