Whom do you believe?

Donald Trump claims Time magazine was considering naming him person of the year but he dropped out of the running. The magazine says it never happened.

Buh-bye, please

U.S. Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., told CNN that during a phone conference on the economy, Donald Trump’s chief economic adviser Gary Cohn pretended there was a bad connection in order to end the call with his rambling boss. The White House denies it.

Ungodly sight

Texas Republican Rep. Joe Barton apologized for not using “better judgment” when he sent a nude image of himself to a woman he was dating. The revealing picture somehow ended up in an anonymous tweet. Barton is an evangelical Christian who’s rated 100 percent by the Family Research Council and the Christian Coalition of America.

Fast on the draw

A Tennessee man accidentally shot himself and his wife during a discussion at their church about concealed carry. He apparently forgot the gun was loaded when he squeezed the trigger while pulling it out of his pocket.

Sausage to the world

Greggs, a British bakery chain, was denounced for releasing an Advent calendar in which the Three Wise Men are gathered around a sausage in place of the baby Jesus. In calling for a boycott, one man tweeted: “Offended, yes. As a Christian, they’ve depicted my Lord and Saviour as a sausage roll.” The U.K. Evangelical Alliance told BBC Money that it wasn’t “too outraged” about the calendar, but rather concerned about the holiday being used for marketing.

Trump appears in beagle’s ear

Who can forget the images of Jesus in a Cheeto and the Virgin Mary in a grilled cheese sandwich? Now added to the list of strange appearances is Donald Trump in a dog’s ear. A photo taken by a woman of her beagle’s infected inner ear went viral after she posted it on Facebook and people discovered its striking resemblance to the president. Well, he does bark quite a bit.

Weinstein aloft

Law & Order frequently serves up fictionalized true-crime stories to its viewers, so it’s not surprising that the ubiquitous franchise is turning to the Harvey Weinstein saga for inspiration. But Law & Order: SVU is changing the setting from Hollywood to the “boys club” culture of airline pilots, according to Entertainment Weekly. Look for it sometime next year.

Weedy retail

Wal-Mart or weed? That was the question some gift-givers in Las Vegas were asking on Black Friday, as they decided whether to head first to a big-box store or one of 40 dispensaries offering discounts on marijuana flower products. Some dispensaries were offering an eighth of an ounce discount on marijuana edibles and others offered the more traditional buy-one, get-one. Think the dispensaries will ever go online for Cyber Monday?

Budding civil case

In a lawsuit filed against their local police department and Nationwide Insurance Co., a man and a woman allege police in Pennsylvania’s Buffalo Township handcuffed them for hours after confusing their hibiscus plant for marijuana. The couple said they had filed an insurance claim about a fallen tree at their home and the claims adjuster sent photos of the tree and a suspicious flowering plant to police. Police, armed with assault rifles, went to the home to investigate. By the way, hibiscus petals do make a fine, soothing tea.

Oh, Cheez Whiz!

A 76-year-old Pennsylvania man was buried with two cheesesteaks from Pat’s King of Steaks in Philadelphia — apparently because the sandwiches are just that good. The AP reported Richard Lussi’s grandson once asked, what do you want to take with you when you die? And the man replied, “What do you think? Pat’s cheesesteak.” But, he added, “no onions, because they’ll come back to haunt me.”

Big gulp

Just how much soda gets consumed in Cook County, Illinois? The county board recently repealed a penny-per-ounce tax on soda and other sweetened beverages in October after months of legal and political feuding. Now the county that includes Chicago says it must layoff 323 people and eliminate 1,000 vacant posts to fill a budget hole of about $200 million.

Wigged hooligans

Actor Sacha Baron Cohen will pay the fines assessed six tourists detained by authorities in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana for dressing up as his character Borat. The tourists were fined $68 each for “minor hooliganism” after parading in lime green “mankinis” and black wigs, like Borat in the 2006 movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. The film isn’t popular in Kazakhstan — to put it mildly.


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