President flip-flops

These flip-flops, available for $27.99 per pair from, come with a variety of conflicting words from Donald Trump’s mouth. The company — their tagline is “Going back on your word, one step at a time” — says 10 percent of sales go to the ACLU.

The bigger blowhard

When it comes to his status as a blowhard, Rush Limbaugh equals any hurricane. In the week leading up to Hurricane Irma’s Florida landfall, he urged radio listeners not to evacuate. The left-wing media frenzy over the storm, he claimed, was nothing more than a phony attempt to “advance this climate change agenda” and to sell bottled water. Just days after such ranting, however, Limbaugh evacuated his Florida home and canceled his next day’s program due to “the security nature of things.”

From corrupt gov to cleaning guy

Rod Blagojevich is more than five years into his 14-year federal sentence for corruption. And how is the former governor of Illinois spending his time in prison? He’s on cleaning duty. “I’ve been given the jurisdiction to sweep and mop two floors,” Blagojevich told WMAQ-TV in Chicago. “So my jurisdiction has shrunk from the fifth biggest state in America, to these two floors. But I don’t care what anybody says, I believe in clean government, and I believe in clean floors.”

The intern did it?

We were fascinated, but not surprised, when Ted Cruz’s official Twitter account “liked” a tweet from a porn account called @SexuallPosts. After all, how many righteous, evangelical leaders have been caught in such circumstances? But Cruz said it was simply a “staffing issue” that resulted in his Twitter account “liking” a two-minute scene from “Moms Bang Teens 20.”

Halloween drag time

As the first leaves of fall turned yellow, retailers already were on eBay selling blonde Ivanka Trump-style wigs for Halloween. Sellers of the coifs, which retail from $6 to $20, are predominantly based in China. You can complete the look with a pink $138 Ivanka Trump sheath dress from Macy’s. WiG, however, is more interested in seeing what our creative drag queens do with the Kellyanne Conway look.

Espresso and free expression

The owner of Hillbilly Hotties, a chain of coffee stands, and seven baristas who wear bikinis behind the bar were suing the city of Everett, Washington, over a city ordinance requiring “quick service” workers to wear a minimum of tank tops and shorts. The federal lawsuit alleged the ordinance — since suspended — denies employees the ability to communicate through their attire, is vague and confusing, and unlawfully targets women. The complaint compared the Hillbilly Hotties’ workplace bikini-wear to Starbucks’ green aprons, UPS’ brown shirts and Hooter’s orange shorts.

New way to toss a bouquet?

In Australia, doughnut bouquets have become a thing, so it was inevitable they’d wind up in the hands of a bride. It finally happened Sept. 9 in Rydal, New South Wales, where Page Kirk and her bridesmaids sported lovely bouquets of fresh doughnuts. We wonder whether the single women were covered in white powder and frosting after the bouquet toss.

Putting the ‘artificial’ in AI

An “ethical review” is underway of a Stanford University academic journal that published a study claiming artificial intelligence can determine a person’s sexual orientation using facial recognition. After several media outlets picked up the story, the Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD complained to The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology about the study’s obvious flaws and negative ramifications, setting the review process in motion.

Something about Mary

French medical anthropologist Philippe Charlier has dug up and dug into the past of Joan of Arc, Richard the Lionheart, Napoleon Bonaparte and Rene Descartes. Now, according to National Geographic, Charlier and other scientists have reconstructed a face based on an ancient skull rumored to belong to Jesus’ companion Mary Magdalene. The skull and other remains were found in a crypt under a basilica in the south of France. The scientists used computer modeling of the skull to create the facial reconstruction, which shows a woman with high cheekbones and a pointed nose — and some resemblance to Cher.


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