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British lawmaker: Gay marriage means ‘there could be two queens’ on the throne

A member of the British Parliament is alleging that plans to legalize same-sex marriage in the United Kingdom would create a crisis for the monarchy.

A headline in The Sun summed up Tory Peter Bone’s concern: Gay marriage law means "there could be two Queens" on the throne.

Earlier this month, the British government began a 12-week “consultation” process intended to result in a final proposal to legalize same-sex marriages.

The coalition government led by Prime Minister David Cameron wants marriage equality by 2015.

Bone said this week that he wants to know what impact the proposed changes would have on the Royal Marriages Act of 1772: Would royals also be able to enter into civil same-sex marriages? And, if so, what could that mean for throne? Could there be two lesbian queens? A pair of gay kings?

Bone, in a letter referring to the government, said, “They seem to be rushing this through without thinking of the broader implications.”

Stonewall, Britain’s largest LGBT civil rights group, called Bone’s complaints “mischievous.”

The organization is instead focused on making improvements to the proposed marriage equality plans, which would apply in England and Wales, but not in Northern Ireland or Scotland.

The announcement of the government’s intentions prompted strong opposition from religious organizations, institutions and leaders, including Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams.

Stonewall, in a letter to members, described a “ferocious and deeply offensive campaign that many people – including some leading clerics and political figures – are waging to frustrate this move. In the past three weeks alone equality for gay people has been compared to slavery, child abuse, polygamy and bestiality.”

The organization is encouraging marriage equality supporters to write lawmakers and stressed, “We hope the proposals will be included in the Queen’s Speech in May.”

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